Thursday, June 4, 2009

Achievement Alert!!

Alright, so I have stated in the past that I am not a huge lover of achievements. I respect the people who go out after them, but for me it is not one of those must have kinds of things. However, I do still find them funny and have started to pick more of them up now that there is fewer things I feel that I need to do. Now I was going to get on here and write up a post about my most recent achievements, which I still may do, but just not right now. I chose the title of this post because I have found one spot where every level character (on the Horde side, sorry Alliance) can earn the Going Down achievement!

I do not even know if anyone has posted on where to go to get this one, but I searched high and low for my characters like my Hunters and Warriors who do not have any fancy skills to keep them alive, and let me tell you that I did kill them a few times looking for that right spot, but it was worth it because in the end I found the golden spot for leaping for that achievement! Alright so without further waiting.........

When you take the zep from Orgrimmaar to Under City, the last tree before the tower is your marker. If you jump off directly as the zep passes over (step right off the side) and your aim is true and your connection is not laggy, then you too can earn this cheap achievement that has caused many a dead toon for me.

Hahaha! I am like a crazed evil genius scientist here. I am sure others have found great places and I hope people share stuff like this and help save a toons needless death!


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