Thursday, March 12, 2009

Invincabull: The Cow, The Myth, The Tank

So here is one my more recent experiments, Invincabull. I had this name saved forever and a day; however, due to limitations on playing time never developed the poor fellow. When I got my second account, I really wanted to level a Druid who could tank. So, I deleted my old Invincabull and he was reborn anew as my a Druid.
I have so much gear saved up for him that his bank is filled. There is not a level where he will not upgrade his gear, save the fact that I run something and get a better piece of gear. We are talking gear all the way to 80. If you are going to do something, make sure and do it right. I have found it interesting playing a Druid, while it is another Hybrid class, it is so different from how my Paladin handles. I must admit, I truly enjoy playing him and feel comfortable with learning the abilities.
When I started working on him, one thing I encountered was being unsure what professions to go with. I actually posted within our guild forums to see what fellow guild members thought. While the answers were rather wide and just a refreshing of the same thoughts I had it did help me to finally decide. I have decided that eventually I will make jewelcrafting (for trinkets and exclusive gems) and mining (the stamina boost) my two skills. I really should get to switching them sooner rather than later, but skinning has worked out quite well, making a small profit for the cow as he goes.
The whole experience of tanking is not new, but this is a fresh perspective and I am definitely going to spend some time and develop the character. So far my favorite moments with Invincabull has been dancing in bear form in Tarren Mill. Although I have noticed that the name Invincabull, every alli around takes a chance to kill him. I guess it is great bait, as I have resorted to standing him in a field and waiting for the alli to come strolling by. I know it is sad, but oh so funny. What else does a guy have to do with this mamy alts?

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