Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Path

So over the past few days I have been thinking back about how I made it to where I am now, in WoW of course. A lot of my friends and guildmates laugh at me because I tend to give them the impression I just hit the level cap by chance more than by design. This is true on some levels. I have often joked with them that I skipped most everything and chose to kill thousands of yetis and ogres in order to level. In truth, this is not accurate. So I now present the path of leveling that Ruhtra took on his way to 80. Kick back and enjoy it, I know I have laughed at it.

I started out in the Blood Elf starting zone like all of us little nooblet elves. I ran the crazy beginning area quests, all the while thinking how big and bad I was to kill the mana worms! Come on, there was something empowering by killing them things, you know it. I ran over and did all the grand quests there in Eversong Woods. Made my way into the Ghostlands and died often. I have always had a bad habbit of not asking for help and working on leveling on my own (at least until my wife started playing). Killing Knuckle and Lu was a pain in my shiny plated ass, but I found a group and brought them down. At this point, I started travelling the world. I had good intentions to stay in Silverpine Forest, which was my hearth point; however, I was constantly whispered for Wailing Cavern runs so I had to make the trek to the Barrens. I am still suffering from that place. By the way, I hate Waling Caverns. At any rate, for instances I would ask my friends for help, so was fortunate there that I did not always need to pug a group.

The best memory I have from those early levels was trying to get my Paladin quest chain done. I remember a friend said they would help me with the last part where you have to travel into Ashenvale (I am horrible with names so bare with me). Well my friend did not mention the Night Elf town in the road, so I ran straight into it.......yeah didn't go so well. At any rate got the quest done and the polearm was great for a few levels. I eventually finished up Silverpine Forest and rode straight into Hillsbrad. I hated that zone soooooooo much! I was killed every five minutes. The Allis there used my bones as the frames for their tents. I did not care though, I gritted my teeth, perhaps cursed a little and fought through it. When I finished my tour of duty there I headed straight for Arathi, which was pretty mild compared to good old Hillsbrad. Arathi was over and done with before I could blink. Then I went to the Badlands and got bored. So I thought that Stranglethorn Vale looked like a cool zone. I mean it had a lot of quests for people who preferred solo play. You know the kind of quests that say go kill 40 of this and retrieve 400 of that. Yeah, great quests, miserable ganking, and I actually thought nothing could be worse than Hillsbrad.......I was wrong.

I once more gritted me teeth, cursed some more, perhaps broke a mouse or two, but did manage to fight my way through the zone and do the majority of the quests. Then I realized that the Hinterlands had some useful items in it for me and immediately hopped the first flight to go there. It was a great zone back in the day, so many elites that you couldn't help but die! Luckily by then a friend of mine was leveling his Hunter so I had someone to die with. We got a couple other friends to help us with the old Troll town there and completed the quests. From there it was off to the Plaguelands. It seemed that I always chose the wrong places to go. It was great, I was killed by so many 70 Allis that I almost felt a part of the sole of the shoes. A few instances and quests and I hit outland. I will never forget the feeling of walking through the portal and thinking oh my &^&^%ing **&*^^ what the &^$$# have I just walked into?

Hellfire was sooooooo much fun because you would be minding your own business, running for your life from a Fel Reaver when a 70 would drop from their mount, kill you before they landed and then repeat this process till something distracted them. One thing I will say is that I never went down without a fight, when I could fight. I also never would run and leave my corpse lying. I always log off in an inn. I will not give someone the satisfaction of knowing that they ruined my fun. I completed the majority of the group quests in Hellfire and ran Ramps and BF a lot. I then hit up Zangamarsh. I hated that zone with a passion. I just didn't like it because it was bland. I know picky huh? I do not think I even ran the instances there while I was in the zone.

I hit Nagrand and felt like I was at home. Go kill 30 of this, that, and those please. Great now go do it again, but over there! Hey why not go try to kill the elite? I really do love those quests, that is not sarcasm. There was some random killing that occurred, but typically only when trying to complete a quest against the elites. It must have been funny to the Allis to watch me die in so many ways. I honestly wish I had taken pictures from back in the day, but I had one goal....hit 70!

After the decimation of Nagrand I marched my shiny plate wearing ass to Blade's Edge mountain. I really hated the quests there. Go kill 30 of this was starting to get as old as flying Alli death bombs. Oh well, I did a lot more instances at this point and hit 70 there. Pretty crazy that I did not do a whole lot of quest chains there at all, but reverted to doing more instances. I then messed around running heroics and some raids for quite some time. Leveled a couple other characters with my wife's Paladin and all around just did nothing.

This was soon to change as Wrath was growing closer. I felt an urge to do quests and what not, but resisted as I had a more sinister plan. I instead grabbed a friend and formed an arena team. We did quite well and loaded up on gear. The gear then got me into better raids, which allowed me to acquire more PVE gear. Around this time, the big nerf hit and news of Wrath was coming right and left. This made raiding easier as more folks were gearing up for racing through the content. I on the other hand was gearing up for a whole different reason. Wrath hit and everyone headed out to Northrend.

While everyone else headed for Wrath and people began to complain about waiting in line for a rare spawn to kill for a quest, I chose to take Ruhtra to Area 51 and complete all the quests of the zone. I also then enacted my plan to level my reputation with the Netherwing and get my drake. Yes it was not the quickest way to level, yet I arrived to 80 around the same time as the rest. The only reasons I headed to Northrend was to assist in instances for the guild. They would summon me, I would heal, collect loot, and hearth back to Dalaran and hit the first portal out of there. Finally when I was not getting enough experience from the Burning Crusade content, I believe at level 77, I did go to Howling F'Jord (again pardon my spelling, if I am off). I completed the quests there and hit 80 over with the quest lines in Venomspite Outpost. Then it was just running regular instances, then heroic, and now raids. When I am short on funds, I simply run out and do a couple of quest chains.

I know this was a strange post for me, but I wanted to share the path that I took in the game with my first character I leveled all the way to the level cap. I know that there has been some negative stuff going on lately in the blogging community, especially the Paladin portion of it, and I just wanted to bring something positive to the community instead. Another reason I did this, is because of leveling Popebutch. It is amazing how different the game is to me each time I level a new character. Part of it is because of the design of the character and part of it is because you learn and grow and so you know a little more each time.

Well, I will see you all later!

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