Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Galran: The Original

This here is Galran, my original Warrior. I actually started MAS using him. He was my original Warrior and I enjoyed leveling him, but found myself bored so I set him to the side around level 15ish. I pick him up occassionaly have since leveled him to 29. I am debating on leveling him because of some of the new abilities warriors have, but every time I get ready to play a Warrior, it seems Muel ends up winning. Guess that is why Galran stole the boots that Muel needed to complete his gear set.
If I do level Galran I will probably level in Fury as I like the thought of duel wielding two handed weapons. At this moment, he is sitting in Tarren Mill all alone and feeling sad. Poor little Orc. I would say the best time I had with him was dancing naked in Ghostlands. Yeah I know that does not sound like so much, but it was with a group of folks and we ended up recruiting a pretty good player that way.

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