Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Raiding Delight

So, last night (Wednesday) I went and ran Naxx 10. Nothing too unusual really. Pretty much the normal group of people. We did end up having to make a few adjustments, one of which was a young player who was the second tank. Now his characters was geared well and he had a good comprehension of the fights and what should take place. He was not perfect, but honestly who is? He did a good job over all. Only one thing about the player made me mad, it was his voice! I know I am being overly critical right? No, I have to say it aggrevated pretty much everyone in the raid. It really wasn't even the sound of the voice, but the way he appeared to be yelling into the mic! I never get headaches and I had a miserable one from how loud he was. I eventually hit my cranky breaking point and politely told him to shut up and type or adjust the volume. Weird thing is that when a healer yells at a tank for something, we usually get it. He adjusted the volume and we carried on.

I will admit, for some reason, my system was jacked up the whole night. I was really concerned about the whole dancing for our lives with Heigen, but the weirdest thing happened! I actually survived the dance! I do not know if it is the old "every dog has his day" saying or what, but I lived through it and the raid did not stall out there. I know not a huge accomplishment, but typically I die while standing completely clear of the explosions (I figure it has to be to the lower frame rates I have been enjoying as of late). My system did give me some issues during the run, missing jumps and a little delay on heals, but I compensated and managed to see it through to the end, although I was aggrevated and happy to be over with it this week.

At the end of the day I managed to get a minor upgrade on my pants and cloak. I also managed to get a major upgrade to my shoulders and can now join the ranks of the Mighty Morphing Pali Rangers! I like to think of myself as the Bronze Ranger.......sorry best joke I could come up with!


Edyion said...

Gratz again on that gear chief. Its great so many MAS peeps got some gear that night and a good sign on how well we work with Wasted.

Ruhtra said...

Thank you, thank you. It is nice to find another guild to be able to run content with. Hopefully more folks can get geared by this endeavor.