Friday, July 10, 2009

Alternate Fridays: Introduction

Alright, in the continuation of doing weekly series, I am dedicating Fridays to all of my alts. Now this could just be a rant post if something bad were to happen on an alt or it could be a post talking about different strategies that I may have found to work well or it could just simply be a post about the joy of slipping into a different character and doing something different. I know there are some sites dedicated to alts and I suppose I could very well become one of those bloggers if I let myself. At current count I have 21 characters on one server alone and no clue how many characters scattered across the servers.

I can probably make the assumption that over the coming weeks I will be talking about playing my Shaman as I have been running him with my wife's hunter. Although I have also had the urge to mess with my Hunter and Rogue. There is always my Priest who I was having a lot of fun with as well. Only time will tell which one of them makes it first to 80, but you all will see it here on Alternate Fridays!

So let's talk a little bit about where my characters currently are at! Well of all my alts, Emprius is the highest at 73. I really wanted to level him to 80 first; however, I am also trying to level my alts in which is most useful for the guild in it's current state. So with that thinking in mind, I started working on Popebutch since we were in need of a more traditional raid healer. I took Pope all the way to level 67, but stalled out there. I was pulling a little ahead of my wife's hunter and was having difficulty wanting to play the Priest. Do not get me wrong, I love the guy, but I was just really tired of being the "healer". So that led me to moonlighting on my Hunter, who is at 71. Lrem is a lot of fun, but we have quite a few Hunters who are level 80 and adding another one to the mix would not be that big of a help. So I stepped back and started thinking of a way to meet the goal of adding some additional healing options to the guild, but also make it fun to level and not always have to be the healer. So in steps Walani!

A long time ago, the first toon I had to 70 was the ol' Shaman. However, he was not my first toon and while I loved playing him, Ruhtra would always be number one. So this time around I leveled Ruhtra first to 80 and have dedicated my time to gearing him as best as I can. Having gotten Ruhtra to a point now where he is now geared quite well and able to run Ulduar I was able to look at the alts. Of all the alts I had, Walani offers me the best option. He was fully geared in solid healing gear at the end of BC and has several different sets of PVP gear. He offered the luxary of duel speccing to resto and enhanced which would allow me to heal when needed, but not always have to be the healer. So my mind was made up and now Walani is at level 72. I have really enjoyed enhancement. When I first decided to start messing with him again, I paid to respec into each talent tree, with enhancement being the last. I truly hated it at first. I was so used to being away from the action that learning how to melee was almost foreign to me. I am happy to say that I feel much more comfortable with him now and running with Lovkinja has been a blast.


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