Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey all, I know I didn't drop a post at my usual time, but I have been busy working on a secret side project that not even my wife knew about. That alone is a miracle! So what is it? Well, we get to that in a moment. First I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you all and posting here but things change in life and sometimes we all need to make choices. So I have made a choice to move my blog over to weebly!

So if you have me marked (that would be like three of you, hahaha) then make sure to go check out the all new Holy Shock!

The move was really based on the fact that I wanted to be able to do more but was feeling somewhat limitted on what I could and could not do here. With already using the site for the guild website, it just will make it easier for to manage both sites there.

So it has been a fun run here and I am looking forward to having even more fun over there. So make sure and swing by and check me out.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Cody

So tonight I was listing some items on the auction house and I receieved a whisper from someone by the name of Cody. Cody basically asked me to not list items individually any longer and to stop spamming the auction house. I chuckled to myself, but having had several messages like this I felt that I would address them as best as I can, so here we go!

Please list items in stacks (I have had this request in several different versions)

Well, the reason I choose to go with a single listing method is that I find the individual items sell much better than those items which are listed in stacks. For example, a crafter is wanting to make something, they have all of their items, but maybe overlooked one item. Do we expect them to go onto the auction house and buy an entire stack of something for one simple item? Sure if it is a lower priced item that is not bad, but most crafters can get their own low level items, it is the items that require farming that people will pay higher for. Now I do not spend hours farming, but I do have several alts and I have learned through leveling what mobs actually drop items that are valuable and worth selling, so I make a point of leveling through these mobs. Along with my own alts, other people within the guild will often send me items to sell for the guild to raise funds for the bank. Also, once a month we clean the guild bank out so we do not end up with a hudnred of one item. When I use to list items in stacks, I would often have them for very long periods of time. This was bad for me as that meant longer periods of time relisting items and losing funds to the relisting. So while I respect your request I must humbly decline. On a side note, the items which are listed in bulk are going to be lower level items. I still list these individually and if there is a problem with that, again I apologize but the typical prices I list for are still competitive to the market prices. My suggestion is just narrow your search down or just click through the auctions you do not like.

Quit spamming the auction house!

So this one amuzes me quite a bit. I had looked the other day as there was a blue post addressing someone who had made a complaint about this and the basics of it came down to the fact that people have the ability within the game to sell items in single or any other quantity that is desired and it is not considered spamming when posting large amounts of an item. People have a choice to buy a single item or a stack. I have the same choice to post a single item or a stack. It is just the nature of the market. If things begin to not sell so well, then I experiment with both quantity and price to see where the issue lies. So again, I appreciate the feedback, but the comment is pretty much incorrect.

Why are you selling Linen Cloth for 50 silver? You would sell more if you lowered your price!

Well, the numbers do not lie and some people are so lazy that they will pay that price for linen and that is why the price is what it is at. If the sales ever declined, I would certainly monitor that and lower the price, but why mess with success?

So in closing I hope this helps folks understand that sometimes, even though it seems like someone is doing something that makes no sense to anyone, there really is a method to the madness. In this case, the method is taking the low level junk that I end up collecting while doing other things and turning it into a nice profit!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Off Topic, But A Must!

Okay so today I am sitting here (Sunday, cause this will not get posted till later on) and I saw the freakiest show on Animal Plant of all things. Lost Tapes is a must see! At first I was amazed that these were real videos, but after paying some closer attention, I believe they are faked in some way, but still it is entertaining. Kind of reminds me of the old horror movies. At any rate. Have a look and decide for yourself!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IS PVP Broken? (Arena)

Alright so the final installment where I am asking if PVP is truly broken. So let's take a look at arena. So to give background in the seasons of arena during BC I would say I fell into a category somewhere between casual and hardcore. I like think of it as softcore! Anyway, bad jokes aside, I had a BM partner and we enjoyed moderate success. We were able to acquire some gear and maintained a decent ranking. Since that time, my partner is currently working on some personal stuff and I was left to find a new partner.

Now I had read all about the alleged problems of PVP, so I decided I would take whatever partner I could find and just go in and grab some arena points to help skip running so many battlegrounds for entry level PVP gear. So the first partner I grabbed was a level 80 Frost Death Knight. Yeah, I truly was just doing it for arena points and gear. Also, it would provide me with some insight into how the current state of arena is. We did one week together and we went 1 - 9. That was actually better than I expected it to be. We got a win and a cheap achievement (not a lover of achievements here). At the end of this experiment, my team ranking was down in the 1200s. So it sunk the way everyone said it would.

My partner really did not show much desire to play on, so I was fortunate enough to get an Unholy Death Knight who had a background in arena and I had ran with his BM Hunter in a past 5v5 team. So we teamed up and went in using my current team. So we were basically placed against other teams of similar skill. Now I had read a thread that explained the way Blizzard matches teams is based upon a win 50% and lose 50% of your matches. As you begin to win more you will slowly raise your rank. Their goal is to keep teams matched up against teams of equal quality which makes a fair level of play. Sure enough our first week out we went 5 - 5. So based upon the post by Blizzard and the matches we ran, we are basically winning 50% of our matches. So it seems the system works the way it was intended.

So then why did a recent post I read state something like there is a 65% reduction in the number of players playing in arena? Some folks speculate that it has to do with the launch of the expansion and that people are more interested in other things. This may be a valid thought, but I do not think it will account for that large of a percentage of individuals aoviding the arenas. I read several folks on forums and in blogs who attributed the lack of interest in the fact that they are unable to get gear and feel that it is then a waste of time. This I believe is much more true as many players use to use the PVP rewards in order to get what was claimed to be "charity" epics in order to run entry level end-game content (even though it was frowned on, it was possible).

So if the issue is then that folks want gear, even though it will not be as viable in end-game content as it once may have been, then how does Blizzard go around fixing the current state of PVP? Well, I heard mentioned (I did not read this, so I will not say it is 100% accurrate) that Blizzard is planning to start teams at a rating of zero and that the requirements for gear will be lowered as most teams are showing to be in a 1200 rating bracket. Will this fix the issues? I think it is a start, but I think they need to make the way that teams earn points go up as well. Perhaps look at incorporating kills into points for the teams? This will reward teams that are able to get a kill but perhaps not win. I would hope that they do not hand points out simply for playing a match, as this would result in a flood of teams who do not intend to play but intend to farm points (similar to the farming of honor in battlegrounds). I think because Blizzard was pretty clear on the seperation of gear between PVP and PVE use, that those who want gear simply to be able to get cheap upgrades will not find this a viable option any longer. Does it make everything better? No, but it is something that is a continuous improvement and I hope that in the end they do leave a challenge in getting the top gear. While I love PVP and I love arena, I would not feel nearly as proud of my gear if it just took me some time playing a few matches rather than knowing that my skill was better than others and I earned the gear.

Please Blizzard at least get one area of PVP right!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is PVP Broken? (Battleground Edition)

So in continuence of our topic on is PVP broken, we will take a look at the battlegrounds. I have read a lot of complaining on forums about battlegrounds and had even seen a few blogs (although for some reason, it seems a lot of blogs tend to be more PVE focused or else maybe I have just not found the PVP crowd yet). So I decided I wanted to see for myself and because the guild is somewhat in a standstill for progressing on the raiding front I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Wow! That is all I can say. Now the battlegroup I am in use to be an alright one, but it seems that from what I saw while running recently to finish off my 10,000 achievement was that the battlegroup as sunken something horrible.

I mean it was pretty rough, a lot of players had no clue even what was going on and took offense at anyone who would dare try to help them. I decided to remain quiet even though part of my wanted to try to bark out orders, but it was apparant that the old school mentality of wanting to win a battleground appears to be gone and now all that remains is the desire for honorable kills. Do not get my wrong, I too was in there for the kills, but the players I was grouped with were doing it litteraly for honor. I was apalled, so I went to check out the gear available and can see why they cared so little for actually winning, as there is such a high amount of honor earned off of kills and there is no marks requirements for any gear.

I really thought about hanging it up there and just walking away from battlegrounds right there, but I cannot. There are still things I want to see and do in them, so I am left just grinning and taking it. I have not really decided how long I will continue to run the battlegrounds, I am hoping that Blizzard realized that they are slowly killing the battlegrounds, but it is hard to say if they care. At any rate, I have at least decided to stay and claim the last few PVP mounts before I leave the battleground scene, but this got me thinking about if I were in Blizzards position, what would I do?

That is a great question, what could be done to fix the battlegrounds? Well, I think the first thing to do would be to lower the honor gained from killing in a battleground. (On the flip side increase the honor gained from killing in world PVP.) Add more honor into the battlegrounds for completing objectives. Add unique items for levels 70 - 80 to the quartermasters of each battleground. Change the vendors to require marks again. Put the focus on winning the battleground and not on racking up the most kills (those will come with battlegrounds by nature). I think basically reward the players who try to win the battlegrounds, not the players who can face roll on the keyboard the quickest.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Is PVP Broken? (World PVP Edition)

So today I want to pose the question, is there such a thing as world PVP any longer? I am not talking about the players who feel corpse camping a low level character. No, I am talking about those players who truly relished the battles fought in the real world. I unfortunately was not around before the day of battlegrounds, which I do regret. I would have loved to experienced the game from the perspective of contested zones actually being contested. I was fortunate enough to play though when players did still conduct actual raids upon other faction towns. Those were quite the enjoyable time. One group of players would ride into a town and be met by some resistance. Sometimes the resistance would be organized and there would be a pitched battle all the way back to the originating factions town. It seems those days are long gone.

Today's idea of world PVP consists of players, and unfortunately it seems their skills are lacking, who wish to PVP, but would prefer to do it against players who are well below their own levels. Case in point, how many players on PVP servers have logged into either Tarren Mill or South Shore to have a character on top of your inn just one shotting low level toons? I know not too long ago I had encountered this while leveling my Druid in Tarren Mill. It was a Death Knight that was parked up on top having a grand old time. I believe the Death Knight was level 75 at the time. He killed me and it did annoy me as there was no real good reason to do this, other than to grief the opposing faction (which on a PVP server is fair, no QQ here about that). So instead of getting annoyed, I simply switched to my Warlock (who was 70 in arena gear) and parked in Tarren Mill. The Death Knight was actually afraid to enter into any sort of PVP, even though they had a clear advantage. Instead this player decided the best thing to do was try to attack from range. He soon learned a very hard lesson about what dots do to someone who does not pay attention. He dies, no big deal. I go back park my Warlock and grab my Druid and go about my business. The next day, I log on and there is my Death Knight, up on top of the inn repeating the same days events. I go in and switch characters once more, proceed to hit two dots and the Death Knight creates his portal and away he goes. Did he want to truly PVP? Apparently not at all. It seemed as though this fellow only was interested in killing low level characters and then corpse camping them from the top of the inn.

On a side note, I was able to have a talk with this particular person through a friend who has an alliance account on the server and this particular Death Knight was trying to deny the incidents, then when presented with the facts, said he was just looking for some PVP. He was just looking for some PVP? Well there was a Warlock five levels lower than his character and rather than engaging in PVP, he chose to port away. I think this pretty much sums up the state of world PVP for both the Horde and the Alliance. I believe that players want to think they are really good at PVP so they go out and prove it by laying waste to low level characters, again I am not talking about if there is an actual raid on a town, but I am talking about the players who take a character, find a safe spot and kill every low level toon they can and then proceeds to camp them for quite some time. Then at the first sign of an even fight will run away. Is that really PVP, much less PVP with skill?

There are however, those rare moments when you do get conditions right and you do get some good old fashioned world PVP. I truly wish I could remember the name of the guild, it was about one month ago, I had gone to Tarren Mill to do some herb gathering with an alt, I want to say it was one of my Warriors (I know weird he likes to pick flowers) and Tarren Mill was getting slaughtered by a group of Alliance characters who were all from the same guild. There were around ten to twelve of them. The conditions seemed good. I informed the guild and rallied around seven fellow guild members. We met in Silverpine and road to Tarren Mill. We had a wonderful time fighting that night from Tarren Mill to South Shore, back to Tarren Mill and then back to South Shore. It was an even fight, both sides were similarly geared and knew how to play their classes. It was that rare moment that really symbolised to me at least, that world PVP is becoming a thing of the past.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is PVP Broken?

I was sitting here over the last few days and amidst all the turmoil of late I got sidetracked from a topic I wanted to take a closer look at. Over the last several weeks I have been doing a lot of PVP action. It has varied from attempting to find some world PVP to diving back into arenas. I was amazed at how different everything seems to be. Some would say that the current state of PVP is broken.Over the next few days I am going to look into what I consider the three main areas of PVP. Tomorrow we will examine the state of world PVP or the lack thereof and perhaps try to decide if there is anything that can be done to correct it or if it is a dying notion. The following post will take a look at the condition of battlegrounds and why I believe they have deteriorated to slug fest with little interest in actually completing the objectives. Finally then in the last post we will look at the arenas and address the concerns of the those who play verses the question as to why there is such a huge decline in the number of individuals who are actively playing in it.

Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was reading Tobold's blog the other day and I feel he brought up a very valid point from a healing standpoint. It is far too common for a group to automatically assume that a wipe is caused by one of two things.
  1. Healer - Obviously you are just not geared enough and lack the skill level to do this fight.
  2. Tank - It is apparant that you have no skill and could not hold aggro against a level 10.
I have seen comments such as these in the past and it still remains a very prevelant attitude in the populace. So why is that, just like Tobald suggests, that perhaps no one ever really questions a sub-performing DPS? Is it they are afraid they cannot replace such a useless person? (Sarcasm meant) Perhaps most tanks and healers do not have add-ons such as recount to show them what the numbers are looking like?
I found it interesting to look at the comments of the folks who responded over at Tobold's post and I would encourage you to read the post and the comments. There are some valid points to what people are saying and some constructive criticism (we term it that) as well. I would like to look at it from the standpoint of being the healer. I have in the past talked about the blame game that is played when runs start to fall apart and we will not reopen that topic. I think what is important, in a situation like this, to look at are the fundamentals of the game. A lot of players are leaving behind those very things which took them so far in the game. Some in part to the fact that Blizzard did make the game easier in a lot of aspects, but much more due to the lazy attitude that is prevalent in many a guild mentality now days.
So let's look at the issue, the raid party has been able to get down the first two phases of the fight (which they can take some comfort in that alone) and now they seem stuck as they cannot down Maly before the rage timer goes off. That is a tough call. In my experience with Maly (reg) there seems to be a lot of pressure on the DPS to perform well. The tanks have minimal duties in phase one, turning Maly from the group and the off tank (along with help) gathering the sparks. In phase two, it is more of a run and gun mentality while hiding in little bubbles, this is really where the DPS has to pick it up. If you manage to survive phase two then you get picked up by dragon mounts and now you control the dragons. Those assigned to heal have a certain button rotation and the rest are to follow another button rotation (and sorry, I have to go look it up prior to each attempt). Some folks will use macros (which seems to be effective) in order to help them follow one designated person during the fight, but at the end of it all, the group wipes because they could not down Maly before he enraged.
That is actually pretty common. Now I do not agree with walking away from content because it is too difficult, unless you have taken the proper steps and spoke with the raid leader (I say the raid leader because to me, the success of the raid will rise and fall on this person's shoulders). So I am assuming based upon what I have read of Tobald, I do not think he is the type of person that when he encounters a rough spot, he will throw his hands up and walk away (then again maybe he is). So I think what we see here is that the only way he, as a healer (aka the guy who keeps the tanks and DPS alive) has at his disposal is a silent protest.
It is no big secret that right now there are a shortage of healers in the game. So the easiest way for us (healers as a collective) to make a point, is simply refuse to heal. I do not recommend doing this without first stating the reasons and allowing ample time for a response. However, in my own situation, I had to explain to the guild that I was getting burned out. Every time I would log on, there was a group just waiting for a healer. I explained to them that I was happy to heal for them, but asked them to put groups together that were feasable to be successful. When individuals (and only a few) ignored what I was saying, then I simply started to become more selective in what I would agree to heal. Was it wrong of me to refuse to heal something that I knew a group was not prepared for? Absolutely not. We all have free-will, and as such no one person or group will be able to force us to do anything. I think what Tobald did was absolutely the correct course of action, given the circumstances.
I think all too often people are quick to point out that a group failed because there was a bad tank or horrible heals, when in reality if the DPS are having a "bad" day, then you might as well run in naked and dance for the bosses. So please, do not get mad at healers (or even tanks) when they do not want to heal for you. Perhaps you should do some self evaluation and be honest with yourself that those small DPS numbers that carried you through other things may not cut it in the big leagues so to say. Oh, and before anyone wonders, do I consider myself a great healer? Hell no, I consider myself a smart healer. I know where my limits are and do not try to stretch beyond them. I think if players would use that mentality, then perhaps groups would not wipe so much. Make sure and do the proper progression for content. I see way too many people hit 80, grab crafted gear and auction house gear, then run to the "looking for group" and think they are ready to raid.
At the end of the day, WoW is built on a progressive style. You start at level 1 and progress through to level 80. At level 80 you begin running certain instances to acquire the proper gear to run the heroics. You begin running heroics to collect the proper gear to begin to look at raids. You run the regular raids to acquire gear to help you do the heroic raids. You run the heroic raids in order to acquire best in slot gear. Upon gathering best in slot gear, you can now attempt the hard content such as leaving drakes up. A lot of people do not want to go through progression so they skip a huge chunk and just start running content they are not ready for, thus wearing down the healers and tanks to the point where they just do not want to heal or tank. Think about that the next time you want to take your sub-DPS into something and do everyone a favor and don't.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Who the F&$% are You!?

So I had started this post quite some time ago and never got around to ever finishing it. So here we are, I have a few minutes of time and in a light hearted mood so why not have fun with this? See our guild grew so fast (and if you have read Fish's blog, then you may have heard him make mention of it) that I literally had no clue who probably 90% of the guild was (and still is). Now, I do have an officer or two who are responsible for getting folks hooked up and making any relevant notes, but that still does not help me, especially since people tend to want to get to know their leaders.

So I developed my "Who the f&^% are you?" question. I know, not exactly the nicest of greetings, but it was absolutely funny because I really am pretty light hearted, but I avoid talking a whole lot in guild chat simply because I get overrun with whispers of people who want to talk to the "chief". So, I started laughing about it and asking in our officer chat who these people would be. When there was silence, I would then ask in the guild chat, "_________(fill in the name of player here), who the f^%$ are you?" It was absolutely funny at first because newer members really did not know how to take it. Over time now, the officers have gotten better at marking notes of people and I rarely get to catch anyone with it, but those were some fun times.

Some folks figured out right away that I was messing with them, while others were somewhat slower in responding. I don't know if it was out of fear or just ignoring the guild chat but it has always brought a smile to my face. I guess it is a minor privilege of being the guild leader, getting to mess with those in the guild. On a side note, no one has ever gotten upset and left the guild. It is my experience that it makes them feel much more at ease after the initial shock of the moment, which is my ultimate goal. I never want to be a stuffy guild


You would not believe it, but I have been sitting here working on this blog post now for around an hour and this is far as I have made it. You would think to yourself why does he not just step away? Maybe writer's block? It is none of that, I just find myself with a lot on my mind and not sure how I want it to come out. So having spent so much time and accomplishing nothing, I just want to focus on some positives both in my real life and in the blogsphere/WoW.

Before I go too far, the one thing that has really had an impact this week on us all is that BRK will be stepping away. I did not come out and say anything at first simply because there has been so many wonderful things said already, but I cannot sit by and say nothing at all either. So, I am simply going to say that I think that he has shown a lot of openess into an area of his life that a lot of us may not be so willing to open up about and for that one thing more than any other great post that he has provided for us I respect him. I hope that if I continue to blog (by the grace of God) that I can emulate that into my own blog. One last thing I would like to say is that we are losing a great person who I think has touched more people than probably even he may know. I wish him the best of luck in his personal life and I know at least one person who is better off because of BRK. We will miss you brother!

So how does saying goodbye ever bring about a positive? I was wondering that very same thing at the beginning of the week as I watched a "few" members casually stroll away from MAS. To be honest, there were warning lights going off that signaled our reactor was about to overload and go critical. Then the thought hit me, what did we lose? A psychotic Hunter (trust me, when someone goes off over someone asking for recount data, that is a little on the psycho side to me). We lost a Priest with a bad connection. There is nothing like running with a two healer set (Priest and Paladin) and realizing that the Paladin (yours truly) now has to cover heals for an entire raid, not a fun thought. We cannot forget the Mage who I ran with on maybe three or four runs is all. Well, there was the Death Knight who I spent a good amount of time healing while they worked on gathering gear, but in all honesty was only doing it as a fill in while we waited on a Paladin tank to get back his computer. Let's see here, what else did we lose? Oh yeah, we lost a Warrior, who is a nice guy, but seemed to be rather needy. We cannot forget about the Rogue who left to go and play with his friends, but when you live something like six or seven hours difference in time zones, not a whole lot of help is going to be coming along.

My point in saying all that (with a hint of sarcasm) is that we did not lose as much as many people felt we had lost. The only major loss that is rough to deal with is losing the Priest, but again, with a bad connection, how big of a loss is that? In essence, and after some long reflection, I believe we are better because of this. Four of the six went to one specific guild. (What is the old saying? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck, then it must be a duck.....) Sure we could have gotten side tracked on dirty recruitment methods, but in the end I feel like we unloaded some liability, which is always a positive. We could even say it is a win-win situation. The former guild members who left are able to accomplish whatever they want and we got rid of some negative attitudes which may have done more harm if left to fester longer.

Another positive, in the personal colum is that I have three day weekends for the entire month of April! That is a huge positive for me. It will give me time to focus on things around the house that needs attention. It also allows me some extra time to spend with my son and maybe, just maybe, finish the remodeling of his room. (Which at four I am sure he is concerned about.) Who knows, maybe even I will feel the urge and the weather will cooperate with me long enough to get some yard work done. (I hate yardwork!)

At the end of this rather different post, I just hoped that some of you out there who have been having some rough times will maybe take a moment and remove yourself from the situation and just reflect on it. Whenever a problem comes up in life we really have two simple options. 1) Complain about the problem and do nothing, or 2) Lift our chin up and look for the silver lining to the issue and just keep on keeping on!

Until later all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So lately I have been very open and honest about some issues within our guild. I am not going into details, but after having spent some long hours thinking about events and talking with members of the guild, I have decided on some clear cut responses and taken steps to correct some of the issues.

This afternoon I spoke with the last of my officers and I extended my thanks to them all for staying with MAS and for their dedication to the guild. After this I began to relay to them my plans for the guild After some talk, all were in agreance and "Operation Ducktape" was set into motion. We will delve deeper into this, but only after the entire guild is brought onboard. There are a lot of changes that are going to take place and in the long run it will set the guild up for greater success than we have ever experienced. In the short term, it will accomplish much to end the current state that we find outselves in.

One of the things that has come about from some of the feedback and conversations that I have had with members of the guild is that they are concerned over an "elitest" mentality. I have assured these members this is not the case and established what I have deemed as Ruesday. In response to the concerns of our newer members and those members who not at level cap yet, I personally will be spending every Tuesday (or Ruesday) running them through instances of their level. The focus will be on building relationships within the guild, while at the same time teaching these members how we prefer runs to go. We will incorporate our marking rotations into the runs. We will work on training the healers and tanks on the proper ways that their classes should function and hopefully we will have some fun along the way.

I have basically broken it down to two runs each Wednesday. The first run is for all levels that are under 60. I will personally run them through any instance they desire. Tonight we were fortunate that an officer who is leveling a tank want some practice so I was able to take Popebutch along for the fun. We focussed tonight's run on Sunken Temple. It is one of my favorites and once we got the guild members in order and following instructions things went smoothly. Our tank did a great job of controlling the pace of the run and I got some practice with healing an instance of peers with my Priest. Everyone who went received something and managed to gain a level, except the Pope, I did not get a level, but I was not really concerned about that. The moral of the guild was very high and other officers were on standby in the event we had more lower levels show up looking for runs. I must say it was a refreshing time to spend with people I usually do not speak with other than cordial greetings and every day dealing concerning guild issues.

For the second run, I am focussing on the guild members who are above level 61. This is a wide range of individuals, but once again the officers of MAS stepped forward and were prepared to help any and all members of the guild. I only had one member who needed a run that was on. My wife got on her Death Knight so I started to run them through Blood Furnace, until the server crashed. It was getting rather late and my wife needed to go, I myself was tired but did not want to let down our guild member so we continued on. The instance had reset during the crash so we started over. I have never ran Blood Furnace alone like this (I had destroyed Ramparts, so I was not horribly worried about it). We made great head way, unfortunately the bosses dropped nothing of value, but we did get a nice rare plate chest piece that dropped and that was perfect for his character. He also managed to get a level, so once again another successful run.

I would say the overall atmosphere in the guild was rather high tonight when I logged off. We have been infused with some old faces and are moving forward by building stronger relations and learning from the past. Very soon, we will have our Raid Leader back, which gives us another well geared tanking option. Along with that, we are expecting the return of some old faces and have made plans on where to plug them into. Even though we have lost some good people, we appear to be gaining a little more in return. What is that rule from "Full Metal Alchemist"? The law of equivalent exchange, I believe.

So if you find yourself in a rough space with a group, whether in game or in your life, perhaps once you think back and find what it was that made the game fun, then implement your own version of Ruesday and see if it does not boost moral. The original plan was to conitnue this through the end of April, but if the turn out remains strong, then I will continue this indefinetely.