Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Week It Has Been!

Wow, it feels like forever since I have been able to get on and even think much about blogging. At least the tough part of what I had been working on is just about complete which should leave me home more often and that means more time to focus back on the blogs and the sites. So, let's just go over some of the highlights and some other things that happens to be on my mind.

Let's hit the highlight of my week. I logged on one night (and honestly I was so tired I do not even remember what night I had logged in) and I got whispered asking me if I wanted to join up on a Naxx 25 run. Now the person who whispered me is one of the folks I have been running Naxx 10 with and thought why not. The only thing he said is the night before they could only down two bosses, so run at your own risk. I thought to myself, why not go. If they have that much of an issue, then I can just log and go to bed and still feel good having at least made an attempt. Well a few hours later and a little bit of gear (Chains of Adoration, Epaulets of the Grieving Servant, Chestguard of Bitter Charms, Abetment Bracers, Bone-Inlaid Legguards, and Valorous Redemption Shoulderplates). Not too bad for being in such a failed group.

It seems like everytime I turn around, Ruhtra is changing gear. While we are on the subject of change I suppose I should mention that I recently switched out of my duel holy talent builds. I kept my PVE build and switched from my PVP build to a retribution build. I had been debating for a while and just was unable to make up my mind. What finally made me decide to change? There were a lot of reasons actually, the biggest being wanting to get some room for other healers in on runs. My wife's Paladin has acquired the proper range of stats where she needs to start being rotated into runs in order to work on her timing and learning some of the different aspects of healing in Wrath.
Speaking of different aspects and my wife, she through a post up where she mentioned that we had differing opinions on some of the news for the next major content, Patch 3.2. Go check out her thoughts on the subject, but the short version is that I am aggrevated with the lowering of the mount requirements yet one more time. It is not that I want new players to suffer, but I have seen a lot of players who are lacking a great understanding of the game because they raced to hit the level cap and skipped as much content as possible. The counter argument to this is that those players who have played the game and have a good understanding of how the mechanics work, what their class and talent builds are capable of, and all the rest of the stuff you learn on your journey. I completely see the point to their argument and I agree with the delimna of not wanting to spend a lot of time on a low level toon in regards to travel time and things of that nature, but giving immediate access to new players will only increase the amount of players who do not truly understand their classes. So what would I do to assist the established players in progressing more quickly through the lower levels? Well, Blizzard already established a great idea with heirloom items, but why not extend this farther? How about an heirloom mount? I would want to see the price set rather high, but set using the Emblems of Heroism so that even those newer players who reach level 80 will be able to acquire one. I would set it at something like perhaps 300 Emblems of Heroism, similar in concept to that of the Black War Mammoth. It would be extremely nice to see one of each race specific mounts available to both Horde and Alliance. A lot of the achievement hounds and collectors would go nuts over this and it would balance out the complaints from those of us who have put our time in and bought our original mounts at level 40.
Thinking along the lines of newer players, I have a question that is aggrevating myself, as well as a few other folks I have spoken to. What is the question? Why is that fresh level 80 characters feel that they should immediately be able to run any heroic content? Why do they feel that they should be carried through that very content in an effort to gear them to run raid content? I would really love to know the thinking behind this mentality. It absolutely makes me so angry when I log on to work on one of my other characters (you know having seven level 60+ characters takes some time) and I get a whisper or request in guild chat to drop what I am doing and go run people through content they are not prepared for. At first I use to do it to check my own skills and because it was fun to see the reaction of these folks if they got a new piece of gear, but something has recently dawned on me. What has dawned on me? They never say thank you (except Fish, he has thanked us in his blog openly and publicly) and more often than not, if the gear does not drop or they cannot complete an instance (you know because they are undergeared and have no clue about specific class caps that they should be at) they get an attitude that is absolutely pathetic. I have always tried my hardest to help all of the folks in the guild be able to reach the content that they personally want to, but to not be receiving any sort of thanks is completely unacceptable behavior.
Along the lines of the last thought, another reason I am going to limit my assisting in heroics to those who are geared properly is that we are not helping these individuals in the least bit. I actually think we are hurting them. When I want a piece of gear or to run an instance, I will PuG it or wait until some folks are on who need to run the same instance. I ran a couple of pretty horrible PuGs to gain experience in Naxx content even, yet it seems that people just want everything handed to them. While Blizz may feel strongly about making the game so easy a brand new player can raid, I will no longer be a part of this. I do not want to hit a fight where someone is going to be required to kite a boss and have them not understand anything that should be done. I will no longer attempt to explain to mages what their hit caps are. I will no longer throw my heals behind a group that has fail written all over it. I in no way consider myself an elitest or even hardcore, but I have put the time into my characters to gain the skill and gear to play them effectively and efficiently, and I do not feel that it is asking too much for people to do a little research to learn about their class. I also do not feel that it is wrong to not assist players in getting gear that they have no right to claim. Do the progression for your gear and for your pride. Would you really feel good as a brand new level 80 being carried through H UP and receiving the Red Sword of Courage when you could not even begin to hope to have made it past the basic trash mobs? If you answered yes and are a part of MAS, you may want to consider leaving the guild as you have completely missed what we are trying to do.
Well, hope you are not in a coma after reading this rather long blog!


Fish said...

Hitting 540 defense required a bit of number-crunching and some re-thinking of how my gear is gemmed, but it got me to thinking about a lot of things. I don't actually want to tank things to tank them, I want to tank things to help the group progress. I really have no desire to run instances NOT with members of MAS (and I want to be your wife's personal pally protector). Unfortunately gear upgrades are part of this, just given the choice between pugging a heroic and leveling an alt, I'll level an alt.

*vlad* said...

A long post but interesting, and I agree with a lot of things you said, too.

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish

Well, we will work you into more runs and what not. Again, I do not mind helping those who help theirselves.

@ Vlad

Thanks, I am happy to know someone else beside guild members read the blog. :)