Friday, March 6, 2009

Handle With Care

Alright, so what good is a hunter without his friends? Not much, but luckily Lrem has several friends depending on what the objective is.

My very first true pet is Widowmaker. I captured the rare spawn from Silverpine forest back when it was still an elite spider and many was the player who was and is still scared by Widow's presence.

My second pet was yet another elite pet, this one came from the Wailing Caverns. In a show of respect to a childhood favorite show, I named my turtle Leonardo. He serves as a great tanking pet. I wish I had more opportunities to get him out to play.

My third pet is Smiley. He has the biggest, toothiest grin that I ever saw and as soon as I had the ability I went out and captured him and the alliance has never been the same since. :)

My last pet is more of a trial run. I wanted to pick up a dog for the buff it provides to groups for raiding and instances. I never really had the opportunity to run him through and make a decision, but I named him Rocky after one of my own dogs. I would have captured a black dog, but my wife beat me to it.

Well, now you have seen the happy little band of friends Lrem runs with and yes there is room for one more. Lrem has just not decided who is going to get that spot, but when he does I will update the family album.

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