Monday, March 30, 2009

What A Crazy Week It Has Been

That pretty much sums up my feelings for the week. There has really not been much going in WoW for my characters. I got the Pope up to 48 early in the morning on Saturday and slept a few hours after that. I woke up pretty early all things considered because I needed to try and get a vehicle that was broke down back to the house, but met with dismal failure.

Pretty much, I feel like that has been the theme of this week, Dismal Failure. I would have named the title of the post this, but I refuse to admit any kind of defeat. I heard a saying once (and I wish I knew how said it to attribute it properly), but it said "if you admit defeat, defeat will surely admit you." Hell, for all I know it could have been from some television show, but that saying has always stuck with me for some reason or another.

Has it been the best week ever? Hell no! It probably is ranking pretty low on the charts, but that is just life. You have your good days and your not so good days. At this point even I have to find humor in some things. I mean I do not think I have kept it much of a secret that I have been troubled by the leaving of certain members from the guild, but when I log on and see them all in the same guild, and then they are running another one of our members through content, it looks rather bad huh? I guess I could get mad or upset, but honestly I just do not care anymore.

People will always be people. Some people have high standards and you can trust what they say and others prove to be wolves in sheep clothing. I believe that you learn from the trying times and that improves us as individuals. While I am not happy with the state of things, I just take it out on allis. Hey, it is one of the joys of being on a PVP server, being a member of arena teams, and also just running battlegrounds.

Well, I am pretty well spent. I am going to go and stretch out. Throw some Southpark episodes in the DVD player and fall asleep listening to the sounds of laughter.

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