Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Long, Long, Long Day

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to have gone right? I have been on about a four year stretch of those days. I do not think I would know what to do if a day actually went as planned. The quick run down is that we (my wife and I) are paying for a professional service, in other words we are paying someone to do something for us. Well, we had a meeting with this particular person who proceeded to insult us on so many levels I actually sat there losing track of what was being said as in my mind I jumped up on the conference table ran over and ripped the head off of this individual in a Mortal Kombat type fatality. Do not worry, this is not my last blog because I will be going away to jail. I just had a great mental image. I left the meeting and had some lunch then decided to do a little research on how much this individual was actualy doing. I was horrified and angered even more. I actually left the house in a made rage. If I was a Warrior in real life my berzerker stance icon would have been up constantly.

Anyway, not all was lost, I ended up going and getting some work done that will only benefit me in the long wrong. However, due to this annoying circumstance I was not able to do anything with WoW today. I had been looking forward to a Naxx 25 run, but either I missed it or it was canceled. I am not really too sure as no one was online who runs by the time I actually logged on. So here I sit, writing my blog post which has nothing to do with WoW or anything else, just a quick vent/rant!

I will see everyone tomorrow hopefully!

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Edyion said...

You didnt miss it Chief it was canceled and that really blows yo :(.