Thursday, June 18, 2009

Continuation Of Sorts!

Alright, so let me just share with you the fun that I had last night! I made my first attempt into Ulduar and had some moderate success! We were able to one shot Flame Leviathan and Razorscale. We took down XT-002 as well. We ran into some bad luck against Ignis due to connection issues with our top two DPS and some random craziness. I was able to acquire Breastplate of the Afterlife for myself. I also received Armbands of the Construct, which was a minor upgrade to what I currently had, so being the wonderful husband that I am, I gave them to my wife. I felt a little bad at first because the raid group just handed over the bracers to me and I did not have enough time to examine them. However, once i looked them over, we were only talking a minimal upgrade to spell power (I believe it was +3, which I can easily make up by switching gems on my current bracers) and there was less intellect. So with those two factors, I asked my wife to get her Paladin and meet me and we inspected what the effects would be for her and it was a huge jump on everything, so I offered them to her.

So that was the highlight of my night, now for the other side of the night. Now we all know that yesterday I went on a bit of a rant about people not working for what they get in the game and even expecting to be carried through content. So as I stated at the beginning of this post, tonight I ran Ulduar for the very first time and had a great time. I have put my time in and geared up and prepared as best I can for this progression; however, when I logged on later on I noticed three of my fellow guild members were running Ulduar as well. I know that I should be happy that they are getting into runs for this content, but I just cannot allow myself to feel happy, proud, or anything else positive about seeing them in the runs.

So let's look at the reason why. My biggest issue is that two of these three have not even been able to clear Vault 10 or OS 10, much less Naxx. However, for some reason there they are being carried through the end game content. It absolutely made me so aggrevated to think that other players are willing to carry people through content. I suppose maybe you could say it is jealousy, but I would disagree. I feel that I (as well as many of you who read this blog) have put our time in. We have done the progression. We have worked to learn our class abilities and understand how they interact with a large scale raid and thus have earned the right to move onto the next level. I took great pride in being ready to run Ulduar, yet I feel that it is not nearly as great an accomplishment now that a couple of scrubs are being carried through the content. I know, it is not polite to call individuals names and I apologize. However, when individuals do not understand the hit cap or have even been able to clear the heroic content it angers me that they feel they are ready to run end game content.

So this got me thinking way back to what WoW use to be like. Take for instance the quest chain that allows you to save a Green Dragon's soul. This was a complicated task that required not just your own skills, but the skills of 39 other people. What do you think the current group of players would do if they were required to have to actually work to achieve something? Probably quit playing the game, begin the largest session of bitching known to WoWkind, or actually put their nose to the grindstone and work for an accomplishment? Unfortunately I think the third option would be the path least travelled. Honestly, look over what that quest chain requires from someone. It is crazy, over-the-top and simply amazing! Blizzard wandered some from the lore aspect of the game in BC, but they retained the idea of having players actually be somewhat prepared for what they were running. Remember back to the day where people had to actually complete an attunement chain in order to run raid content? If you wanted to run Kara then you would have to run heroics. If you wanted to run heroics, then you would need to run the regular instances and obtain a certain level of reputation. I honestly feel this was a fair system because it made players learn to play the game on the journey to raiding.

However, times have changed. Blizzard has changed WoW from being "hardcore", to being easy for all to play. I am not against this entirely, but I am against the attitude that is becoming more common everyday. The attitude that says I do not want to work for anything, but expect everyone who have worked for where they are to carry me to thier level. The attitude that says if one player can achieve this, then the majority of all players should be able to achieve this. Not too long ago there was a bit of an issue with MAS because a guild member was mad that one of the officers did not drop what they were doing and immediately go to Kara to use their key to let them and their friend in. Now mind you that this individual earlier in the day had asked myself and another officer to drop what we were doing and let them in. The officer who was on at the same time as me, was nice enough to swing by and let them in. I was absolutely aggrevated at this individual, who at the time was an officer, because they actually lost their temper because someone could not let them back in a second time. I am sorry, but if you are too lazy to run a simple quest chain to get your key, then you have no reason to ever get an attitude with another member who did spend the time and now has the privilage of running Kara when they choose to. Needless to say that as time progressed on, we demoted this individual down in a respectable way so as to not create drama or insult anyone.

I guess at the end of this, I am still amazed at the attitude of individuals who play this game. To me running raid content is something to be proud of because of spending the time to get the right gear mix, learning the proper rotation, learning the little tricks of your class, and gaining the experience that will guarantee your success. To me if I have not been able to clear the heroic content and succeed in clearing the entry level raid content, then I would not be able to take pride in saying that I was running Ulduar. I am assuming I am not alone, but at times it does feel that way.


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Fish said...

I use the sports analogy a lot with wow, I think it fits. Right now I play on a team that is a little bit above my level. I still contribute but I'm in the bottom half of my team. Raiding would be the equivalent of me playing FAR above my head and being the WORST player on my team, and I can't believe people are ok with it.