Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruhtra: The Alpha and Omega

Alright, so I figured I would start with Ruhtra. He was my first Horde toon on the Daggerspine server and has come a long way.

When I first started playing the game, yes I rolled a Dwarf Paladin and after all my friends got done laughing I finally deleted him and rerolled Ruhtra as a Blood Elf Paladin after the Burning Crusade came out.

Ruhtra was the first character I played straight through to 80. I took my time though with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion on route to 80 because I wanted to have some fun and take in the game. Little did I realize this would mean that I did not do any quests in Northrend until after I had reached level 77. It was kind of weird, I did some of the Burning Crusade content I had skipped and then my guild would summon me to instances and I would heal them through the instance. It was somewhat a different way for me to level, but I really enjoyed it and now when I want to earn some money I hop on my Netherdrake and head off to a zone and do a few quests. It was a much more smooth and fun run to the level cap with Ruhtra this time verses the Burning Crusade.

Pretty much Ruhtra started out as a retribution build, but I soon learned that once I reached the Outland content that I would have to choose either Protection or Holy. I tried Protection and absolutely dispised it. Tanking was just not that interesting to me. I figured I would give Holy a shot and have been there ever since. With Ruhtra I approach healing with a focus on mana regenration tempered with a decent amount of critical and a little haste. I rely more on my trinket to proc and allow that to boost my haste rating (which has worked thus far to perfection). When healing in normal groups I stick with the good old fashioned Flash of Light. No need to waste mana on the regular runs any longer. While leveling I mixed it up with Holy Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Shock. In heroics it is dependant on what is going on. A lot of times I find myself relying on Holy Shock and when my trinket procs, then casting Holy Light. With the addition of Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light it seems my healing abilities are much better and easier to deal with. I say easy, but it is not easy to heal a lot of the instances as a Holy Paladin because of constantly having to move. I could go on for quite some time on healing mechanics used now verses when I was leveling, but that will be something for the future. As far as raiding goes, I just follow the instructions provided by those leading the raids.

I have refocused on PVP since this is where I find the most enjoyment. Out of my first ten arena matches I lost all save the last. I wish I would have had a screen capture of it as I did not expect to win at all. There were several close matches, but one win was more than I could have asked for. Battlegrounds have not changed one bit for me. I charge in and Arcane Torrent the casters who do not move, stun the Retribution Paladin who thinks they will own a Holy Paladin, and then self heal while the alliance opponents drop from the rest of my group eliminating them through focused fire. A good thing to point out for anyone who tries to kill a Holy Paladin in a battleground......don't. Ignore us (the good ones will not go down) and focus on eliminating the DPS which will gut you. Again, not going to go in depth on this as I could spend a long amount of time talking about strategies and experiences.
I think my favorite moment with Ruhtra was the completion of the Blood Knight quest line when it really meant something. I put so much time in to gathering the items and earning the funds for it. It always cracked me up when people said it was a free epic mount. I guess if you exclude everything that led up to that last quest it was free. The funniest moment with Ruhtra was leading a train of allies (it was at least ten) through five different zones. Honestly, one minor little misunderstanding and the grab a rope and try to hang you from the nearest tree.
Well, that is all for Ruhtra. I do not want to give too much information away. Tricks of the trade and what not.


Fish said...

oh the history. I actually, for the first time ever, have the desire to charge to 80. There are just too many reasons to do it, hopefully I can beat 3.1.

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish

That is a good thing. Good luck on your quest to 80 buddy!