Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Break From The Normal

So yesterday was a pretty slow day. I had a lot to do with very little time. That left even less time to plat WoW. So by the end of the day I was finally able to log on to WoW and was completely bored. I did not feel like running an instance or anything. As luck would have it, I was saved from boredom by a fellow guild member who was being camped in Tanaras! Finaly PVP happening on a PVP server. I told the guildie that I would take a "walk" down that way and was joined by a Mage in our guild, and later another Paladin. We pretty much wiped the place clean of any Alliance presence, the only problem was in the fighting I also became hated by the poor little neutral Goblins! This is typically not a bother to me, since I rarely go to their towns with Ru. So I asked the Mage if he would be interested in getting the Bloodsail Admiral title. He said yes and we headed for Booty Bay.

We arrived and began smashing Alliance and neutral NPCs! About half way into my goal I realized that there was one thing I did want from Booty Bay. I wanted my Rocket Chicken! So I explained this to my Mage friend and politely excused myself to go and begin killing pirates to work my reputation back up. Talk about rediculous moments! Oh well, what am I to do? That darn chicken is just one of those things that I want and will spend countless hours wasting to get!

In other news, Muel is now at 42 and I only have two more levels to go in order to use Kang! I loved that darn axe the first time I saw it and wanted it so badly for Ruhtra when he was leveling, but was never able to get it to drop and was way too poor to acquire it off of the trade channel or auction house. Then when I was leveling Emprius, the darn axe dropped, but I did not have a use for it at the time, so I sold it for a smooth 750 gold, which I put towards Ru's flying mount. Once again the darn axe dropped for me when leveling Lrem, but I saw no sense in keeping the weapon so I sold it once more, this time netting only 600 gold, which I then used to help my wife with her main character, Eus. I know you are thinking I have to be the luckiest guy in the world to get it three times right? Well, I didn't have it drop this time. I actually acquired it from a guild member! Quick story, the guild member was trying to sell another epic piece of equipment on the auction house for 300 gold with no luck. Another player whispered her, requesting to trade one of three epic weapons for hers, Kang being one of them. She was unsure what to do and asked the guild what we thought. We gave her good solid advice as far as the other epics and her own. I couldn't resist though, so I asked her if she just wanted to make the 300 gold from her dagger, since she had indicated that selling the epic was priority and did not want to get stuck with a different one that may not sell. She said she did want to get the funds, I offered to buy Kang for 300 gold from her if she traded the other epic to this player. I figured it was a good offer. She got the gold she wanted for dagger, this other player got the dagger that they wanted, and I would once more have Kang in my posession. She said she would think about it. She asked a few minutes later if I was still interested and I said yes. Within minutes all parties were happy and Muel had a new shiny weapon waiting for him. Oh and don't tell me how crazy I am or anything else, I have always wanted that axe and let it go two other times. This time, I have captured my unicorn and will not let it go!

On a side note, I really forgot how much fun playing a Warrior can be. I have been running him with one of my wife's Paladin alts and they make a formidable team. It will be interesting to see if I am able to continue to level Muel. Time will tell. All I know is that I now have Kang waiting on Muel and as a bonus I enchanted it with Crusader. I had the materials for it on Emprius and figured why not. So with shiny new weapon waiting, maybe, just maybe ol' Muel will continue leveling.

Well, that is all I have for today boys and girls! Keep your heads on your shoulders until next time!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheap Pop Coming In 3, 2, 1.....

I hope that everyone is having a great day! I have a great announcement that I am happy to finally make! I had received so many questions and complaints regarding Holeycow (both in game and out) that I have given the cow his very own blog! So, if you have some questions or want to complain about the cow, there is a great place to do it! In all seriousness, there was a surprising number of great questions that I have received in-game and via the Holy Shock web site. I just do not want to bog down this blog talking about auction house strategies or ways to make gold. Those are great topics and generate a lot of questions and they deserve some good answers. So with that in mind, we set up the new blog. It will run similar to how this one does. We will post both here and over at Holy Shock's website.

I am going to tell you up front that the blog will be more of a Q&A type format. I do not plan to do a lot of deep diving on strategy for making gold as there are some great blogs out there for that. What I want to focus on are the questions I get every day from people. So the plan, and hopefully it works out, will be to take one question per post and deep dive it. I will look at it from all the sides. I realized that a lot of people are still somewhat new to the whole auction house scene and because of the complexity of it, they sometimes feel overwhelemed. So I want to help out with that and also answer some of the funnier comments that I have received in game. Now do not worry, I am not going to be listing any names of people I receive messages from in-game or via email (which will soon be up for the cow). Hopefully, people will get behind this and we can get some good discussions going. I am considering opening up Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to a free forum type situation where folks just comment and have their own discussion of sorts. Then from those, perhaps we can dive a little deeper into. It will really be a blog built around participation. At any rate, go check it out and start sending in those questions!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Raiding Delight

So, last night (Wednesday) I went and ran Naxx 10. Nothing too unusual really. Pretty much the normal group of people. We did end up having to make a few adjustments, one of which was a young player who was the second tank. Now his characters was geared well and he had a good comprehension of the fights and what should take place. He was not perfect, but honestly who is? He did a good job over all. Only one thing about the player made me mad, it was his voice! I know I am being overly critical right? No, I have to say it aggrevated pretty much everyone in the raid. It really wasn't even the sound of the voice, but the way he appeared to be yelling into the mic! I never get headaches and I had a miserable one from how loud he was. I eventually hit my cranky breaking point and politely told him to shut up and type or adjust the volume. Weird thing is that when a healer yells at a tank for something, we usually get it. He adjusted the volume and we carried on.

I will admit, for some reason, my system was jacked up the whole night. I was really concerned about the whole dancing for our lives with Heigen, but the weirdest thing happened! I actually survived the dance! I do not know if it is the old "every dog has his day" saying or what, but I lived through it and the raid did not stall out there. I know not a huge accomplishment, but typically I die while standing completely clear of the explosions (I figure it has to be to the lower frame rates I have been enjoying as of late). My system did give me some issues during the run, missing jumps and a little delay on heals, but I compensated and managed to see it through to the end, although I was aggrevated and happy to be over with it this week.

At the end of the day I managed to get a minor upgrade on my pants and cloak. I also managed to get a major upgrade to my shoulders and can now join the ranks of the Mighty Morphing Pali Rangers! I like to think of myself as the Bronze Ranger.......sorry best joke I could come up with!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So What Now?

It's been a long crazy journey with Ruhtra. I finally have him in a great place. He is able to run any content in the game and do whatever he wants to pretty much. Been having a blast with our arena night (Monday), although this past week we were hurting pretty bad. Seems that he has managed to find himself a group to raid with. So with all these things going on, it makes for a pretty boring time right? I mean isn't this the point where I should start complaining about how boring the game is? Hell no! This is the point where I decide I do not like herbalism or alchemy on my boy and I replace them with blacksmithing and enchanting!

Why in the world would I want to replace to skills that I leveled up to a moderate level with two skills that people dread leveling? Well, first I hate picking flowers with Ru. I mean Blood Elves already scream flaming and something about picking flowers does not help to improve that feeling. Secondly, there are some benefits to the two professions I have chosen that are specific to what I want. The first benefit is the ability to add additional sockets. Most people think of this as being idea for a tank, but the benefits are also splendid for a healing class, especially a Paladin (since I could duel spec to Prot if I chose to). The ability to add more spell power for PVE is to alluring and then for PVP it provides a myriad of options such as adding resilience, stamina, or even additional MP5. As far as enchanting goes, again it is a benefit to Ru to be able to squeak out a little more spell power. We do not want to forget about the enchants that only enchanters can get for their rings. If Blizzard will not improve the class beyond where it is, then it is up to the player to look for ways to improve. Who knows? Maybe in the end, it will not make any difference and it will have been a giant waste of my time and gold, but rather than complain about the obvious, I would rather try to do something about it.

Now you would think that with all of this going on that I would not have time for anything else. Well, you would be wrong. My ultimate goal is to have Ruhtra squarely placed into PVP and doing nothing else. That is where my heart is and where Ru was meant to be. However, this begs a questions, as the main healer for MAS, who will replace Ru? Well, that is where Popebutch comes in! Oh yes, since the last time you saw Pope, there has been some major improvements. The darkness still swells inside the cold dark being, but he is focusing on the light and using the very thing that heals some, to kill others! Pope is in Outland now and at the present pace will reach Northrend soon. He is joined by Lovkinja (my wife's hunter) and Sweet Pea (in real life, one of our two dogs. Lrem has the other). As a pair, these two tear the shit out of everything they come against. Everyone asks, how do you level as Holy? I have read the comments of people who post level as Shadow and then switch. I laugh at those same people. Leveling the Priest as Holy has been one of the easiest characters I have ever had the pleasure of leveling.

So remember if you hear the cry "Let me bless you ______(insert target here)", I would suggest running. Otherwise you may find yourself as kibble-n-bits for Sweet Pea!

Well, I hope that answered the question as to what now. It is time for me to head off on old Trusty Bob! See you all later!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Back!

It seems like it has been forever and a day since I had the time or even the will power to blog. Then I get this crazy idea! I have been having a lot of traffic to the new website and to the blog here, even though I said I had abandoned it. So, I think to myself, "self, why not write one blog and post it on two sites?" So here are the rewards that everyone will get to have. Holy Shock will continue on as both an individual blog here (for those who read at their jobs and cannot view the website) and Holy Shock will also continue on with the website where we will be able to have much more flexability for side projects and what not. So it is the best of both worlds. Takes a little bit of time, but I shall just have work out a schedule for allowing time to do the things in life we must (work, spend time on chores, spend time with the family), play WoW, and ofcourse work on the blogs and websites that I currently run!

So what has Ruhtra been up to? I mean the last few blogs that had been up were more ramblings or stuff that focused on drama. Well, Ruhtra has been traveling all over the two worlds of Warcraft (couldn't resist the pun) on the back of Bronze Bob!

I really have been spending my time focused on helping other guild members level their characters. It has been somewhat chaotic so Ruesdays has been chaotic at best, but I have tried and I feel done a good job of spending time with all different groups of people within our guild. I finally cleared through Naxx. It was not that I couldn't run it, but I wanted to run it as a guild; however, with the drama that we had and the chaos of having to level new characters I gave in and ran with Edyion (of Code Red) and a group that she has been running a lot with. It actually turned out that their guild was in a similar situation as ours, although they were probably a few months ahead. So the meeting of the minds has led to a focus of trying to gear both guilds 80 population by utilizing combined runs. It has been going very smoothly and hopefully this will allow both guilds to progress while keeping their own individual identities. So bravo to the Wasted Rock Rangers and Edyion for bringing us all together! Besides the running of fellow guild members and of Naxx, I have been able to spend some time just rocking out and enjoying the many different areas that WoW has to offer!

The only other major thing that I have been doing is ripping back into PVP with a vengeance. I realized while I was in my rut that the one thing I loved most about WoW was the PVP. So, with my arena partner in tow, we have begun bringing PVP back to not just MAS but Daggerspine. You never know when a Holy Paladin and Blood Death Knight are going to drop down on your ass! Hell, we may even have a little extra surprises with others such as a certain Beast Master Hunter, another lovely Holy Paladin, a sneaky little Rogue, or even a Protection Paladin (although this only happens in those rare moments when he snaps). The moral of the story is that we are taming one Alliance player at a time!

Yeah, I am back and bringing a whole lot of chaos with me!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself....

Well hello there!

Where In The World Has Ruhtra Been?

That is a great question! Right after I say I am not planning on slowing down. I end up going and running away and hiding from everyone! Well, the truth of the matter is a little deeper and a little more personal. Had a lot of things going on that has kept me away from playing WoW and blogging. On a side note, I have still been reading blogs here and there when the opportunity comes up and that has helped me feel like I have been part of the community.

One thing that has been completely annoying to me (and this has nothing to do with WoW) is that I got poison ivy! Itch itch itch scratch scratch..... I am horrible. I cannot leave it alone. My wife says she is going to roll up a newspaper and start hitting me with it everytime she sees me scratching. Now what in the world does this have to do with a WoW blog? Well, have you ever tried staying focussed on healing a raid group when all you want to do is tear your flesh off your arm? Yeah, has not led to a high level of concentration. However, that being said I did get some nice drops and old Ruhtra is looking better than ever. On a side note, I am feeling extremely lazy right now, so there will not be any links, but maybe I will follow up and link some of the cool items......okay probably not.

What has been going on beside the scratching and raiding? Well, been hitting the PVP scene hard. Been tearing through battlegrounds with my arena partner, my wife, our top hunter, and a few other strays from the guild. We locked down WSG and got a rare victory for the Horde there. Do not worry, I am not going to complain that the Horde sucks in battlegrounds, the truth is, we just prefer to kill and will take 100 kills over three meesly flags. Sorry, but it is the truth. I had one goal when I road into the battlegrounds and that was honor. In case you haven't looked at the arena loot, it requires honor and I had been avoiding the battlegrounds and getting my honor kills by just straight up raping Alliance towns. You would think on a PVP server that there would be more PVP, but it usually involves killing lowbies who then get on their undergeared alts and die. Then they have a friend whisper and complain about the low level corpse camping. It is a sad day when there is no world PVP on a PVP server, but don't worry MAS is bringing it back, one dead Alliance character at a time.

Speaking of that, we actually have one Alliance player who is rolling Horde and has applied to the guild for membership. That was interesting. The guild is actually coming along quite fine. We have found a kindred guild who is farther down the road and we are working with them to gear our folks in anticipation of tackling the dreaded 25 man stuff. It has been an enjoyable group that is raiding and most nights it sounds like an alternate reality of MAS. I am sure there will be much more about those raiding adventures in future posts.

Time for the Pope update! Pope has managed to reach level 64 as a holy PVE build. I find it funny though that he has been destroying Death Knights. I guess the most OP class cannot find a suitable target so they jump the first Priest they see, thinking it will be a quick effortless faceroll. Well, old Pope has the experience of a true arena veteran and does not go down easy. This crazy Rogue last night was jumping a fellow Horde out in Hellfire. The Rogue was 65. Myself and my wife are out there, I am helping her level a Hunter with Pope. So we jump in and squash this Rogue. The Rogue made a valient effort to run, but it is the darndest thing that dots go with you. Yeah she was dead. So we go about our business killing the ghostly knights (sorry it is later, or early and my brain cannot think of the actual name of the group there) and low and behold, the Rogue comes back and jumps me from behind when I have a mob and my wife had two. She got me. Congrats on the easy kill. She took my wife down who was 62 at the time, but it was not easy for the Rogue. Bad thing for the Rogue, I was back up on Pope. My only two dots and a fear and that was a dead Rogue......again. I would think you would leave well enough alone. Not this person. Here comes a 79 Warrior from same guild (no sign of Rogue, so I am assuming main toon here). The Warrior decimated us. However, in the decimation, they ticked my wife off. She logged onto her main account and grabbed her Pali and off she goes, heading stright for Hellfire. I go ahead and rez myself and her Hunter (the joy of multiple accounts) and go about killing the rest of the folks for the quest for her. Yeah I got killed again by the Warrior. It was looking like he wanted a Corpse Camping trip and was planning to use Pope as the ground to drive the stake through. Well, wife shows up and they go at it. I rezzed and cannot stay out of a fight, no matter how hard I try, so I hit him with my two dots. The Warrior turns and charges and then falls over dead in front of me. He forgot all about the pissed off Pali behind him. That is priceless, for everything else there Mastercard.....or something like that. Well, we decide that it is pointless to continue trying to quest and I take Pope and her hunter on follow back and log out. The Warrior meanwhile was itching for a fight and was killing every lowbie in the zone, apparantly with the help of an 80 Druid. Well, Ruhtra cannot stand for PVP to happen on a PVP server that he is on, without being there. So I mount my Bronze Drake and fly straight there. Never could get the Warrior to really put up much of a fight. I guess I shouldn't expect it though. My experience is that most people who gank and then proceed to corpse camp, typically do not have much skill. So I was able to get him once and then he would not land near me or my wife. He and the Druid eventually flew away and the day was saved or something like that.

Alright, well there you go! We are all caught up now! Later!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Slow Down of Sorts

I was at work today (pretty bored really) and I was reading through a lot of different blogs and I started noticing that a lot of bloggers are slowing their pace down or have completely stopped. Now I am no exception and I apologize for this. With moving the blog (partially) right at the beginning of spring, it was probably too much at once. Another downside to the website verses using the Google Blogger (which I loved) is that there is not way to schedule the blog posts here. So it requires a little more work on my part daily than did the Blogger where I thought of something, wrote it out (sometimes while working) and then picked a date to post it. So at any rate, that is my excuses for lack of content. I have thought about moving back over to Blogger, but there is just not enough of an advantage yet for me to do that, so what I have decided to do is kick myself in the @$$ and not fall into being lazy.

Now the next thing that I have noticed (and myself included) is that sometimes we wander from what we originally intended to do. I know my original blog was about Holy Paladins. It has since then evolved into a much broader based blog. I intend to keep it more broad based, but perhaps focus on the game from the aspects of the different characters I have. So for instance, if we are going to be examining the auction house scene, then it would be best to view it from Holeycow, Methusaleh, Vergeltung, Braama, or any of my other auctioneers. As I have noticed, each one tends to be treated somewhat differently.

However, all that said, the one thing I do intend to do is continue to blog. I do not want the blog to fade into obscurity and only I really have the ability to make that happen or not happen. So with that, I am going to post to both the old blog and the new blog. So for all the readers who cannot view this at work, worry not, I have heard your prayers and I will simply do a quick copy and paste and both blogs will be up and running. I will say that the other blog will not contain a lot of pictures and what not as it is more time consuming, but who knows. In the mean time, hope everyone is doing well!

Auction House: The End

So, I am sorry to end the auction house series quickly, but honestly I lost my train of thought on it and unfortunately for me, once it is gone, it is gone!