Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Braama: Warlord of the Auction House

First let me apologize for the delay of postings. Sometimes life comes up and when you have managed to break three cars in a little over a week, you have to do handle those situations first. The good news is, hopefully, I have one car up and running tonight, another should be back by tomorrow or Wednesday, which leaves me only one vehicle to figure out. Anyway, without further wait, here is Braama!

Braama is one of two characters I use for auction house listings. Although, after this post I may need to make a couple other toons to handle auctions. Nah, I am pretty upfront as to how I deal with the auction house so not going to go into a lot of information about that. Braama pretty much deals with selling crafted gear and world drops. I also use him to store all my rare and epics on, until such a time that they are needed.

Braama originally started out as a simple storage charcater and soon, with the advent of guild banks and the creation of two guilds and eight tabs of storage, well you can see that his small bank space was not needed. So, I took advantage of a lot of alts sending gear and relisting them using a simple method that works. Some people may hate it, while others may praise it, but it does help balance out some of the folks who try to run prices way up. I like to be the happy medium lister on armor and weapons.

My favorite times with Braama is just sitting back and counting the money rolling in! I mean is there anything sweeter for an auctioneer? Perhaps, but we will see about that with a later toon!


Edyion said...

Well Braama is quite the celebrity on the d-spine that's for sure chief.

Ruhtra said...

Hee hee

He only wishes he was as popular as Holeycow!