Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Popebutch: Something Evil This Way Comes

So here is my Priest, the one and only Popebutch! I honestly just kept toying around with creating undead Priests and then deleting them. I don't know why, I just didn't like the name or the look. Then one night out of the grave crawled Popebutch and he fit perfectly into my stable of misfits and outcasts!
I have been leveling him as shadow and I am going to make every effort not to heal anything. I am so burned out on healing because of healing everything under the sun for the guild, that when I get an opportunity I like to slip away and do a little DPS somewhere. With Popebutch, I have had a good time leveling him. A very different type of character for me to level and I am really wanting to take him all the way up to level cap, but time usually gets in the way of me playing him.
His gear is pretty good for a lower level character and he has a stockpile of gear from my adventures on my higher level toons. One thing I would say for people who play alts, we tend to get better with each character because we funding and gearing them using the resources of our mains, and by the time you get four or five higher level characters, your lower level toons are probably going to be some of the best characters in the game for their levels.
As far as a favorite moment goes with ol' Popebutch, it has to be when I created him. I cam running down the path from the starting zone and people just stopped and stared. I do not know if it is the name or I was just so powerful that at even lower levels, people were overcome by my sheer presence!

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