Monday, June 8, 2009

A Good Read For You All

A couple days ago, I was reading through some of the blogs I visit and came across this post from And Two Rogues. It was such a good post, I wanted to put it up on here so other folks can go and check it out! Now this is a responce to a Blog Azeroth post which you can read here.

It got me thinking a little bit about other healers and who I would prefer. Now I do have some DPS classes, but they are lacking attention right now because of the need of healers within MAS. However, because of the content that I am running Ruhtra through, the question is really a good question even to the healing community. I know none of us like to admit that we need help healing, but let's face the truth and admit we cannot heal everything alone and some fights are just easier for some classes verses others. So here is my take on who I prefer to be healing me and healing with me!

As a holy Paladin I have some dehibilitating limits, such as I cannot heal you if I cannot see you. Another weakness is the lack of any large multiple heal (AoE) or any timed heal (HoT). So, I guess the first thing that, as healers, we need to do is know what are weaknesses are. By first learning where our own limits are, we then can find out who is best suited to join us. So let's take a look at the only situations where you may have a need for additional healers.

Raid Healing

I am not going to come in here and down the Paladin class as being gimped in a raid environment. I am actually quite happy with how well Ruhtra has performed in raids and have several screenshots of him topping the healing charts; however, I could produce just as many screenshots of him not topping the healing charts. The trick in a raid environment is to find the class that best compliments me in my weaknesses (which we disucced above). To me, I feel so much better when I have a Druid tree with me. I have yet to outheal a tree, but I do not really care about those stats. I care about getting the raid through the event as quickly and as efficiently as I can. The Druid offers a great HoT and brings some wonderful buffs as well. Those two items alone, to me, is what makes them so valuable as a raid healing partner.

Five Man Arena Team

I love going into the arena! Although I do not know why. Anyway, on the five man arena team, we have always had two healers. Typically it is myself and as of late, it is my wife who is also a Paladin. The set-up has worked extremely well and I could see where, if geared with top level PVP gear, it could give opposing teams a lot of issues. Don't worry though, we are not top geared and do it more for fun. Anyway, if I had to trade out as a Paladin, I think the best healing class to step in would be a Druid again. They are just off the chart with their utility and HoTs!

Okay so we looked at the two types where there would be a need for additional healers, how about looking at how the Paladin stacks up against the other healing classes (Druids, Priests, and Shaman)? That is a tough thing to do because I am biased, but I do know a little something about the other classes as well, so I am game to take a shot and breakdown where I stand when compared situationally against the others.

Individual Target

I honestly believe that for single target healing, the Paladin is going to top the list. We are spam healing machines. It does not matter if you are spamming FoL or HL (really just depends on how you built your Paladin), we were designed to stand there and rain down the light! Another aspect that lends us credibility as being tops in single target healing is SS. Now again, this is all being taken based off of a holy/ret crit build, but I think it is safe to say that most of the Paladin community has adopted some form of this build.

Multi-Target Healing

To be fair in this one, Paladins struggle here. We do have BoL, which when used effectively can keep two other players up and running, but when we hit more than two other targets to heal, we cannot afford for any type of mistake. So in the multi-target healing side (aka Raid Heals) I have to give it to a holy Priest. They have a couple AoE heals and a HoT. They are just much better equipped to handle an entire group, but again we must remember that no one healer can keep an entire raid up, so there is room for a Paladin in there. However, in light of how we are reviewng healers for this section, Paladins come in dead last. Each of the other classes have at least one pure multi-target heal.

5 Man Healing

When looking at healing groups that are five people or less, any of the classes are capable here. I would not rate one any better than the next. I think for determing what type of healer you want, you would have to look at what content you are runnning. For instance, if you are going into HoL, then taking a class with a HoT is going to be a great idea because of the final boss and how much running you will need to do. So on the five man front it is going to be situational. I have personally healed all of the five man content (with the exception of Occ, but I have no desire to run that) and I am sure that all healing classes are capable of running all of the five man content is they so choose.


I have never made it a secret that I prefer PVP over PVE. So what are my thoughts on PVP healers? I think honestly, we need to look at the three categories for PVP healing: Battleground, Arena, and World.
  1. Battleground - to me BG healing is similar to raid healing, so you definitely need more than one healer. The hard part is that the typical player will not be able to choose who is in the BG, so it is a grab bag of healers. However, the whole topic is realling coming from what other healers do I love to see in a BG beside myself? To be honest, I love Priest and other Paladins. My reasoning here is that Paladins can take a beating and yet not go down easily. While Priest cannot take the beating straight up, they have some great utlity abilities which keep them up and with such a wide array of heals, they provide solid healing for a BG.
  2. Arena - Well, we already touched on this one up top, but just to confirm what I stated earlier; Druids are kick ass healers for arena. I hate seeing a Druid across the way from me (when I get to see them), but love those rare occassions when they are on my side.
  3. World - Is there world PVP still? Just kidding, I will take whatever I can get. It is hard to organize a group for the old school style of PVP, so we cannot be picky. However, I love a good mix of healers here because we all have different options and because there is no limit to the size of the group having one of each healing class is not a horrible thing. Did you like the political answer there?
At the end of this rather long post (and I told myself I would keep this short), I hope that I did not come across with the "My class is so much better than yours!" mentality. I truly believe that each healing class is capable of healing all the content in the game. I do, however, feel that there are certain segments of the game where other healers can and will outshine my own abilities as a Paladin. The thing that I always remind myself is that it does not matter if I am at the top of the healing chart, what matters is that the group made it out alive and completed their goal. Regardless if you play a Druid, Paladin, Priest, or Shaman, our main goal when healing, is to simply heal.
Well, that is all I have for you today, enjoy the day!

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