Thursday, June 25, 2009

Through The Eyes Of The Leader: Introduction

Wow, it is Thursday already? Time flies when you do not feel so well. Oh well, continuing in the rollout of new on-going series here on Holy Shock, let me introduce you to the weekly post that will focus on the life of a guild leader! Through this series I hope to share with everyone what goes into running a guild. I realize that every guild is going to be different based upon it's goals; however, I feel that there are a lot of choices that guild leaders face that many of the rank and file know nothing about. Is it a good thing that members do not know everything? Unfortunately I do believe it is. There is a fine line between being deceitful and holding information back until the appropriate time, and that is exactly the kind of stuff we will try to examine here.

One of the reasons I have decided to start this series is because of a rather lengthy conversation I had with one member late one night. There were some comments that were made that I feel were completely out of line; however, I cannot take it personally because the comments were made in ignorance. It did however make me understand that those who are unaware of the facts will often let emotions drive their thoughts and actions. Without going into a lot of detail, had this individual come to me and explained what they were thinking and how they felt about some situations, then I may have been able to give them some reasoning behind the actions and what the leadership of the guild was working on. Instead this individual took it upon theirself to take action which did not result in anything remotely positive. These are the types of situations that we will be looking at and really "deep diving" on both sides.

While there are other reasons for doing this series I also want to address one of the biggest concerns that some may have and that is in using this as a tool to humiliate, embarass, belittle, or anything else. That is not the case of this at all. So let me put your fears aside and present to you the format for discussing all issues. We will first look at the issue as it is presented, then we will look at all sides of the debate/discussion. After a thorough review of that information we will look at what decision was made and the reasoning behind the decision; however, keep in mind that this will be from the view of the guild leader. So relax and do not worry, as with any post that could have implications to current events in MAS, no names will be listed and we will refrain from any remarks that are negative. However, if there is a word that could be viewed as negative, we will link the definition of the word to show that it is simply being used in its context and not as a way to be insulting.

In the end, I hope everyone who reads these posts will come to see that sometimes it may just be better to be the guy who just gets to log on and go about their business because once you move into a leadership position, the game is never the same again.


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