Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whoopy: The One Rogue You Can Trust.......Mon!

So here is my dirty little secret. Okay not so much a secret, but more of a pet project. Way back before the days of sticking with one character, I created Whoopy. It made more perfect sense to create a Rogue on a PVP server. That and my only goal was to level him and then start one shotting and hitting vanish. I thought it would have been funny to see that Whoopy killed you. Yeah, I know that my sense of humor is occassionaly messed up sometimes. At any rate, poor Whoopy was placed on the sidelines as my altitus got worse. I never forgot him and he had quite a nice set of gear from running battlegrounds and for a long time I debated on moving him past 29.

Well, after having leveled a Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, and Hunter in Burning Crusade, I was starting to run out of things that interested me and I picked Whoopy back up again a few weeks before Wrath of the Lich King was released. I had so much gear saved up for him that it was not even funny. I am rather happy with his current stats. At this time he is in the mid 60s and I hope to at least take him to 70 before I turn my attention to another character. I left him with the subtlety talent spec more because I have so much fun using shadow step. I will never brag of my prowess with my abilities to play my Rogue, but I will also not go down easy for anyone.
It will be interesting to see how far Whoopy goes in the game.

At this time I am just having some fun doing some quests and sneaking around those alliance towns. I think my favorite moments with Whoopy is pickpocketing random mobs and getting those gray worthless items. For some reason when I received a Rogues Diary I was hooked with seeing what all I could get.

Alright and because I like a challenge, I always try to push myself with grabbing large mobs. Sure it may mess up once in a while, but at other times it can create beautiful artwork. I really thought this was funny because a lot of the pictures we see of stuff like this is done by someone much higher than the mobs, this was just bad luck killing bonestripper vultures. In the end I killed them all and got a great picture.

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