Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing But Trouble!

So let's see, what did I accomplish today? I removed all of my alts from MAS and moved them to either FBoS or FBoO. I basically did this because quite frankly I just cannot be left alone when trying to work on an alt. The only folks who have access to me when on my alts are a few officers in MAS and my friends. So I log back on later on in the day to mess with my alts and run some content with my wife and I get a whisper from Fish. He wanted to know if I would run him through ZF. I told my wife to grab an alt and get some cheap experience.

When I did that, I did not realize that her alts did not have the flight path there so I logged onto my lock (Emprius) and had my wife log onto an alt who had the flight path on her second account. The plan was simple, lock summon her toon there. This went real well up until the 80 Druid got Fish while waiting on us. Now I will say that my wife's Hunter and Emprius almost took the Druid down. Now it has been quite some time since I played Emp and all of my configurations seem strange so I was not firing on all cylendars. We reserrected and I decided to use Emp for the run, to reacquaint myself with him.

The run went smooth for the most part. We had some agro issues but that was more due to the lack of me giving clear instructions like "don't run in here with me" and all that good stuff. All and all it went well and Fish got one piece of gear for his Druid and my wife almost got a level on her lock, Matronamorta. I killed everything in site, but was a few thousand experience short. When we left I started killing all the mobs on the way back to town hoping to get her level; however, we were rudely interrupted by a Death Knight the same level as Emp (73) and a Paladin who was 48 (seven levels above my wife's lock). I saw them out the corner of my eye and braced for impact.

The good news for us was that before I left ZF I set up Emp for PVP as there were a ton of Alliance running around the zone when we came in. Now I have read a lot of locks out there who have been complaining about being nerfed and unable to do this, that, and the other; so I was not expecting to beat another player of equal level, much less a Death Knight (even though many of the players who run DKs have not really learned how to play the class). So when he targeted my wife's lock, I sent in my Felhunter and dotted him up. My wife hit her Felhunter on the Paladin traveling with him and proceeded to dot him up as well. As soon as the DK realized that I got the jump he tried to Death Grip me in. I hit my Howel of Terror on him and got some distance, refreshed my dots and drained some life off of him. He naturally used his abilities which were doing a good job of keeping him close to me, by the way Strangulate is not fun. I did find it funny that we both popped our Death Coils at the same time. With the distance and a timely proc I was able to get an instant Shadow Bolt, followed by a second Shadow Bolt followed by Fear. One last refresh of my dots and a Shadow Bolt that he charged back into dropped him. His Paladin friend was not able to drop my wife and we swept the trash away.

So while I dispise running ZF. there seems to have been some justice in it. My wife has always teased about being trained by Emprius the "Pissiest Lock" in the game, so I guess this lesson number one, if it is red it is dead. We do not run we stand and fight and let the dice fall how they may. This time, the Alliance got to make that corpse run. I also got to see that some of the complaining by folks about locks are not founded in truth. With a little bit of skill, some knowledge on what spells will do what, and a little luck the Warlock class is still a fun class and worth playing. On a side note it has made it that much more difficult to decide who to level now between Popebutch, Lrem, Emprius, and Walani. Well, you all will know as soon as I figure it out.

Have a good one!

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Fish said...

You know, I think I have the same theory on my lock. . .although I haven't tried it much as demonology. You'll have a good rest before I have to run ZF again, my shammy is only 25 levels away ;)