Monday, April 6, 2009

Is PVP Broken? (World PVP Edition)

So today I want to pose the question, is there such a thing as world PVP any longer? I am not talking about the players who feel corpse camping a low level character. No, I am talking about those players who truly relished the battles fought in the real world. I unfortunately was not around before the day of battlegrounds, which I do regret. I would have loved to experienced the game from the perspective of contested zones actually being contested. I was fortunate enough to play though when players did still conduct actual raids upon other faction towns. Those were quite the enjoyable time. One group of players would ride into a town and be met by some resistance. Sometimes the resistance would be organized and there would be a pitched battle all the way back to the originating factions town. It seems those days are long gone.

Today's idea of world PVP consists of players, and unfortunately it seems their skills are lacking, who wish to PVP, but would prefer to do it against players who are well below their own levels. Case in point, how many players on PVP servers have logged into either Tarren Mill or South Shore to have a character on top of your inn just one shotting low level toons? I know not too long ago I had encountered this while leveling my Druid in Tarren Mill. It was a Death Knight that was parked up on top having a grand old time. I believe the Death Knight was level 75 at the time. He killed me and it did annoy me as there was no real good reason to do this, other than to grief the opposing faction (which on a PVP server is fair, no QQ here about that). So instead of getting annoyed, I simply switched to my Warlock (who was 70 in arena gear) and parked in Tarren Mill. The Death Knight was actually afraid to enter into any sort of PVP, even though they had a clear advantage. Instead this player decided the best thing to do was try to attack from range. He soon learned a very hard lesson about what dots do to someone who does not pay attention. He dies, no big deal. I go back park my Warlock and grab my Druid and go about my business. The next day, I log on and there is my Death Knight, up on top of the inn repeating the same days events. I go in and switch characters once more, proceed to hit two dots and the Death Knight creates his portal and away he goes. Did he want to truly PVP? Apparently not at all. It seemed as though this fellow only was interested in killing low level characters and then corpse camping them from the top of the inn.

On a side note, I was able to have a talk with this particular person through a friend who has an alliance account on the server and this particular Death Knight was trying to deny the incidents, then when presented with the facts, said he was just looking for some PVP. He was just looking for some PVP? Well there was a Warlock five levels lower than his character and rather than engaging in PVP, he chose to port away. I think this pretty much sums up the state of world PVP for both the Horde and the Alliance. I believe that players want to think they are really good at PVP so they go out and prove it by laying waste to low level characters, again I am not talking about if there is an actual raid on a town, but I am talking about the players who take a character, find a safe spot and kill every low level toon they can and then proceeds to camp them for quite some time. Then at the first sign of an even fight will run away. Is that really PVP, much less PVP with skill?

There are however, those rare moments when you do get conditions right and you do get some good old fashioned world PVP. I truly wish I could remember the name of the guild, it was about one month ago, I had gone to Tarren Mill to do some herb gathering with an alt, I want to say it was one of my Warriors (I know weird he likes to pick flowers) and Tarren Mill was getting slaughtered by a group of Alliance characters who were all from the same guild. There were around ten to twelve of them. The conditions seemed good. I informed the guild and rallied around seven fellow guild members. We met in Silverpine and road to Tarren Mill. We had a wonderful time fighting that night from Tarren Mill to South Shore, back to Tarren Mill and then back to South Shore. It was an even fight, both sides were similarly geared and knew how to play their classes. It was that rare moment that really symbolised to me at least, that world PVP is becoming a thing of the past.

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Edyion said...

Haha I remember that night. That guild chased us a few zones. That had to have been one of the funnest pvp nights i have ever had in game....well other then shutting down a certain druid one on one in the throne room in UC. Though that just got tedious after awhile. But at least for once it was somebody of level actually WANTING to fight.