Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was reading Tobold's blog the other day and I feel he brought up a very valid point from a healing standpoint. It is far too common for a group to automatically assume that a wipe is caused by one of two things.
  1. Healer - Obviously you are just not geared enough and lack the skill level to do this fight.
  2. Tank - It is apparant that you have no skill and could not hold aggro against a level 10.
I have seen comments such as these in the past and it still remains a very prevelant attitude in the populace. So why is that, just like Tobald suggests, that perhaps no one ever really questions a sub-performing DPS? Is it they are afraid they cannot replace such a useless person? (Sarcasm meant) Perhaps most tanks and healers do not have add-ons such as recount to show them what the numbers are looking like?
I found it interesting to look at the comments of the folks who responded over at Tobold's post and I would encourage you to read the post and the comments. There are some valid points to what people are saying and some constructive criticism (we term it that) as well. I would like to look at it from the standpoint of being the healer. I have in the past talked about the blame game that is played when runs start to fall apart and we will not reopen that topic. I think what is important, in a situation like this, to look at are the fundamentals of the game. A lot of players are leaving behind those very things which took them so far in the game. Some in part to the fact that Blizzard did make the game easier in a lot of aspects, but much more due to the lazy attitude that is prevalent in many a guild mentality now days.
So let's look at the issue, the raid party has been able to get down the first two phases of the fight (which they can take some comfort in that alone) and now they seem stuck as they cannot down Maly before the rage timer goes off. That is a tough call. In my experience with Maly (reg) there seems to be a lot of pressure on the DPS to perform well. The tanks have minimal duties in phase one, turning Maly from the group and the off tank (along with help) gathering the sparks. In phase two, it is more of a run and gun mentality while hiding in little bubbles, this is really where the DPS has to pick it up. If you manage to survive phase two then you get picked up by dragon mounts and now you control the dragons. Those assigned to heal have a certain button rotation and the rest are to follow another button rotation (and sorry, I have to go look it up prior to each attempt). Some folks will use macros (which seems to be effective) in order to help them follow one designated person during the fight, but at the end of it all, the group wipes because they could not down Maly before he enraged.
That is actually pretty common. Now I do not agree with walking away from content because it is too difficult, unless you have taken the proper steps and spoke with the raid leader (I say the raid leader because to me, the success of the raid will rise and fall on this person's shoulders). So I am assuming based upon what I have read of Tobald, I do not think he is the type of person that when he encounters a rough spot, he will throw his hands up and walk away (then again maybe he is). So I think what we see here is that the only way he, as a healer (aka the guy who keeps the tanks and DPS alive) has at his disposal is a silent protest.
It is no big secret that right now there are a shortage of healers in the game. So the easiest way for us (healers as a collective) to make a point, is simply refuse to heal. I do not recommend doing this without first stating the reasons and allowing ample time for a response. However, in my own situation, I had to explain to the guild that I was getting burned out. Every time I would log on, there was a group just waiting for a healer. I explained to them that I was happy to heal for them, but asked them to put groups together that were feasable to be successful. When individuals (and only a few) ignored what I was saying, then I simply started to become more selective in what I would agree to heal. Was it wrong of me to refuse to heal something that I knew a group was not prepared for? Absolutely not. We all have free-will, and as such no one person or group will be able to force us to do anything. I think what Tobald did was absolutely the correct course of action, given the circumstances.
I think all too often people are quick to point out that a group failed because there was a bad tank or horrible heals, when in reality if the DPS are having a "bad" day, then you might as well run in naked and dance for the bosses. So please, do not get mad at healers (or even tanks) when they do not want to heal for you. Perhaps you should do some self evaluation and be honest with yourself that those small DPS numbers that carried you through other things may not cut it in the big leagues so to say. Oh, and before anyone wonders, do I consider myself a great healer? Hell no, I consider myself a smart healer. I know where my limits are and do not try to stretch beyond them. I think if players would use that mentality, then perhaps groups would not wipe so much. Make sure and do the proper progression for content. I see way too many people hit 80, grab crafted gear and auction house gear, then run to the "looking for group" and think they are ready to raid.
At the end of the day, WoW is built on a progressive style. You start at level 1 and progress through to level 80. At level 80 you begin running certain instances to acquire the proper gear to run the heroics. You begin running heroics to collect the proper gear to begin to look at raids. You run the regular raids to acquire gear to help you do the heroic raids. You run the heroic raids in order to acquire best in slot gear. Upon gathering best in slot gear, you can now attempt the hard content such as leaving drakes up. A lot of people do not want to go through progression so they skip a huge chunk and just start running content they are not ready for, thus wearing down the healers and tanks to the point where they just do not want to heal or tank. Think about that the next time you want to take your sub-DPS into something and do everyone a favor and don't.

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