Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey all, I know I didn't drop a post at my usual time, but I have been busy working on a secret side project that not even my wife knew about. That alone is a miracle! So what is it? Well, we get to that in a moment. First I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you all and posting here but things change in life and sometimes we all need to make choices. So I have made a choice to move my blog over to weebly!

So if you have me marked (that would be like three of you, hahaha) then make sure to go check out the all new Holy Shock!

The move was really based on the fact that I wanted to be able to do more but was feeling somewhat limitted on what I could and could not do here. With already using the site for the guild website, it just will make it easier for to manage both sites there.

So it has been a fun run here and I am looking forward to having even more fun over there. So make sure and swing by and check me out.



KevinMC said...

good deal, glad to know you will still be posting. As soon as i get my new PC up at home I will update my bloglists. Sadly I can not access the new sight from work. lol

Ruhtra said...

@ KevinMC

Yeah, I just got this thing rolling and what not so no plans in the forseeable future to stop.

That sucks about the whole work issue. My company is pretty strict, but I am able to access the guild site, although have not tried the new blog site there.