Friday, July 17, 2009

Alternate Fridays: Cho'Gall

Alright, so for this installation of Alternate Fridays I want to introduce my very first Alliance toon that I plan on playing! However, before we do the introduction, let me tell you a little bit about the reasons behind my decision. I was looking through the World of Warcraft Forums on Sunday. July 12, and I noticed a forum under the Suggestions section from an Alliance charactr on the Cho'Gall server that basically stated that Blizzard needed to do something as there was a 7-1 ratio of Horde to Alliance. Now this is a PVP server (which I love) and something compelled me to take a look and see what was up on the server.

So I logged in to World of Warcraft, located the server and created Weylyn (which is a Celtic name meaning son of the wolf) who is a Dwarf Hunter currently at level 11 (although I am writing this post a little ahead of time so he may be higher by the time this post publishes). I quickly leveled him to 10 so I could pick up his first companion, a nice white wolf who I named Phelen (which is Celtic for Wolf, but also was a key character in lore from Battletech, which I use to play around in). Now my wife has since joined me on the server, but she is way off on the other side of the world working on leveling a Night Elf Hunter. For some reason she does not like the looks of the Dwarf race!

At any rate, the folks on the server were absolutely correct! This server is completely dead. There are scarcely any alliance players to be found in the major cities. The trade chat channel is dead. No one utters a word. I broke the silence and asked about how quiet it was and was greeted by friendly folks who stated that they badly needed help and that I should transfer on to the server. I have no intention of this (for one I love Daggerspine and two I am Horde, which would not help them); however, in my spare time I am going to attempt to level some characters in support of this poor realm. Their auction house had less than four thousand items up on it. It really is in dire need, so if anyone is out there that likes a challenge (7 - 1 odds against the Alliance), then this is server to go to.

Another reason for rolling this little Dwarf is to see the storyline from the Alliance side of things. All joking aside, I love playing Horde, but would love to see the other side of things. Also, if the game ever loses interest, I will have felt more complete by just playing through the content as an Alliance character as well. So there we go! Who knew I would ever roll an alt as an Alliance on a so badly outnumbered server?



Fish said...

Dreadfish mk V (I think) will be leaving the newbie DK zone shortly and entering PvP hell. I made him Draenei (DK with extra self heal = goodness) prolly be mining/JC (I like that combo). I kinda look at DK's like throwaways, they start outlands ready, love their starter quests, and if it really is PvP hell, I can leave them sit or delete them. . .

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish

LOL! Yeah, it is pretty much that way from what I heard. I am still lower so haven't gotten to the fine points of dieing out there yet. At least now I have someone to run me through low level instances!