Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Repost or Not Repost, That Is the Question

I was sitting here reading the Goblin's article today on weekend selling, and as a side note, I agree with this theory of his, but I was apalled at the people who made comments in regards to his decision to repost an article. I honestly think that as bloggers, no one should criticize whether an article is reposted. I am fine with the commenters who would debate the validity of the content of the article, but to berate or complain about someone who decides to repost useful information is wrong in my book.

I think the reason why it offends me is that I have seen many individuals (and specificaly in his comments, but some others occassionaly) make remarks about reposting of items. I would like to ask them why? Why would you get upset to point out that someone is reposting useful information? Sure, maybe you have been reading blogs for a while. I know I have been reading some blogs like the Goblin's and others for quite some time, but it does not give me a right to call them out for making a decision on their blog.

The whole point of blogging in my opinion is to be able to share experiences in the game, tactics that have worked for you, funny stories that happened, and even personal events. We may disagree and that is alright. That is what the comments section is for. We can go and leave a comment with some merrit to it, and there are plenty of people who do. However, to go and say that you are disappointed that someone reposts an article is really a waste of time, especially when the article is a relevant article. If you are disappointed, then just quit reading the blog, but let's not get on and try to insult someone who provides a good resource to players.

Do I always agree with the Goblin? Hell no. Most of the time I shake my head and chuckle to myself in regards to some of the posts that wander away from what I love most about his posts, but I show him respect. I rarely drop comments on blogs unless I feel strongly that there is a legitimate reason to leave the comment.

I guess in closing, I am simply asking everyone who reads blogs to leave contructive criticism that is useful and relevant to the topic. No closed ended responses such as "this is a repost" or "you're wrong".

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