Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So lately I have been very open and honest about some issues within our guild. I am not going into details, but after having spent some long hours thinking about events and talking with members of the guild, I have decided on some clear cut responses and taken steps to correct some of the issues.

This afternoon I spoke with the last of my officers and I extended my thanks to them all for staying with MAS and for their dedication to the guild. After this I began to relay to them my plans for the guild After some talk, all were in agreance and "Operation Ducktape" was set into motion. We will delve deeper into this, but only after the entire guild is brought onboard. There are a lot of changes that are going to take place and in the long run it will set the guild up for greater success than we have ever experienced. In the short term, it will accomplish much to end the current state that we find outselves in.

One of the things that has come about from some of the feedback and conversations that I have had with members of the guild is that they are concerned over an "elitest" mentality. I have assured these members this is not the case and established what I have deemed as Ruesday. In response to the concerns of our newer members and those members who not at level cap yet, I personally will be spending every Tuesday (or Ruesday) running them through instances of their level. The focus will be on building relationships within the guild, while at the same time teaching these members how we prefer runs to go. We will incorporate our marking rotations into the runs. We will work on training the healers and tanks on the proper ways that their classes should function and hopefully we will have some fun along the way.

I have basically broken it down to two runs each Wednesday. The first run is for all levels that are under 60. I will personally run them through any instance they desire. Tonight we were fortunate that an officer who is leveling a tank want some practice so I was able to take Popebutch along for the fun. We focussed tonight's run on Sunken Temple. It is one of my favorites and once we got the guild members in order and following instructions things went smoothly. Our tank did a great job of controlling the pace of the run and I got some practice with healing an instance of peers with my Priest. Everyone who went received something and managed to gain a level, except the Pope, I did not get a level, but I was not really concerned about that. The moral of the guild was very high and other officers were on standby in the event we had more lower levels show up looking for runs. I must say it was a refreshing time to spend with people I usually do not speak with other than cordial greetings and every day dealing concerning guild issues.

For the second run, I am focussing on the guild members who are above level 61. This is a wide range of individuals, but once again the officers of MAS stepped forward and were prepared to help any and all members of the guild. I only had one member who needed a run that was on. My wife got on her Death Knight so I started to run them through Blood Furnace, until the server crashed. It was getting rather late and my wife needed to go, I myself was tired but did not want to let down our guild member so we continued on. The instance had reset during the crash so we started over. I have never ran Blood Furnace alone like this (I had destroyed Ramparts, so I was not horribly worried about it). We made great head way, unfortunately the bosses dropped nothing of value, but we did get a nice rare plate chest piece that dropped and that was perfect for his character. He also managed to get a level, so once again another successful run.

I would say the overall atmosphere in the guild was rather high tonight when I logged off. We have been infused with some old faces and are moving forward by building stronger relations and learning from the past. Very soon, we will have our Raid Leader back, which gives us another well geared tanking option. Along with that, we are expecting the return of some old faces and have made plans on where to plug them into. Even though we have lost some good people, we appear to be gaining a little more in return. What is that rule from "Full Metal Alchemist"? The law of equivalent exchange, I believe.

So if you find yourself in a rough space with a group, whether in game or in your life, perhaps once you think back and find what it was that made the game fun, then implement your own version of Ruesday and see if it does not boost moral. The original plan was to conitnue this through the end of April, but if the turn out remains strong, then I will continue this indefinetely.

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