Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Raid Project: Introduction

Alright so here on Holy Shock every day is going to be one of seven different continuing series. For Tuesdays we are going to focus on how to create a raiding guild by utilizing the people who are currently in what can be described as a casual PVP oriented guild. Every Tuesday we will review what steps have been taken and what the results of the previous weeks raid were. It will be an all access forum to see the feeling of accomplishment and the agony of defeat. We will, however, not list any individuals names or make references such as "moron", "stupid", or "nub" as this is a whole new way of life for a lot of folks in MAS.

What made me decide to make this a public project? There are really a lot of reasons for it. I think that probably the number one is that I believe there are other guilds out there similar to MAS who are ready to raid, but perhaps do not know what to do or how to approach it, and by us making this a public project, it will provide a resource of sorts to see what worked or didn't work. Another reason is that there are so many folks out there with great knowledge of raiding and a lot of times those individuals will drop a comment that really helps to shed some light on perhaps something that may not have been caught by someone else. A final reason is that I think it will be just an interesting journal for the history of MAS.

So with all that great stuff put out there, what in the world do I have to go over for today? Well, actually not a whole lot. I logged on Monday and throughout the day worked on rounding up the troops and putting it out there that come rain or shine, MAS was hitting Naxx every Tuesday. One of the biggest problems we have always had with MAS and raiding is a lack of commitment. Now we have tried several different methods in the past to get people involved through the utilization of the in-game calendar, the guild website, the guild forums, and even in-game mail. All of these had moderate success, but ultimately ended in failure. Another thing was that we had other members who would try to organize the raid with little success. Now I do not know if it was them or the members of MAS, but this time I am also taking on the mantle of raid leader for the time being. I will have this soley rest on me for the organization of the raid itself.

So how do things look for the guild at a glance? At this point in time we are set with healers and have a few tanking options. We have an overabundance of solid DPS as well. The hardest part that I will face is going to be in the selection of the raid itself. I have already had members of the guild refer to an "elite" few who I trust and to be honest I fully expect that attitude to come to head at some point during the initial phases of the raid project. However, in all fairness, the first picks will come from those who sign up for the raids. If you take the time to let me know you want to run, then you definitely will deserve a shot at it. The only time this may come in to questioning would be in regards to healers and tanks. We must maintain solid healing and have tanks who have situational awareness, as well as the ability to handle the different mobs and tactics required for the raid itself. Also of note is that, it is listed here in black and white (well really yellow and black) so if there is a question, I can always refer them to the project so they can see where this was discussed in detail. (See another use for publishing this project!)

Overall I am looking forward to teaching the members of MAS how to raid and how to become successful in Naxx. Our first target is going to be the Spider Wing. I have a couple experienced tanks that I can call on if need be and hopefully our new tanks will be able to learn from the "old pros". I truly hope people just go in and realize that it is a first time thing for the guild (and even for some of them) and if we are successful at downing just one boss, then that is a start in progression.

See everyone tomorrow!


Fish said...

how in the name of all the is holy (no pun intended) do people clear that in under 20 mins?

And when do you get to the post about the crafting, alt obsessed j00 who becomes a useful member of the guild?

Ruhtra said...

What would you be asking about cleaing in under 20 minutes?

ALso, grats on hanging in there and clearing the Spider wing buddy! I do not know about tales of epicness, but no one makes as dramatic a death as you my friend.


I kid, i kid!