Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lrem: Click, Click, Boom

Here is my Hunter, Lrem. This was actually the second character I created, but unfortunately one of my closest friends in the game had a Hunter he was working on leveling so Lrem was placed on the sidelines for a long time.

I actually started leveling Lrem around a month before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I was going to level him to make a point to a couple of Hunters that I knew. He actually was probably one of my best geared characters. I had chosen to avoid as much PVP gear with him as possible. The only pieces of gear I took from the PVP scene was the shoulders and the weapons. The rest of his gear was either the epic crafter leatherworker set, raid gear, or epic world drops. I still have some gear I would like to make for him prior to taking him to Northrend. We will see if I have the energy to actually finish his gear prior to his leveling.

I used a beastmaster build with some survival talents mixed in. At the time some of my Hunter friends laughed at that choice; however, what I found was that this mix performed so much better in a raiding situation than the beastmaster and marksman build that they were utilizing. I have not changed too much of his build since the expansion came out and probably will not mess with it.

My favorite moment with Lrem was unleashing Widowmaker on a Rogue who thought he would just run around Tarren Mill messing around with the lowbies. I was not looking for a fight but happened to log on while he was going about his random ganking. It did not end so well for him. He went to run and was webbed (love the new toys they gave our pets). Before the rogue knew what happened I gunned him down. Good times. Tomorrow I will do a quick post and give the rundown of Lrem's pets.

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