Thursday, March 19, 2009

Acabar: You Can Never Have Too Many Shaman!

Like the title says, it is another Shaman I have sitting around. I actually created him not too long ago to level as an enhanced Shaman. At the time I was missing Walani, as my wife is typically on that account when I would feel like playing him. So this brought me to create Acabar! (After all we cannot remove Holeycow from his auctions, he gets very upset at the thought.)
I have taken Acabar to ten, but then Wrath hit and I have had him on hold working on the more established characters. I do plan to keep him as enhanced as I have heard some good things from folks who play enhancement. That and Walani is elemental and was previously restoration. So why not get some experience rolling through the game as enhanced right? (On a side note, I am personally going to start a movement to bring back Shaman tanking! That is old school there my friends.) I did respec Walani for a trial before I decided to create his understudy Acabar, and those spirit wolves were just too rediculously sweet not to want on a regular basis.
At this point in time there have not been a lot of moments with Acabar, but you can bet that I always tend to get in trouble, so it will not be long before Acabar opens up a giant mess somewhere.

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