Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holeycow: Hate Him or Love Him, You Still Buy From Him!

Alright, so here he is, the cow, the myth, the most dispised auctioneer in all of Daggerspine, Holeycow! That is no lie. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have seen someone yelling about poor old Holeycow and his listings. Where other players see junk, he finds treasures. Where other players try to run the market high, he steps and destroys their prices. When other players try to lowball him, well he just buys them out. There is no getting around this cow. He has his hooves on the pulse of the auction scene on Daggerspine.
It is rather funny really, because when I rolled Holeycow, I had intended to level him, but then Walani came into the scene and there was no need for two Shaman at the time. So Holeycow became my very first storage character. The poor cow was a blue cow. Sitting on the sidelines watching all the other characters running around and getting new armor. It was during this time when I began establishing MAS and forming the guild bank, thus relegating poor Holeycow even closer to the abyss of deletion. Then one fine day, I decided to run an experiment. I gathered all the items that were questionable and started to list them. I slowly started to see gold roll in on items that I would never have imagined would be worth two copper. (It is amazing on Daggerspine what people will pay for eggs from starting zones!)
This began the career of Holeycow. Now Holeycow typically has 5,000 or more items up and running at all times. This of course leads to some individuals becoming upset when their items cannot sell, because after all who would want to pay for a stack of something if all they really needed were three of an item. It does take a little bit of time to list the auctions, but the gold it rewards is well worth it. I know some ask, how do you manage to not get completely bored out of your mind while listing that much inventory? Well, I started blogging. What better way to pass time than talking about issues within the game? Thus I can maximize my time as it is hard to heal a heroic or raid if I am busy tickling the keyboard.
My favorite moments with Holeycow is truly hearing another player yell out my name, upset over the postings. This let's me know that I have managed to win customers away and made money while doing it. I think perhaps in one of those rare moments where I got really bored late at night (and it is sad, but was funny), I actually had two individuals get into a verbal yelling match at each other over a bid that they each thought the other was driving up. In truth it was Holeycow. I did not even need the item, but watching the display of these two made it all the more comical. If I knew who they were, I would apologize, but in reality it made for quite an entertaining period.
It is not easy being hated and loved at the same time, but one thing is certain, everyone buys from the cow!

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Edyion said...

I remember seeing Holey being called out 2 days in a row in trade just to have others shut the guys up.