Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Emprius: The Darkness Within

Emprius was the first character I took my time with leveling. When I leveled him, I actually was running him with my wife's character and so I was able to take my time and make sure to hit all the things I missed with Ruhtra and Walani.

I am really proud of Emprius as a character because it was such a different type of character to play compared to the Shaman and the Paladin classes.

As you can see from the picture, I did take Emprius into the arenas as well. I did have a moderate level of success with him, but with attempting to run three characters each week in arena on three different teams each week, managing a guild, being a father, and the rest of the daily events of life it became harder to keep Emprius in the matches and at the top of his game.

Soon after Emprius was beginning to come along fine in the arenas, the guild made a decision to switch to a more raid focussed guild. With the time it took to work on raiding and being one of the main healers, I ended up setting Emprius to the side and only taking him on rare occassions when we had our other healers available.

I did recently begin working on him, but with several other Warlocks in the guild though, I have graciously set Emprius to the side once more to focus on a class that we are weaker in. I do though work on leveling him about one night a week. I am taking my time one more time with him and enjoying the game, as well as learning the mechanics of my Warlock all over. I know many people have claimed that the class is broken, but at this point I have not noticed much difference in how he handles. Only time will tell how this will go.

My favorite moment with Emprius was being able to run with my wife and help her level her first character to level 70. She was extremely excited and it renewed some of my love of the game. She often refers to him sounding as if he is the world's most pissiest Warlock. For some reason she swears he sounds different than my other Blood Elf characters.

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