Friday, April 3, 2009


You would not believe it, but I have been sitting here working on this blog post now for around an hour and this is far as I have made it. You would think to yourself why does he not just step away? Maybe writer's block? It is none of that, I just find myself with a lot on my mind and not sure how I want it to come out. So having spent so much time and accomplishing nothing, I just want to focus on some positives both in my real life and in the blogsphere/WoW.

Before I go too far, the one thing that has really had an impact this week on us all is that BRK will be stepping away. I did not come out and say anything at first simply because there has been so many wonderful things said already, but I cannot sit by and say nothing at all either. So, I am simply going to say that I think that he has shown a lot of openess into an area of his life that a lot of us may not be so willing to open up about and for that one thing more than any other great post that he has provided for us I respect him. I hope that if I continue to blog (by the grace of God) that I can emulate that into my own blog. One last thing I would like to say is that we are losing a great person who I think has touched more people than probably even he may know. I wish him the best of luck in his personal life and I know at least one person who is better off because of BRK. We will miss you brother!

So how does saying goodbye ever bring about a positive? I was wondering that very same thing at the beginning of the week as I watched a "few" members casually stroll away from MAS. To be honest, there were warning lights going off that signaled our reactor was about to overload and go critical. Then the thought hit me, what did we lose? A psychotic Hunter (trust me, when someone goes off over someone asking for recount data, that is a little on the psycho side to me). We lost a Priest with a bad connection. There is nothing like running with a two healer set (Priest and Paladin) and realizing that the Paladin (yours truly) now has to cover heals for an entire raid, not a fun thought. We cannot forget the Mage who I ran with on maybe three or four runs is all. Well, there was the Death Knight who I spent a good amount of time healing while they worked on gathering gear, but in all honesty was only doing it as a fill in while we waited on a Paladin tank to get back his computer. Let's see here, what else did we lose? Oh yeah, we lost a Warrior, who is a nice guy, but seemed to be rather needy. We cannot forget about the Rogue who left to go and play with his friends, but when you live something like six or seven hours difference in time zones, not a whole lot of help is going to be coming along.

My point in saying all that (with a hint of sarcasm) is that we did not lose as much as many people felt we had lost. The only major loss that is rough to deal with is losing the Priest, but again, with a bad connection, how big of a loss is that? In essence, and after some long reflection, I believe we are better because of this. Four of the six went to one specific guild. (What is the old saying? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck, then it must be a duck.....) Sure we could have gotten side tracked on dirty recruitment methods, but in the end I feel like we unloaded some liability, which is always a positive. We could even say it is a win-win situation. The former guild members who left are able to accomplish whatever they want and we got rid of some negative attitudes which may have done more harm if left to fester longer.

Another positive, in the personal colum is that I have three day weekends for the entire month of April! That is a huge positive for me. It will give me time to focus on things around the house that needs attention. It also allows me some extra time to spend with my son and maybe, just maybe, finish the remodeling of his room. (Which at four I am sure he is concerned about.) Who knows, maybe even I will feel the urge and the weather will cooperate with me long enough to get some yard work done. (I hate yardwork!)

At the end of this rather different post, I just hoped that some of you out there who have been having some rough times will maybe take a moment and remove yourself from the situation and just reflect on it. Whenever a problem comes up in life we really have two simple options. 1) Complain about the problem and do nothing, or 2) Lift our chin up and look for the silver lining to the issue and just keep on keeping on!

Until later all!

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