Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stop the QQ

Alright, I know I am in the middle of a series introducing my characters, but this has caught my attention and I cannot ignore it. So lucky us, we get an extra blog today! I have actually been noticing that lately, both in WoW's chat channels and also the blogging community, all people seem to want to do is complain. I have tried my hardest to ignore it and go on about my own thoughts and ideas, but it has become a distraction. So, with that in mind, I am going to give my opinion on what I have seen and heard in no certain order:

1. It is unfair that duel spec is going to favor hybrid classes!

Can we please get this out of our systems. Sure the ability to switch between specs in a run is going to be completely helpful to some players. Although I am willing to bet that some "hybrid" classes, such as myself, will look at the ability in a different way. My plans for this is extremely simple. I am a PVPer by nature. I rolled on a PVP server and I roll over top of alliance players. Ask Fish if you do not believe me. If I want a town on lockdown, you might as well go and roll an alt or hope that you have a lot of friends. As of late, the guild has wanted to move in a PVE raiding direction, which I am fine with. So for me I rebuilt Ruhtra to have a Holy PVE build, utilizing every drop of critical rating available so that I could focus on other gear to improve certain stats. So when duel spec comes out, you better bet your sweet ......... sorry, we will keep it clean for the kids. At any rate, I am using a Holy/Holy duel spec. One version for my PVP (all the great abilities to shorten the rediculous amount of stuns in the game) and one for PVE content. Wow, there you go one example of one person who is not going to be taking a precious spot for the supreme DPS.

2. _______________ (Fill in your class) is completely unplayable because they made it challenging to be effective/compete against other classes!

How many blogs and forums have people complained about how easy the content is? Probably everyone of us. So now when things get a little different, we freak out scared that we will lose a spot in our raid group? Come on folks, don't you want a challenge? It's like the old saying, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Sure it is challenging to play some classes, but these same classes were able to roll other classes with a few button presses and then they would stand in capital cities complaining about how bored they were and that there was nothing to do, ect. Do not get me wrong, it stinks when the mechanics of how we play change, but that is part of the game, to adapt and move on. It also an aspect I am loving while I level my Affliction Warlock.

3. The raiding content is too simple! / The game is too simple!

Well, here is an idea for all those who feel this way, quit playing for a while. Hell, even Ghostcrawler stated this. Here is a better idea, try running the content at your level. I do not want to harp, but I leveled my Holy Paladin by going through BC content that I did not experience with him, instances with guildies (at the right level, no power leveling for me), and solo questing. Yeah, try questing as a Holy Paladin to get levels. Not fun, is it a challenge? Not at all. How did I make it challenging? I tried doing AEO type pulls that Fish loves to talk about. Expand past your comfort zone. If you know you can clear three mobs, try six mobs. If you can clear _______ instance with no troubles, try doing it with three people. There is always a way to make something challenging, but I think rather we would prefer to sit and QQ about it, rather than get out there and have some fun.

Okay, I am done with my own rant. Sorry, it had been held up in there for a while and I could not take any more of all the sad stories out there. Remember why you first liked the game and get back to that. If you enjoy having 20 alts, then have fun with them. If you like to PVP then get out there and destroy your oponent. If you like the PVE aspects, then PVE your little heart out, but please, let's get back to posting interesting stories, guides, or ideas and leave the QQ to the WoW forums where it belongs.

Thank you and have a great day!

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