Friday, April 3, 2009

Who the F&$% are You!?

So I had started this post quite some time ago and never got around to ever finishing it. So here we are, I have a few minutes of time and in a light hearted mood so why not have fun with this? See our guild grew so fast (and if you have read Fish's blog, then you may have heard him make mention of it) that I literally had no clue who probably 90% of the guild was (and still is). Now, I do have an officer or two who are responsible for getting folks hooked up and making any relevant notes, but that still does not help me, especially since people tend to want to get to know their leaders.

So I developed my "Who the f&^% are you?" question. I know, not exactly the nicest of greetings, but it was absolutely funny because I really am pretty light hearted, but I avoid talking a whole lot in guild chat simply because I get overrun with whispers of people who want to talk to the "chief". So, I started laughing about it and asking in our officer chat who these people would be. When there was silence, I would then ask in the guild chat, "_________(fill in the name of player here), who the f^%$ are you?" It was absolutely funny at first because newer members really did not know how to take it. Over time now, the officers have gotten better at marking notes of people and I rarely get to catch anyone with it, but those were some fun times.

Some folks figured out right away that I was messing with them, while others were somewhat slower in responding. I don't know if it was out of fear or just ignoring the guild chat but it has always brought a smile to my face. I guess it is a minor privilege of being the guild leader, getting to mess with those in the guild. On a side note, no one has ever gotten upset and left the guild. It is my experience that it makes them feel much more at ease after the initial shock of the moment, which is my ultimate goal. I never want to be a stuffy guild

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