Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Break From The Normal

So yesterday was a pretty slow day. I had a lot to do with very little time. That left even less time to plat WoW. So by the end of the day I was finally able to log on to WoW and was completely bored. I did not feel like running an instance or anything. As luck would have it, I was saved from boredom by a fellow guild member who was being camped in Tanaras! Finaly PVP happening on a PVP server. I told the guildie that I would take a "walk" down that way and was joined by a Mage in our guild, and later another Paladin. We pretty much wiped the place clean of any Alliance presence, the only problem was in the fighting I also became hated by the poor little neutral Goblins! This is typically not a bother to me, since I rarely go to their towns with Ru. So I asked the Mage if he would be interested in getting the Bloodsail Admiral title. He said yes and we headed for Booty Bay.

We arrived and began smashing Alliance and neutral NPCs! About half way into my goal I realized that there was one thing I did want from Booty Bay. I wanted my Rocket Chicken! So I explained this to my Mage friend and politely excused myself to go and begin killing pirates to work my reputation back up. Talk about rediculous moments! Oh well, what am I to do? That darn chicken is just one of those things that I want and will spend countless hours wasting to get!

In other news, Muel is now at 42 and I only have two more levels to go in order to use Kang! I loved that darn axe the first time I saw it and wanted it so badly for Ruhtra when he was leveling, but was never able to get it to drop and was way too poor to acquire it off of the trade channel or auction house. Then when I was leveling Emprius, the darn axe dropped, but I did not have a use for it at the time, so I sold it for a smooth 750 gold, which I put towards Ru's flying mount. Once again the darn axe dropped for me when leveling Lrem, but I saw no sense in keeping the weapon so I sold it once more, this time netting only 600 gold, which I then used to help my wife with her main character, Eus. I know you are thinking I have to be the luckiest guy in the world to get it three times right? Well, I didn't have it drop this time. I actually acquired it from a guild member! Quick story, the guild member was trying to sell another epic piece of equipment on the auction house for 300 gold with no luck. Another player whispered her, requesting to trade one of three epic weapons for hers, Kang being one of them. She was unsure what to do and asked the guild what we thought. We gave her good solid advice as far as the other epics and her own. I couldn't resist though, so I asked her if she just wanted to make the 300 gold from her dagger, since she had indicated that selling the epic was priority and did not want to get stuck with a different one that may not sell. She said she did want to get the funds, I offered to buy Kang for 300 gold from her if she traded the other epic to this player. I figured it was a good offer. She got the gold she wanted for dagger, this other player got the dagger that they wanted, and I would once more have Kang in my posession. She said she would think about it. She asked a few minutes later if I was still interested and I said yes. Within minutes all parties were happy and Muel had a new shiny weapon waiting for him. Oh and don't tell me how crazy I am or anything else, I have always wanted that axe and let it go two other times. This time, I have captured my unicorn and will not let it go!

On a side note, I really forgot how much fun playing a Warrior can be. I have been running him with one of my wife's Paladin alts and they make a formidable team. It will be interesting to see if I am able to continue to level Muel. Time will tell. All I know is that I now have Kang waiting on Muel and as a bonus I enchanted it with Crusader. I had the materials for it on Emprius and figured why not. So with shiny new weapon waiting, maybe, just maybe ol' Muel will continue leveling.

Well, that is all I have for today boys and girls! Keep your heads on your shoulders until next time!

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