Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is PVP Broken?

I was sitting here over the last few days and amidst all the turmoil of late I got sidetracked from a topic I wanted to take a closer look at. Over the last several weeks I have been doing a lot of PVP action. It has varied from attempting to find some world PVP to diving back into arenas. I was amazed at how different everything seems to be. Some would say that the current state of PVP is broken.Over the next few days I am going to look into what I consider the three main areas of PVP. Tomorrow we will examine the state of world PVP or the lack thereof and perhaps try to decide if there is anything that can be done to correct it or if it is a dying notion. The following post will take a look at the condition of battlegrounds and why I believe they have deteriorated to slug fest with little interest in actually completing the objectives. Finally then in the last post we will look at the arenas and address the concerns of the those who play verses the question as to why there is such a huge decline in the number of individuals who are actively playing in it.

Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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