Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10,000 Strong and Going

I hope everyone is off to a good week. I spent my weekend, when not dealing with guild issues, causing mayhem with PVP goodness for all. Let's see, for all of you who hate world PVP, do not worry, I focussed my rage in other areas. That and pretty much could not find anyone to pick a fight with and killing lowbies does not bring me any joy or enhance my playing ability. (Except for the level 35 Dwarf who went strolling through Durotar. I mean if you are silly enough on a PVP server to ride into the Horde's capital zone, then you should expect to get killed a little.) Anyway, let's not get sidetracked from the topic at hand, which is PVP.

So I had formed an arena team a while back, played one week and did not really think it was going to go anywhere. Well, I got a new partner, who is an unholy Death Knight and ventured into the arenas. We went 5 - 5, which is not too bad considering we had never teamed up before. It was quite an experience and to be honest, if the ratings of the system are adjusted, I do not see a lot of problems with the arenas. Granted my team rating is in the can anyway from one week, so we faced teams of equal skill and gear and came out with the rating that the folks at Blizz said they were striving to reach.

So now that I have the 2v2 team (named Soul Position) under control, it got me talking with some folks and we have established a 3v3 team (Two Dics and a Pric) and a 5v5 team (Eat a Bag of Richards). Our 3v3 team is going to consist of myself, the Death Knight, and a Rogue. I like the make-up of the team, so it will come down to learning to work together. The 5v5 team is going to be more of the challenge I am looking forward to. We are going to run a two healer set with myself, a BM Hunter, another Holy Paladin, the Death Knight, and the Rogue. All of us are in the same guild and I am going to leave the names out to protect the innocent. My main goal here is to prepare for next season and hopefully some fixes in rating requirements for gear.

Now that is a busy enough PVP schedule, but I always have love for the battlegrounds and wanted to have one certain achievement come from the battlegrounds. So, with 250 kills needed, I hit the battlegrounds hard on Sunday and low and behold......

I did not think I was going to get to hit it because there was some real dog battlegrounds that I ended up in, but thanks to a couple like the one that produced stats like those above, I was able to kill my 10,000th alliance players.

I would like to take this moment to thank all those who made it possible:
Caring, Aldara, Arikukato, Tripi, Trilais, Azteca, Insanexdemon, Siskull, Eldinigh, Brownfinger, Therbear, Naturesway, Vineash, Kymbere, Beastlyfrog, Sheiit, Noobmeister, Darkonious, Deathsdealer, Matthios, Kamenwati, Tyrranos, Alexius, Sickric, Deathisyours, Rahon, Synthetics, Jalaine, Uiliam, Supergustave, Kommander, Hooper, Pissarin, Adianna, Myshelle, Frazlo, Barkfighter, Fireice, Icebrumble, Jokerknight, Cernun, Fireanfrost, Alainnia, Cacial, Sorrea, Frankdwarf (Funny Spellin), Keemosabi, Babypally, Bpm, Melluca, Alariele, Saneldi, Chad, Googsofhates, Stabie, Tighatous, Deathxreaper, Rubs, Dunka, Xballfirebom, Slewvian, Viedenn, Wowanater, Brazel, Purchase, Aunna, Dreadmar, Sarahh, Igotalild, Pwnsumhorde, Marvel (funny a with dots above), Sylla, Droz, Klooaid, Saber (Funny Spelling), Deathleapord, Envvy, Lovelace, Niyol, Yaakova, Castersdoom.........

Sorry, I cannot help myself. As you can see there has been so many alliance players who have contributed to my success. (And yes, if you are wondering, these players could be level 15 or 80. They are from the guild list we keep as a guild when we go out. Sorry, again, I warned you to quit reading if you do not like PVP.) During the course of this climb to 10,000 I cannot tell you how many ghost runs I have made myself, but everyone of them has been a night of fun.

I hope to see everyone at 25,000!

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