Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Cody

So tonight I was listing some items on the auction house and I receieved a whisper from someone by the name of Cody. Cody basically asked me to not list items individually any longer and to stop spamming the auction house. I chuckled to myself, but having had several messages like this I felt that I would address them as best as I can, so here we go!

Please list items in stacks (I have had this request in several different versions)

Well, the reason I choose to go with a single listing method is that I find the individual items sell much better than those items which are listed in stacks. For example, a crafter is wanting to make something, they have all of their items, but maybe overlooked one item. Do we expect them to go onto the auction house and buy an entire stack of something for one simple item? Sure if it is a lower priced item that is not bad, but most crafters can get their own low level items, it is the items that require farming that people will pay higher for. Now I do not spend hours farming, but I do have several alts and I have learned through leveling what mobs actually drop items that are valuable and worth selling, so I make a point of leveling through these mobs. Along with my own alts, other people within the guild will often send me items to sell for the guild to raise funds for the bank. Also, once a month we clean the guild bank out so we do not end up with a hudnred of one item. When I use to list items in stacks, I would often have them for very long periods of time. This was bad for me as that meant longer periods of time relisting items and losing funds to the relisting. So while I respect your request I must humbly decline. On a side note, the items which are listed in bulk are going to be lower level items. I still list these individually and if there is a problem with that, again I apologize but the typical prices I list for are still competitive to the market prices. My suggestion is just narrow your search down or just click through the auctions you do not like.

Quit spamming the auction house!

So this one amuzes me quite a bit. I had looked the other day as there was a blue post addressing someone who had made a complaint about this and the basics of it came down to the fact that people have the ability within the game to sell items in single or any other quantity that is desired and it is not considered spamming when posting large amounts of an item. People have a choice to buy a single item or a stack. I have the same choice to post a single item or a stack. It is just the nature of the market. If things begin to not sell so well, then I experiment with both quantity and price to see where the issue lies. So again, I appreciate the feedback, but the comment is pretty much incorrect.

Why are you selling Linen Cloth for 50 silver? You would sell more if you lowered your price!

Well, the numbers do not lie and some people are so lazy that they will pay that price for linen and that is why the price is what it is at. If the sales ever declined, I would certainly monitor that and lower the price, but why mess with success?

So in closing I hope this helps folks understand that sometimes, even though it seems like someone is doing something that makes no sense to anyone, there really is a method to the madness. In this case, the method is taking the low level junk that I end up collecting while doing other things and turning it into a nice profit!


Fish said...

LOL your AH ambition boggles my mind, I'm about to write a post about the glory of cobalt lol

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish

My ambitions? Pft...I am just a humble business man with a small little segment of the market.