Saturday, March 28, 2009

So yesterday, as I was reading through a ton of blogs, I noticed that I had been tagged by Fish over at Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron. I personally hate such things, but will graciously accept this "honor" of being read worthy.

Let me first take a moment to thank Fish for listening to my rants everyday at work. We do not work in the same group, but our company was nice enough to provide it's employees with an instant message system, so most days we talk back and forth about current events, clients/customers who are annoying us, personal events in our life, and of course WoW! In keeping with the requests of this particular little award I must now pass the award on to seven other sites. I am like fish, I am not going to say that these sites are the best or worst, but really good reads. So in no certain order:
  1. WTFspaghetti - A Random Warcraft Blog: If you have not stopped by and read this blog, please do so. It is one of my favorites because of the humor that is in every post. Great stuff overe there! (Edit: As I wrote this today, he was already tagged, so I apologize, but I am not going to remove the blog from the list because it is still a great read.)
  2. The Suicidal Healer: Okay, it is my wife's blog, but she has spent almost her entire playing time as a Holy Paladin, and regardless if she admits it or not, she can teach a lot of stuff, She also has a pretty different perspective about people than I do and is one of the nicest (too nice) people you will ever meet. It is definitely worth checking in over there to see what is on her mind.
  3. Code Red: Not only a great hunter, but also a member of MAS. She has a lot of great insights into life as a BM Hunter! It doesn't end there though, she also runs around with a Retribution Paladin that I am sure she can share some great information about. Besides that you get some great Snug Luv updates!
  4. A Bit of Lance: This is another great read. I love seeing his thoughts on what is going on with the Paladin community. If you are not reading this blog, definitely stop by and take a look around.
  5. Altoholic's Are Us: I love reading this blog. There is a lot of great information, and as of late there has been a pretty good inside look of what goes on with running guilds and the troubles and trials we all go through with those endeavors.
  6. Doofy the Paladin: While the post do not come as often as I would love, they are always worth the read. I highly recommend swinging by and checking in on Doofy.
  7. NoobDing - The Trials and Tribulations of a WoW Noob: I love stopping by and reading the posts over here. Definitely worth the time if you are not already reading.
How many of these will accept the honor of this award? I do not know. I do not know if anyone even reads my blog, but for those that I do, I thank you and to those who I have tagged, I truly enjoy reading your blogs, keep up the good work.
Now, there is another part to this little award acceptance and that is that we must now reveal ten things you may not know about me. Honestly, with always sticking to topics of WoW, this should be fairly easy, but the trick here would be what are the things that I want to reveal?
  1. I have two dogs. One is a full blooded Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) and the other is a Husky/ACD mix. They are extremely playful and hyper, but I wouldn't have it annother way.
  2. I am a father of one very inquisitive four year old. Now don't you wish you lived with me? I mean come on a four year old and two hyper active dogs?
  3. I drive only American vehicles. This is not on purpose, but I just tend to find them cheaper to buy and easier to fix. What can I say, I am a cheap!
  4. I work in the financial sector, specifically dealing with the stock market. The amazing part is I still have a job. The bad part is that everyday you could lose your job. The good part is I do not work for a company that has cheated and mislead individuals. The bad part is I cannot reveal my company or I will have to receive their approval to maintain the blog and have permission for all posts. So it is not me trying to be secretive, but me trying to keep my job and my blog! 8)
  5. I have played Everquest and Final Fantasy online. I loved Everquest, but quit playing shortly after my son was born because the money was better spent on diapers and formula. I was disappointed with FF, because it seemed it was impossible to make friends and go very far in the game, although that could just have been an isolated event.
  6. I am a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan. Sucks to be me huh? Although I was in the minority who loved Tubby! Why, why Tubby? Why did the treat you so?
  7. On the subject of sports, I love football and still cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals even through all the bad years, and that one minor year that looked good. I am a firm believer in supporting local teams because they make a huge impact on the economy of the area and if they ever left, it would probably be very difficult to get back a professional Football or even Baseball franchise.
  8. In elementary school I once told the teacher that my favorite colors were black and purple and they immediately called my parents in to explain to them I would have difficulties in life and find it very hard to be social and go anywhere. All of that over favorite colors......yikes! Kind of ironic that my son seems to be indicating that black and blue are his favorite colors!
  9. There is more estrogen in my household than testosterone.
  10. I am happy this whole thing is over. I truly hate these things.
Alright, so there you go. I was tagged. I answered and spread the love to others. If you were tagged and actually read this, then please say something nice about who tagged you, tag 7 others, and then reveal 10 things we may not know.
Later all!

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