Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So What Now?

It's been a long crazy journey with Ruhtra. I finally have him in a great place. He is able to run any content in the game and do whatever he wants to pretty much. Been having a blast with our arena night (Monday), although this past week we were hurting pretty bad. Seems that he has managed to find himself a group to raid with. So with all these things going on, it makes for a pretty boring time right? I mean isn't this the point where I should start complaining about how boring the game is? Hell no! This is the point where I decide I do not like herbalism or alchemy on my boy and I replace them with blacksmithing and enchanting!

Why in the world would I want to replace to skills that I leveled up to a moderate level with two skills that people dread leveling? Well, first I hate picking flowers with Ru. I mean Blood Elves already scream flaming and something about picking flowers does not help to improve that feeling. Secondly, there are some benefits to the two professions I have chosen that are specific to what I want. The first benefit is the ability to add additional sockets. Most people think of this as being idea for a tank, but the benefits are also splendid for a healing class, especially a Paladin (since I could duel spec to Prot if I chose to). The ability to add more spell power for PVE is to alluring and then for PVP it provides a myriad of options such as adding resilience, stamina, or even additional MP5. As far as enchanting goes, again it is a benefit to Ru to be able to squeak out a little more spell power. We do not want to forget about the enchants that only enchanters can get for their rings. If Blizzard will not improve the class beyond where it is, then it is up to the player to look for ways to improve. Who knows? Maybe in the end, it will not make any difference and it will have been a giant waste of my time and gold, but rather than complain about the obvious, I would rather try to do something about it.

Now you would think that with all of this going on that I would not have time for anything else. Well, you would be wrong. My ultimate goal is to have Ruhtra squarely placed into PVP and doing nothing else. That is where my heart is and where Ru was meant to be. However, this begs a questions, as the main healer for MAS, who will replace Ru? Well, that is where Popebutch comes in! Oh yes, since the last time you saw Pope, there has been some major improvements. The darkness still swells inside the cold dark being, but he is focusing on the light and using the very thing that heals some, to kill others! Pope is in Outland now and at the present pace will reach Northrend soon. He is joined by Lovkinja (my wife's hunter) and Sweet Pea (in real life, one of our two dogs. Lrem has the other). As a pair, these two tear the shit out of everything they come against. Everyone asks, how do you level as Holy? I have read the comments of people who post level as Shadow and then switch. I laugh at those same people. Leveling the Priest as Holy has been one of the easiest characters I have ever had the pleasure of leveling.

So remember if you hear the cry "Let me bless you ______(insert target here)", I would suggest running. Otherwise you may find yourself as kibble-n-bits for Sweet Pea!

Well, I hope that answered the question as to what now. It is time for me to head off on old Trusty Bob! See you all later!

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