Monday, March 9, 2009

Muel: Merchant Turned Warrior

Alright so let me introduce you to Muel! He is my highlest level warrior and probably one of those characters who holds a special place in my heart. When I created Muel, he was simply to be a storage toon. I wanted the name Mule, as in packmuel, but unfortunately some other clever person had gotten to it before me. I honestly do not remember why I started leveling him, but I just had so much fun with him that I could not stop.

I am actually pretty happy with his gear. At level 39 he is pretty well geared. He has almost all of the Scarlet Crusade gear, I think I am missing the boots for him. (Damn Galran for stealing them from Muel's locker!) I really do want to finish leveling Muel for two reasons:
  1. He has just been so much fun, but usually more because I have ran him with one of my wife's alts, which usually has me screaming peanut butter jelly time and then breaking at the mad dance skills.
  2. Having a Tauren warrior is just great. I love the looks of the gear on him and he has some great gear.
My truly favorite moments with Muel is just the silly moments. Like dancing naked in a battleground. I do not know what compells me to do these things when playing Muel, but I have so much fun with the character and if you don't like me, I will just blast you away with my canan!

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