Monday, May 11, 2009

A Slow Down of Sorts

I was at work today (pretty bored really) and I was reading through a lot of different blogs and I started noticing that a lot of bloggers are slowing their pace down or have completely stopped. Now I am no exception and I apologize for this. With moving the blog (partially) right at the beginning of spring, it was probably too much at once. Another downside to the website verses using the Google Blogger (which I loved) is that there is not way to schedule the blog posts here. So it requires a little more work on my part daily than did the Blogger where I thought of something, wrote it out (sometimes while working) and then picked a date to post it. So at any rate, that is my excuses for lack of content. I have thought about moving back over to Blogger, but there is just not enough of an advantage yet for me to do that, so what I have decided to do is kick myself in the @$$ and not fall into being lazy.

Now the next thing that I have noticed (and myself included) is that sometimes we wander from what we originally intended to do. I know my original blog was about Holy Paladins. It has since then evolved into a much broader based blog. I intend to keep it more broad based, but perhaps focus on the game from the aspects of the different characters I have. So for instance, if we are going to be examining the auction house scene, then it would be best to view it from Holeycow, Methusaleh, Vergeltung, Braama, or any of my other auctioneers. As I have noticed, each one tends to be treated somewhat differently.

However, all that said, the one thing I do intend to do is continue to blog. I do not want the blog to fade into obscurity and only I really have the ability to make that happen or not happen. So with that, I am going to post to both the old blog and the new blog. So for all the readers who cannot view this at work, worry not, I have heard your prayers and I will simply do a quick copy and paste and both blogs will be up and running. I will say that the other blog will not contain a lot of pictures and what not as it is more time consuming, but who knows. In the mean time, hope everyone is doing well!

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