Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Back!

It seems like it has been forever and a day since I had the time or even the will power to blog. Then I get this crazy idea! I have been having a lot of traffic to the new website and to the blog here, even though I said I had abandoned it. So, I think to myself, "self, why not write one blog and post it on two sites?" So here are the rewards that everyone will get to have. Holy Shock will continue on as both an individual blog here (for those who read at their jobs and cannot view the website) and Holy Shock will also continue on with the website where we will be able to have much more flexability for side projects and what not. So it is the best of both worlds. Takes a little bit of time, but I shall just have work out a schedule for allowing time to do the things in life we must (work, spend time on chores, spend time with the family), play WoW, and ofcourse work on the blogs and websites that I currently run!

So what has Ruhtra been up to? I mean the last few blogs that had been up were more ramblings or stuff that focused on drama. Well, Ruhtra has been traveling all over the two worlds of Warcraft (couldn't resist the pun) on the back of Bronze Bob!

I really have been spending my time focused on helping other guild members level their characters. It has been somewhat chaotic so Ruesdays has been chaotic at best, but I have tried and I feel done a good job of spending time with all different groups of people within our guild. I finally cleared through Naxx. It was not that I couldn't run it, but I wanted to run it as a guild; however, with the drama that we had and the chaos of having to level new characters I gave in and ran with Edyion (of Code Red) and a group that she has been running a lot with. It actually turned out that their guild was in a similar situation as ours, although they were probably a few months ahead. So the meeting of the minds has led to a focus of trying to gear both guilds 80 population by utilizing combined runs. It has been going very smoothly and hopefully this will allow both guilds to progress while keeping their own individual identities. So bravo to the Wasted Rock Rangers and Edyion for bringing us all together! Besides the running of fellow guild members and of Naxx, I have been able to spend some time just rocking out and enjoying the many different areas that WoW has to offer!

The only other major thing that I have been doing is ripping back into PVP with a vengeance. I realized while I was in my rut that the one thing I loved most about WoW was the PVP. So, with my arena partner in tow, we have begun bringing PVP back to not just MAS but Daggerspine. You never know when a Holy Paladin and Blood Death Knight are going to drop down on your ass! Hell, we may even have a little extra surprises with others such as a certain Beast Master Hunter, another lovely Holy Paladin, a sneaky little Rogue, or even a Protection Paladin (although this only happens in those rare moments when he snaps). The moral of the story is that we are taming one Alliance player at a time!

Yeah, I am back and bringing a whole lot of chaos with me!

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