Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is PVP Broken? (Battleground Edition)

So in continuence of our topic on is PVP broken, we will take a look at the battlegrounds. I have read a lot of complaining on forums about battlegrounds and had even seen a few blogs (although for some reason, it seems a lot of blogs tend to be more PVE focused or else maybe I have just not found the PVP crowd yet). So I decided I wanted to see for myself and because the guild is somewhat in a standstill for progressing on the raiding front I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Wow! That is all I can say. Now the battlegroup I am in use to be an alright one, but it seems that from what I saw while running recently to finish off my 10,000 achievement was that the battlegroup as sunken something horrible.

I mean it was pretty rough, a lot of players had no clue even what was going on and took offense at anyone who would dare try to help them. I decided to remain quiet even though part of my wanted to try to bark out orders, but it was apparant that the old school mentality of wanting to win a battleground appears to be gone and now all that remains is the desire for honorable kills. Do not get my wrong, I too was in there for the kills, but the players I was grouped with were doing it litteraly for honor. I was apalled, so I went to check out the gear available and can see why they cared so little for actually winning, as there is such a high amount of honor earned off of kills and there is no marks requirements for any gear.

I really thought about hanging it up there and just walking away from battlegrounds right there, but I cannot. There are still things I want to see and do in them, so I am left just grinning and taking it. I have not really decided how long I will continue to run the battlegrounds, I am hoping that Blizzard realized that they are slowly killing the battlegrounds, but it is hard to say if they care. At any rate, I have at least decided to stay and claim the last few PVP mounts before I leave the battleground scene, but this got me thinking about if I were in Blizzards position, what would I do?

That is a great question, what could be done to fix the battlegrounds? Well, I think the first thing to do would be to lower the honor gained from killing in a battleground. (On the flip side increase the honor gained from killing in world PVP.) Add more honor into the battlegrounds for completing objectives. Add unique items for levels 70 - 80 to the quartermasters of each battleground. Change the vendors to require marks again. Put the focus on winning the battleground and not on racking up the most kills (those will come with battlegrounds by nature). I think basically reward the players who try to win the battlegrounds, not the players who can face roll on the keyboard the quickest.

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