Friday, March 27, 2009

A Round of Applause

Today I was sitting here looking through a few posts and I ended up stopping by Critical QQ who has written a nice post on being a Paladin healer. I applaud him because he has learned a lot since his adventures into healing. I highly recommend everyone to stop over there and check it out.

As I sat there reading it I was amuzed by some of the funny things he was experiencing. If I could offer him any advice on the whole healing thing, I would simply say keep working on what works best for you as a healer. Having been a holy Paladin for what seems like eternity, here are a few pointers I would pass on:

  1. LOS - Just like you said, line-of-sight is a tough thing to deal with. Especially when we do not get any fancy HoTs to hold someone over until we get there. (For more information on LOS check out this old post of mine.)
  2. Healing for Paladins without Beacon of Light (BoL) is not too difficult, but it can be challenging. To counter the challenge I would suggest getting an add-on (which probably you did). I prefer the simplistic Healbot. I have set mine up pretty basic with FoL (left mouse button), Cleanse (middle mouse button), Holy Light (right mouse button), Beacon of Light (CTRL + left mouse button), Sacred Shield (CTRL + middle mouse button), and Holy Shock (CTRL + right mouse button). I also use to have my greater blessings placed in with the shift + mouse buttons, but have since replaced that with PaliPower. Another thing I have done is gone into the control panel for Healbot and removed party pictures. I then set Healbot in that area where the party use to be, along with PaliPower. Finally I use /focus _______ (the blank being whoever my tank is), this allows me to be able to use macro commands (such as instant crit Holy Shock) on the tank.
  3. Another thing to make healing easier is follow the simple rules for healing. Our job is to keep the tank up, so we focus on the tank. (I actually posted a larger note on the rules of healing that you can check out if you want.) I never worry too much of myself because it is the tank's job to keep me alive. One thing we have to do is allow our tanks to build aggro. If we start casting the second the tank hits a mob, you will probably pull aggro, which will result in problems for you. DPS should have add-ons to monitor their own agro output so I never worry about them.
At any rate, there is a lot more that we could go over, but those are the three big ones that I preach to anyone who asks me about healing.


Edyion said...

Nice post man actually answers some things i was personally curious about,

Ruhtra said...

@ Edyion

Well, I am glad I could help answer whatever questions you had. If you need more go back and review the Holy Paladin 101 series I did. It gives a little more detail on the very basic of concepts for us healing types who happen to be Paladins.

Edyion said...

Aye Aye Cap'n /salute