Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10,000 Strong and Going

I hope everyone is off to a good week. I spent my weekend, when not dealing with guild issues, causing mayhem with PVP goodness for all. Let's see, for all of you who hate world PVP, do not worry, I focussed my rage in other areas. That and pretty much could not find anyone to pick a fight with and killing lowbies does not bring me any joy or enhance my playing ability. (Except for the level 35 Dwarf who went strolling through Durotar. I mean if you are silly enough on a PVP server to ride into the Horde's capital zone, then you should expect to get killed a little.) Anyway, let's not get sidetracked from the topic at hand, which is PVP.

So I had formed an arena team a while back, played one week and did not really think it was going to go anywhere. Well, I got a new partner, who is an unholy Death Knight and ventured into the arenas. We went 5 - 5, which is not too bad considering we had never teamed up before. It was quite an experience and to be honest, if the ratings of the system are adjusted, I do not see a lot of problems with the arenas. Granted my team rating is in the can anyway from one week, so we faced teams of equal skill and gear and came out with the rating that the folks at Blizz said they were striving to reach.

So now that I have the 2v2 team (named Soul Position) under control, it got me talking with some folks and we have established a 3v3 team (Two Dics and a Pric) and a 5v5 team (Eat a Bag of Richards). Our 3v3 team is going to consist of myself, the Death Knight, and a Rogue. I like the make-up of the team, so it will come down to learning to work together. The 5v5 team is going to be more of the challenge I am looking forward to. We are going to run a two healer set with myself, a BM Hunter, another Holy Paladin, the Death Knight, and the Rogue. All of us are in the same guild and I am going to leave the names out to protect the innocent. My main goal here is to prepare for next season and hopefully some fixes in rating requirements for gear.

Now that is a busy enough PVP schedule, but I always have love for the battlegrounds and wanted to have one certain achievement come from the battlegrounds. So, with 250 kills needed, I hit the battlegrounds hard on Sunday and low and behold......

I did not think I was going to get to hit it because there was some real dog battlegrounds that I ended up in, but thanks to a couple like the one that produced stats like those above, I was able to kill my 10,000th alliance players.

I would like to take this moment to thank all those who made it possible:
Caring, Aldara, Arikukato, Tripi, Trilais, Azteca, Insanexdemon, Siskull, Eldinigh, Brownfinger, Therbear, Naturesway, Vineash, Kymbere, Beastlyfrog, Sheiit, Noobmeister, Darkonious, Deathsdealer, Matthios, Kamenwati, Tyrranos, Alexius, Sickric, Deathisyours, Rahon, Synthetics, Jalaine, Uiliam, Supergustave, Kommander, Hooper, Pissarin, Adianna, Myshelle, Frazlo, Barkfighter, Fireice, Icebrumble, Jokerknight, Cernun, Fireanfrost, Alainnia, Cacial, Sorrea, Frankdwarf (Funny Spellin), Keemosabi, Babypally, Bpm, Melluca, Alariele, Saneldi, Chad, Googsofhates, Stabie, Tighatous, Deathxreaper, Rubs, Dunka, Xballfirebom, Slewvian, Viedenn, Wowanater, Brazel, Purchase, Aunna, Dreadmar, Sarahh, Igotalild, Pwnsumhorde, Marvel (funny a with dots above), Sylla, Droz, Klooaid, Saber (Funny Spelling), Deathleapord, Envvy, Lovelace, Niyol, Yaakova, Castersdoom.........

Sorry, I cannot help myself. As you can see there has been so many alliance players who have contributed to my success. (And yes, if you are wondering, these players could be level 15 or 80. They are from the guild list we keep as a guild when we go out. Sorry, again, I warned you to quit reading if you do not like PVP.) During the course of this climb to 10,000 I cannot tell you how many ghost runs I have made myself, but everyone of them has been a night of fun.

I hope to see everyone at 25,000!

Monday, March 30, 2009

What A Crazy Week It Has Been

That pretty much sums up my feelings for the week. There has really not been much going in WoW for my characters. I got the Pope up to 48 early in the morning on Saturday and slept a few hours after that. I woke up pretty early all things considered because I needed to try and get a vehicle that was broke down back to the house, but met with dismal failure.

Pretty much, I feel like that has been the theme of this week, Dismal Failure. I would have named the title of the post this, but I refuse to admit any kind of defeat. I heard a saying once (and I wish I knew how said it to attribute it properly), but it said "if you admit defeat, defeat will surely admit you." Hell, for all I know it could have been from some television show, but that saying has always stuck with me for some reason or another.

Has it been the best week ever? Hell no! It probably is ranking pretty low on the charts, but that is just life. You have your good days and your not so good days. At this point even I have to find humor in some things. I mean I do not think I have kept it much of a secret that I have been troubled by the leaving of certain members from the guild, but when I log on and see them all in the same guild, and then they are running another one of our members through content, it looks rather bad huh? I guess I could get mad or upset, but honestly I just do not care anymore.

People will always be people. Some people have high standards and you can trust what they say and others prove to be wolves in sheep clothing. I believe that you learn from the trying times and that improves us as individuals. While I am not happy with the state of things, I just take it out on allis. Hey, it is one of the joys of being on a PVP server, being a member of arena teams, and also just running battlegrounds.

Well, I am pretty well spent. I am going to go and stretch out. Throw some Southpark episodes in the DVD player and fall asleep listening to the sounds of laughter.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Are Not Alone!

One of the hardest things I think in managing a guild is balancing what the guild wants to do with what the guild is capable of doing. As of late in MAS, a lot of members wanted to start raiding. I was fine with this. We appointed a raid coordinator who was met with a lot of resistance when trying to organize raids. He fought through this and we were starting to have moderate success at the end of the Burning Crusade. Along comes Wrath, and with it all new dungeons and raids. Several members raced to level eighty and began gearing for raiding, which is great.

Along the way there were some set backs. The biggest to me has been the problems our raid leader has had in his personal life which has kept him offline. Hopefully that will change in the near future and he will be back to take control of our raids. In the meantime a few officers have stepped in and tried to assist with maintaining some semblance of raiding. This has met with little to no success. The issues have been for different reasons that we will not go into. It has however, caused several members to leave. This is fine, I understand when people want to do something and they do not feel they can accomplish it with MAS.

The thing that had me down somewhat was that a couple members were respected in the guild and with their leaving, I believe created a sense of insecurity which led to other members leaving. I also can respect that. It is not the first time since the founding of MAS that members have left and others became concerned and left as well. I think most guild leaders have dealt with this. The thing that concerns me is that all of the members who have left have gone to the same guild. It seems somewhat suspicious. I have heard rumors of other members being recruited, although they have not yet left. (I truly hope the do not leave, but in the end there is nothing I can do to prevent this.)

The thing I do not respect is the members who sneak away and do not say one thing to anyone. To me that is wrong. I am a firm believer that if there is a problem, it is my duty (and yours) to approach whomever is in charge and explain to them what the issues are. This will allow them to think about what you say, but also allow you to see the other side of the picture. In my guild, the underlying tone is that we do not raid enough. I will concede that we are not running Naxx at this moment. We have made two attempts with dismal results. The issues of not being successful in those attempts are a broad range of issues which include group composition, people not being prepared, and people thinking they are better than they truly are. These are all easily overcome, but they require time, which it now blatantly appears to me that very few people are willing to give.

In the end it has caused me to do some reevaluations of the guild, the officers, and the individuals within the guild. In the past I have shared that I am leveling a Priest to step in and take on raid healing. I would pose the question as to what others are doing to help the situation. I have heard all sorts of things from guild members ranging from let me know what to do all the way to people need to work to get their gear. All of these are valid opinions, but then it goes back to the old saying of you cannot have your cake and eat it too. So what then is the answer?

There is no answer. People are going to do what they want to do. Some people will use an individual or a guild as a stepping stone, all the while professing how dedicated they are to the person or guild. Others will pour everything they have into the guild and take each person who leaves as a crushing blow. Pragmatics like myself will hold the middle ground, understanding the desire to see the content and understanding the issues that each person leaving creates. In the end it is a cycle. A vicious cycle, but one that is overcome. I truly believe that there are a handful of individuals that will stay and work through the growing pains. To those who leave I wish I could say the best of luck, but honestly I am somewhat bitter and truly do not care what happens.

The best part of my personality is the ability to not give a _____ (fill in your own word there, mine is too strong for children who may read the blog.) Some people have often said that it is a character flaw, but I disagree. I think this is the best way for a guild leader to be. It allows me look at things objectively and start making new plans on how to best accomplish the goals that the guild members have indicated that they want. While, I am not always able to maintain as stern an attitude, and sometimes I do feel down, I quickly recover when I come across things such as Altoholic's Are Us recent post, which indicates they have been experiencing similar types of discontent from their members, yet they are progressing and moving ahead in spite of it all.

Perhaps there is even a good thing that come from situations like these. What if the individuals who leave, however nice they may be, are rotten apples so to say? They give off the impression, whether directly or indirectly, that they are better or have no desire to help the guild, then to have them decide to move on could actually help the guild. While reading Blessings of Kings I cam across a post that had nothing to do with guild issues, yet a commentor had encountered some and this is what Gibbiex had to say:

"This is absolutely true. One of our most geared players (a ret paly) said recently that "I'm going to let other people take my spot in Naxx, since they need the gear more than me". Which is basically saying "I'm tired of running naxx because I don't need any gear from it". Then a few weeks later it was "I'm leaving the guild to find a more progressed guild". This is fine, we are not a progressive raiding guild. But the attitude that somehow we'd be better off without his 3.5k dps is just, wow. With him, we can get away with brining a bunch of guildies who are not geared and make up for their bad dps. With him, we could get away with a few people dying on dps dependant fights. Anyway, he left, a bunch of others left, our raiding team collapsed. Oh well. We're rebuilding.
In the meantime we've been doing alot more social stuff which the members enjoy much more than the "we're going to naxx tonight' type stuff that we've done."
Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that people who leave are horrible people, but in the end, I think that if you become so miserable because you cannot run the content you want to run, then leaving may be an option. The game is simply that, a game. It should be about having fun. I find fun in PVP, so if I grow bored, you can probably find me in a battleground somewhere. It does not matter win or lose (although it does frustrate me), the fun is in playing the game the way that you want to.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So yesterday, as I was reading through a ton of blogs, I noticed that I had been tagged by Fish over at Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron. I personally hate such things, but will graciously accept this "honor" of being read worthy.

Let me first take a moment to thank Fish for listening to my rants everyday at work. We do not work in the same group, but our company was nice enough to provide it's employees with an instant message system, so most days we talk back and forth about current events, clients/customers who are annoying us, personal events in our life, and of course WoW! In keeping with the requests of this particular little award I must now pass the award on to seven other sites. I am like fish, I am not going to say that these sites are the best or worst, but really good reads. So in no certain order:
  1. WTFspaghetti - A Random Warcraft Blog: If you have not stopped by and read this blog, please do so. It is one of my favorites because of the humor that is in every post. Great stuff overe there! (Edit: As I wrote this today, he was already tagged, so I apologize, but I am not going to remove the blog from the list because it is still a great read.)
  2. The Suicidal Healer: Okay, it is my wife's blog, but she has spent almost her entire playing time as a Holy Paladin, and regardless if she admits it or not, she can teach a lot of stuff, She also has a pretty different perspective about people than I do and is one of the nicest (too nice) people you will ever meet. It is definitely worth checking in over there to see what is on her mind.
  3. Code Red: Not only a great hunter, but also a member of MAS. She has a lot of great insights into life as a BM Hunter! It doesn't end there though, she also runs around with a Retribution Paladin that I am sure she can share some great information about. Besides that you get some great Snug Luv updates!
  4. A Bit of Lance: This is another great read. I love seeing his thoughts on what is going on with the Paladin community. If you are not reading this blog, definitely stop by and take a look around.
  5. Altoholic's Are Us: I love reading this blog. There is a lot of great information, and as of late there has been a pretty good inside look of what goes on with running guilds and the troubles and trials we all go through with those endeavors.
  6. Doofy the Paladin: While the post do not come as often as I would love, they are always worth the read. I highly recommend swinging by and checking in on Doofy.
  7. NoobDing - The Trials and Tribulations of a WoW Noob: I love stopping by and reading the posts over here. Definitely worth the time if you are not already reading.
How many of these will accept the honor of this award? I do not know. I do not know if anyone even reads my blog, but for those that I do, I thank you and to those who I have tagged, I truly enjoy reading your blogs, keep up the good work.
Now, there is another part to this little award acceptance and that is that we must now reveal ten things you may not know about me. Honestly, with always sticking to topics of WoW, this should be fairly easy, but the trick here would be what are the things that I want to reveal?
  1. I have two dogs. One is a full blooded Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) and the other is a Husky/ACD mix. They are extremely playful and hyper, but I wouldn't have it annother way.
  2. I am a father of one very inquisitive four year old. Now don't you wish you lived with me? I mean come on a four year old and two hyper active dogs?
  3. I drive only American vehicles. This is not on purpose, but I just tend to find them cheaper to buy and easier to fix. What can I say, I am a cheap!
  4. I work in the financial sector, specifically dealing with the stock market. The amazing part is I still have a job. The bad part is that everyday you could lose your job. The good part is I do not work for a company that has cheated and mislead individuals. The bad part is I cannot reveal my company or I will have to receive their approval to maintain the blog and have permission for all posts. So it is not me trying to be secretive, but me trying to keep my job and my blog! 8)
  5. I have played Everquest and Final Fantasy online. I loved Everquest, but quit playing shortly after my son was born because the money was better spent on diapers and formula. I was disappointed with FF, because it seemed it was impossible to make friends and go very far in the game, although that could just have been an isolated event.
  6. I am a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan. Sucks to be me huh? Although I was in the minority who loved Tubby! Why, why Tubby? Why did the treat you so?
  7. On the subject of sports, I love football and still cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals even through all the bad years, and that one minor year that looked good. I am a firm believer in supporting local teams because they make a huge impact on the economy of the area and if they ever left, it would probably be very difficult to get back a professional Football or even Baseball franchise.
  8. In elementary school I once told the teacher that my favorite colors were black and purple and they immediately called my parents in to explain to them I would have difficulties in life and find it very hard to be social and go anywhere. All of that over favorite colors......yikes! Kind of ironic that my son seems to be indicating that black and blue are his favorite colors!
  9. There is more estrogen in my household than testosterone.
  10. I am happy this whole thing is over. I truly hate these things.
Alright, so there you go. I was tagged. I answered and spread the love to others. If you were tagged and actually read this, then please say something nice about who tagged you, tag 7 others, and then reveal 10 things we may not know.
Later all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Round of Applause

Today I was sitting here looking through a few posts and I ended up stopping by Critical QQ who has written a nice post on being a Paladin healer. I applaud him because he has learned a lot since his adventures into healing. I highly recommend everyone to stop over there and check it out.

As I sat there reading it I was amuzed by some of the funny things he was experiencing. If I could offer him any advice on the whole healing thing, I would simply say keep working on what works best for you as a healer. Having been a holy Paladin for what seems like eternity, here are a few pointers I would pass on:

  1. LOS - Just like you said, line-of-sight is a tough thing to deal with. Especially when we do not get any fancy HoTs to hold someone over until we get there. (For more information on LOS check out this old post of mine.)
  2. Healing for Paladins without Beacon of Light (BoL) is not too difficult, but it can be challenging. To counter the challenge I would suggest getting an add-on (which probably you did). I prefer the simplistic Healbot. I have set mine up pretty basic with FoL (left mouse button), Cleanse (middle mouse button), Holy Light (right mouse button), Beacon of Light (CTRL + left mouse button), Sacred Shield (CTRL + middle mouse button), and Holy Shock (CTRL + right mouse button). I also use to have my greater blessings placed in with the shift + mouse buttons, but have since replaced that with PaliPower. Another thing I have done is gone into the control panel for Healbot and removed party pictures. I then set Healbot in that area where the party use to be, along with PaliPower. Finally I use /focus _______ (the blank being whoever my tank is), this allows me to be able to use macro commands (such as instant crit Holy Shock) on the tank.
  3. Another thing to make healing easier is follow the simple rules for healing. Our job is to keep the tank up, so we focus on the tank. (I actually posted a larger note on the rules of healing that you can check out if you want.) I never worry too much of myself because it is the tank's job to keep me alive. One thing we have to do is allow our tanks to build aggro. If we start casting the second the tank hits a mob, you will probably pull aggro, which will result in problems for you. DPS should have add-ons to monitor their own agro output so I never worry about them.
At any rate, there is a lot more that we could go over, but those are the three big ones that I preach to anyone who asks me about healing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life As A Priest

I was sitting here tonight finishing up some auctions and thinking about what I wanted to talk about tonight and I decided I would just go over what I have recently been working on. I know some exciting stuff. (Keep reading, I promise I am not going to talk about yard work, although there is a lot of it to do!) You see over the last few weeks as we have been working more on getting our act together as a raiding guild, it has become blatantly obvious to me that we are in a sad way for healers.

We pretty much have three healers currently available, myself (Holy Paladin), Zoul (Holy Priest), and my wife (Holy Paladin). (Along with the main healers, we have a Shaman and Druid with off-spec gear who do a great job when asked to respec and heal.) This is not a bad group of healers, in reality it is a great group of heals. With two Paladins you can guarantee solid heals on both the tank and off-tank, which leaves the Priest to drop the massive raid heals utilizing both AOE and HoTs. This set up has some positives and some negatives, which we will look at in a while.

So what is "the" problem? I mean, we have to assume that there is a problem or why would we be talking about it today. You are correct in that thinking. There are several problems that we are going to look at.

  1. Connection Issues - Our Priest is one of the best Priests that I have had the pleasure to run with in a long time. There were some areas that he had to learn how to handle at the beginning, but he switched to Holy right around the release of WotLK, so that was to be expected. The main problem I have seen is that he has to play through a pretty rough connection which seems to pick the worst times to drop. This is a major issue when you are so reliant on one healer to provide raid level heals.
  2. Learning Curve - My wife just recently hit 80 (okay, it has been a while, but not that long), and we really boosted her from 77 through 80. Do not get me wrong, she worked hard and we put her through the paces, but there are certain mechanics that changed dramaticaly for Paladins in this expansion. There is a lot more movement involved, which for a Paladin is almost a kiss of death. Not to mention all the "dances" Blizzard decided to drop in the expansion. (Makes you wonder if they hit Dance Dance Revelution one too many times in the break room huh?)
  3. Longer Raids - With going with a three healer set it slows down the raid a lot. This is not bad, but it does become taxing for those who have cleared runs in much quicker time. No one has made comments about it, but I know even for myself it is frustrating to spend an entire day on one wing, when it could be cleared much more efficiently. (Although much of this is also to be handed off to many members who expect to be carried and do not put the time in preparing for a raid, but that is a topic for another day.)
  4. RNG (Random Number Generation) - This little beauty right here currently hates me. I do not know if I did something to someone and they put a hex on me or what, but the last few weeks has seen many, many, many strange bugs happen to groups that I have been in. (How about bosses resetting over and over in fights!) Sure this happens a lot to everyone, but it has been non-stop it seems like the last week or so, unless because of what they are doing behind the scenes is messing with the live servers, who knows! Anyway, back on topic, with RNG there is no way to be prepared for everything and sometimes, RNG itself will just create many issues for a group alone.
  5. Schedules - Lately it seems like we have not been able to get all three of the healers on together at one time. This is not horrible, but trying to run content with two Paladins can be challenging (as we are limited for true raid type healing).
We are taking steps to correct this, with a few different members attempting to level alts as healers. The problem with this is not just a time crunch, but also learning the mechanics of healing. On top of the learning curve is also the fact that you lose solide core raiders to other areas which means it requires finding new individuals who can perform the job. So what are we to do?

Well, in steps the fearless leader! I simply respec my Priest from Shadow to Holy and start leveling him like a crack addict who just got out of rehab looking for his first hit. (Ouch, sorry to anyone out there, I hope you stay on the wagon, or whatever other metaphor fits there.) Anyway, after thinking a lot about it over the last couple of days, it seemed natural for me to take the initiative with this one. I had a couple different options as far as healers (Invincabull, Walani, Acabar, Holeycow, Braama, and Popebutch) but the choice really had to be made based on which class would bring the most to the table.

So Popebutch got the call and off he ran. He had been hanging around Undercity a lot lately. He was overseeing the day to day operations of the First Bank of Silvermoon (storage guild for MAS). He grabbed Lovkinja (my wife's hunter) and away they went. They cleared out Hilldbrad's and Arathi Highland's quests already and are currently tackling the Badlands together. When Lovkinja is not available, Popebutch is running through the grinding quests in Stanglethorn Vale. (Side story: Tonight while trying to get ten bloodied fangs off some trolls, this funny little gnome rogue thought he would jump me. I was fending off two trolls when he popped out at me. I am guessing he is not the world's greatest PVPer since he did not stun me. He was able to confuse me though so he was thinking, just not quick enough. I hit psychic scream as he confused me. Lucky for me I broke his confusion and he ran into two mobs of his own. I gathered my thoughts as I have not done much PVP with the Pope, and ran after him. I hit him with the ony two dots available and then just kept using smite on him till he dropped like a featherweigh against an angry 80's Tyson. It was fun. Part of the reason I love a PVP server, so much more randomness to it than on a PVE server.) My hope is that I will be able to power him through the content fairly quickly and be ready to raid within two weeks. Have to allow for work around the house and family time (also the random break down of every vehicle I have).

My thinking here is that, by taking the Priest we will be able to have another raid level healer available. We add in the fact that it is a healer who is leveling another healing character; should cut down on the learning curve in regards to just basic healing mechanics. I have already become comfortable with the abilities of the Priest class and feel confident in the ability to adapt to this style of healing. It is definitely refreshing to have such a wide aray of healing tools. In the meantime, it does not effect the guild because none of the core raiders will be doing anything different, nor will we need to attempt to train a new tank or look for another DPS who understands the proper way to DPS (yes I did say proper because no one gives a flying.......whoops, we will keep it clean for the kiddies!).

Edit: As a side note, we are now down to just two healers as our Priest has decided to leave the guild. Stay tuned for further drama news.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Repost or Not Repost, That Is the Question

I was sitting here reading the Goblin's article today on weekend selling, and as a side note, I agree with this theory of his, but I was apalled at the people who made comments in regards to his decision to repost an article. I honestly think that as bloggers, no one should criticize whether an article is reposted. I am fine with the commenters who would debate the validity of the content of the article, but to berate or complain about someone who decides to repost useful information is wrong in my book.

I think the reason why it offends me is that I have seen many individuals (and specificaly in his comments, but some others occassionaly) make remarks about reposting of items. I would like to ask them why? Why would you get upset to point out that someone is reposting useful information? Sure, maybe you have been reading blogs for a while. I know I have been reading some blogs like the Goblin's and others for quite some time, but it does not give me a right to call them out for making a decision on their blog.

The whole point of blogging in my opinion is to be able to share experiences in the game, tactics that have worked for you, funny stories that happened, and even personal events. We may disagree and that is alright. That is what the comments section is for. We can go and leave a comment with some merrit to it, and there are plenty of people who do. However, to go and say that you are disappointed that someone reposts an article is really a waste of time, especially when the article is a relevant article. If you are disappointed, then just quit reading the blog, but let's not get on and try to insult someone who provides a good resource to players.

Do I always agree with the Goblin? Hell no. Most of the time I shake my head and chuckle to myself in regards to some of the posts that wander away from what I love most about his posts, but I show him respect. I rarely drop comments on blogs unless I feel strongly that there is a legitimate reason to leave the comment.

I guess in closing, I am simply asking everyone who reads blogs to leave contructive criticism that is useful and relevant to the topic. No closed ended responses such as "this is a repost" or "you're wrong".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why So Down?

Man, I am almost depressed reading some blogs on here. I have been going through some more of the regular group of blogs and randomly pulling up people who reply and reading their blogs.
Today I came across Hound's blog and I feel bad for some reason.

Hound seems to be feeling down about being stuck in what I call the "rut". I remember the first time I hit that spot,it was right after getting Ruhtra to 70. I was so excited thinking about how much fun it would be to run all the raids I had been waiting to get into. Then I got slapped in the face with the game, as I realized that being a fresh 70 was like starting all over. Sure, I worked my ass off to reach the game cap for BC, but that did not mean I was prepared (sorry for the cheap pun). I had to start gaining reputation in order to run heroics just to get some adequate gear and then hope that I could find a spot in a raid (at the time MAS was no where near ready to consider running raiding content).

I think the point where I differed from Hound is that I had no problem with putting a couple hours to run an instance a couple nights a week. I had some great friends online and that also helped with forming groups. I guess what I would recommend to anyone who finds theirself in that "rut", would be to think back to what got you playing the game. For me, it was a chance to spend some time goofing off in a game with friends that I worked with. To this day, we still spend much time goofing off. Sure the guild has grown, but I think we have done a good job of making everyone feel welcomed into our little disfunctional family.

I honestly even believe that you can set the game aside and apply that principle to your every day life. If something becomes boring or you lose your happiness when doing something. then ask yourself why you started doing it in the first place? I have found that when we get back to the basics of who we are and what we truly enjoy, everything in life (real or game) becomes fun again and it does not matter if you have to go kill 17,000 boars to hit your level (another cheap joke) because you have the fresh perspective on it.

DISCLAIMER: Do not expect this type of material very often from me. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Woolybulli: In Honor of a Missing Hunter!

Meet Woolybulli! This is a Tauren Hunter, who no matter what happens, always seems to be hiding in the most unique places. I am not sure if I will ever level this character, but I certainly have fun with him for some reason.
It is sad, but this is the end of my characters on Daggerspine! I do not know if I will go into any of the other servers that I play on, but if you are ever bored and looking for some fun, definitely look up my little family, we are always a fun group of alts to hang around!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pretesse: Troll Priestess

This here Priestess is cooking up some trouble for the future! My goal is to make one of each healing class, and this one here will handle Priest healing duties. Right now she is sitting at level two though as other things seem to be taking up my time, but she is definitely going to be a project that I plan to work on for the future.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Butch: Orc Hunter

This here little fellow is Butch! I created him for a similar reason that I created Xaphana, I wanted the pet bonus for a Hunter's pet and I wanted to go down a different tree than Beast Mastery, so it seemed a perfect fit. At this point I have not decided which way I will go. I like Marksmanship, but Survival has always had some interest from me. I guess as I level, I will experiment and that will allow for future topics!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Xaphana: Demon Handler

Meet Xapahana! She is one of the newest members to the family. If you are going demonology for Warlocks, then the best race to go with is the Orcs. The natural boost to their pets damage makes them a natural fit. That and the gear just looks absolutely sick on them.
At this point, if you couldn't guess it by the above post, this here Warlock is all about the demons. I am going to go deep into the talent tree and unleash havoc upon any unsuspecting fool to come in her path. The only questions is how quickly will I get the chance to level her, since there are so many great characters to work with? Stay tuned for future updates on Xaphana!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Acabar: You Can Never Have Too Many Shaman!

Like the title says, it is another Shaman I have sitting around. I actually created him not too long ago to level as an enhanced Shaman. At the time I was missing Walani, as my wife is typically on that account when I would feel like playing him. So this brought me to create Acabar! (After all we cannot remove Holeycow from his auctions, he gets very upset at the thought.)
I have taken Acabar to ten, but then Wrath hit and I have had him on hold working on the more established characters. I do plan to keep him as enhanced as I have heard some good things from folks who play enhancement. That and Walani is elemental and was previously restoration. So why not get some experience rolling through the game as enhanced right? (On a side note, I am personally going to start a movement to bring back Shaman tanking! That is old school there my friends.) I did respec Walani for a trial before I decided to create his understudy Acabar, and those spirit wolves were just too rediculously sweet not to want on a regular basis.
At this point in time there have not been a lot of moments with Acabar, but you can bet that I always tend to get in trouble, so it will not be long before Acabar opens up a giant mess somewhere.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Special Introduction

Alright everyone, yesterday I have a shout out to Edyion/Tytanya over at Code Red, but today I find myself throwing another shout out to my wife, Eus, aka the Suicidal Healer. Make sure to stop by her blog and say hi and introduce yourself, but be nice because she has a temper............... ouch!!! Okay no temper, I was kidding, maybe. OUCH!!!!! Okay, no kidding.

Holeycow: Hate Him or Love Him, You Still Buy From Him!

Alright, so here he is, the cow, the myth, the most dispised auctioneer in all of Daggerspine, Holeycow! That is no lie. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have seen someone yelling about poor old Holeycow and his listings. Where other players see junk, he finds treasures. Where other players try to run the market high, he steps and destroys their prices. When other players try to lowball him, well he just buys them out. There is no getting around this cow. He has his hooves on the pulse of the auction scene on Daggerspine.
It is rather funny really, because when I rolled Holeycow, I had intended to level him, but then Walani came into the scene and there was no need for two Shaman at the time. So Holeycow became my very first storage character. The poor cow was a blue cow. Sitting on the sidelines watching all the other characters running around and getting new armor. It was during this time when I began establishing MAS and forming the guild bank, thus relegating poor Holeycow even closer to the abyss of deletion. Then one fine day, I decided to run an experiment. I gathered all the items that were questionable and started to list them. I slowly started to see gold roll in on items that I would never have imagined would be worth two copper. (It is amazing on Daggerspine what people will pay for eggs from starting zones!)
This began the career of Holeycow. Now Holeycow typically has 5,000 or more items up and running at all times. This of course leads to some individuals becoming upset when their items cannot sell, because after all who would want to pay for a stack of something if all they really needed were three of an item. It does take a little bit of time to list the auctions, but the gold it rewards is well worth it. I know some ask, how do you manage to not get completely bored out of your mind while listing that much inventory? Well, I started blogging. What better way to pass time than talking about issues within the game? Thus I can maximize my time as it is hard to heal a heroic or raid if I am busy tickling the keyboard.
My favorite moments with Holeycow is truly hearing another player yell out my name, upset over the postings. This let's me know that I have managed to win customers away and made money while doing it. I think perhaps in one of those rare moments where I got really bored late at night (and it is sad, but was funny), I actually had two individuals get into a verbal yelling match at each other over a bid that they each thought the other was driving up. In truth it was Holeycow. I did not even need the item, but watching the display of these two made it all the more comical. If I knew who they were, I would apologize, but in reality it made for quite an entertaining period.
It is not easy being hated and loved at the same time, but one thing is certain, everyone buys from the cow!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Give A Warm Welcome

Alright so this is another post in the middle of the day, must mean something is going on! No, I just happened to notice another guildie is now blogging. At this rate there will be no one on running anything as they will all be blogging their little hearts out.

At any rate, stop by Code Red and make Edyion feel welcomed to the community. Lord knows I put her through the paces.

::Dark maniacal laughter is heard from the shadows::

What was that? Hmmmm I did not hear anything. Anyway, stop on by and check out her blog and make her feel welcomed!

Braama: Warlord of the Auction House

First let me apologize for the delay of postings. Sometimes life comes up and when you have managed to break three cars in a little over a week, you have to do handle those situations first. The good news is, hopefully, I have one car up and running tonight, another should be back by tomorrow or Wednesday, which leaves me only one vehicle to figure out. Anyway, without further wait, here is Braama!

Braama is one of two characters I use for auction house listings. Although, after this post I may need to make a couple other toons to handle auctions. Nah, I am pretty upfront as to how I deal with the auction house so not going to go into a lot of information about that. Braama pretty much deals with selling crafted gear and world drops. I also use him to store all my rare and epics on, until such a time that they are needed.

Braama originally started out as a simple storage charcater and soon, with the advent of guild banks and the creation of two guilds and eight tabs of storage, well you can see that his small bank space was not needed. So, I took advantage of a lot of alts sending gear and relisting them using a simple method that works. Some people may hate it, while others may praise it, but it does help balance out some of the folks who try to run prices way up. I like to be the happy medium lister on armor and weapons.

My favorite times with Braama is just sitting back and counting the money rolling in! I mean is there anything sweeter for an auctioneer? Perhaps, but we will see about that with a later toon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vergeltung: Retribution of the Righteous

Allow me to introduce my other Paladin, Vergeltung. As the title suggest, I am leveling Vergeltung as a retribution Paladin. I loved so much the old days of Ruhtra being retribution that I thought it would be fun to go back and do it again. I have not leveled him very far yet, but it has been fun going back and seeing the changes to the Paladin exclusive quest lines (although I think are somewhat weak now compared to what they originally were).

At this point my decisions with him has been to take my time, play with rested experience and enjoy some different zones that I may have skipped, so it may be a while before we see this one make it to even midrange levels. For professions I chose to go with jewelcrafting and blacksmithing. My thought is that I will make retribution his primary build, but when I eventually get him to the level cap, I can duel spec him to protection when needed without much effort as far as gear is concerned. Ofcourse everything can change between now and whenever this happens.

Unfortunately, with the newer toons there is not as many funny moments as with the established account, but the enjoyment of this group of characters is the fact that I get the pleasure of playing the game with the knowledge I was not afforded originally. It definitely makes the whole thing seem different and definitely makes it a lot more fun for some aspects.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Invincabull: The Cow, The Myth, The Tank

So here is one my more recent experiments, Invincabull. I had this name saved forever and a day; however, due to limitations on playing time never developed the poor fellow. When I got my second account, I really wanted to level a Druid who could tank. So, I deleted my old Invincabull and he was reborn anew as my a Druid.
I have so much gear saved up for him that his bank is filled. There is not a level where he will not upgrade his gear, save the fact that I run something and get a better piece of gear. We are talking gear all the way to 80. If you are going to do something, make sure and do it right. I have found it interesting playing a Druid, while it is another Hybrid class, it is so different from how my Paladin handles. I must admit, I truly enjoy playing him and feel comfortable with learning the abilities.
When I started working on him, one thing I encountered was being unsure what professions to go with. I actually posted within our guild forums to see what fellow guild members thought. While the answers were rather wide and just a refreshing of the same thoughts I had it did help me to finally decide. I have decided that eventually I will make jewelcrafting (for trinkets and exclusive gems) and mining (the stamina boost) my two skills. I really should get to switching them sooner rather than later, but skinning has worked out quite well, making a small profit for the cow as he goes.
The whole experience of tanking is not new, but this is a fresh perspective and I am definitely going to spend some time and develop the character. So far my favorite moments with Invincabull has been dancing in bear form in Tarren Mill. Although I have noticed that the name Invincabull, every alli around takes a chance to kill him. I guess it is great bait, as I have resorted to standing him in a field and waiting for the alli to come strolling by. I know it is sad, but oh so funny. What else does a guy have to do with this mamy alts?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Galran: The Original

This here is Galran, my original Warrior. I actually started MAS using him. He was my original Warrior and I enjoyed leveling him, but found myself bored so I set him to the side around level 15ish. I pick him up occassionaly have since leveled him to 29. I am debating on leveling him because of some of the new abilities warriors have, but every time I get ready to play a Warrior, it seems Muel ends up winning. Guess that is why Galran stole the boots that Muel needed to complete his gear set.
If I do level Galran I will probably level in Fury as I like the thought of duel wielding two handed weapons. At this moment, he is sitting in Tarren Mill all alone and feeling sad. Poor little Orc. I would say the best time I had with him was dancing naked in Ghostlands. Yeah I know that does not sound like so much, but it was with a group of folks and we ended up recruiting a pretty good player that way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Popebutch: Something Evil This Way Comes

So here is my Priest, the one and only Popebutch! I honestly just kept toying around with creating undead Priests and then deleting them. I don't know why, I just didn't like the name or the look. Then one night out of the grave crawled Popebutch and he fit perfectly into my stable of misfits and outcasts!
I have been leveling him as shadow and I am going to make every effort not to heal anything. I am so burned out on healing because of healing everything under the sun for the guild, that when I get an opportunity I like to slip away and do a little DPS somewhere. With Popebutch, I have had a good time leveling him. A very different type of character for me to level and I am really wanting to take him all the way up to level cap, but time usually gets in the way of me playing him.
His gear is pretty good for a lower level character and he has a stockpile of gear from my adventures on my higher level toons. One thing I would say for people who play alts, we tend to get better with each character because we funding and gearing them using the resources of our mains, and by the time you get four or five higher level characters, your lower level toons are probably going to be some of the best characters in the game for their levels.
As far as a favorite moment goes with ol' Popebutch, it has to be when I created him. I cam running down the path from the starting zone and people just stopped and stared. I do not know if it is the name or I was just so powerful that at even lower levels, people were overcome by my sheer presence!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Muel: Merchant Turned Warrior

Alright so let me introduce you to Muel! He is my highlest level warrior and probably one of those characters who holds a special place in my heart. When I created Muel, he was simply to be a storage toon. I wanted the name Mule, as in packmuel, but unfortunately some other clever person had gotten to it before me. I honestly do not remember why I started leveling him, but I just had so much fun with him that I could not stop.

I am actually pretty happy with his gear. At level 39 he is pretty well geared. He has almost all of the Scarlet Crusade gear, I think I am missing the boots for him. (Damn Galran for stealing them from Muel's locker!) I really do want to finish leveling Muel for two reasons:
  1. He has just been so much fun, but usually more because I have ran him with one of my wife's alts, which usually has me screaming peanut butter jelly time and then breaking at the mad dance skills.
  2. Having a Tauren warrior is just great. I love the looks of the gear on him and he has some great gear.
My truly favorite moments with Muel is just the silly moments. Like dancing naked in a battleground. I do not know what compells me to do these things when playing Muel, but I have so much fun with the character and if you don't like me, I will just blast you away with my canan!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Methusaleh: Redemption

Here is my Death Knight, Methusaleh. I was actually extremely happy that I was able to get the name. I wanted the name for the meaning it represented in Biblical times. (I am not going into a discussion on religion, so relax.) As far as the character goes, I just have not been able to get into the playstyle of Death Knights. To me, and I am more partial, I would prefer a retribution Paladin over the blood spec that I started with. However, I did respec to Unholy, and for some reason, I tend to like it somewhat more.
My big thought with Methusaleh was critical strike rating. I switched in any gear that provided more critical strike rating. I will admit, not too sure how it affects the numbers, but it seems to be providing solid numbers. In all honesty, I do not know if I will ever level him all the way. I definitely enjoyed the story line and that was worth the time vested in the character.
The most fun aspect of playing the Death Knight is the ability to take on mobs that were imposible on any of my other characters at that level. I like to challenge myself, but honestly, have not been able to find a challenge as the Death Knight class is truly a powerful class. I suppose when I try my hand at leveling Methusaleh again, I can always just try pulling more mobs, until I find the right mix.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whoopy: The One Rogue You Can Trust.......Mon!

So here is my dirty little secret. Okay not so much a secret, but more of a pet project. Way back before the days of sticking with one character, I created Whoopy. It made more perfect sense to create a Rogue on a PVP server. That and my only goal was to level him and then start one shotting and hitting vanish. I thought it would have been funny to see that Whoopy killed you. Yeah, I know that my sense of humor is occassionaly messed up sometimes. At any rate, poor Whoopy was placed on the sidelines as my altitus got worse. I never forgot him and he had quite a nice set of gear from running battlegrounds and for a long time I debated on moving him past 29.

Well, after having leveled a Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, and Hunter in Burning Crusade, I was starting to run out of things that interested me and I picked Whoopy back up again a few weeks before Wrath of the Lich King was released. I had so much gear saved up for him that it was not even funny. I am rather happy with his current stats. At this time he is in the mid 60s and I hope to at least take him to 70 before I turn my attention to another character. I left him with the subtlety talent spec more because I have so much fun using shadow step. I will never brag of my prowess with my abilities to play my Rogue, but I will also not go down easy for anyone.
It will be interesting to see how far Whoopy goes in the game.

At this time I am just having some fun doing some quests and sneaking around those alliance towns. I think my favorite moments with Whoopy is pickpocketing random mobs and getting those gray worthless items. For some reason when I received a Rogues Diary I was hooked with seeing what all I could get.

Alright and because I like a challenge, I always try to push myself with grabbing large mobs. Sure it may mess up once in a while, but at other times it can create beautiful artwork. I really thought this was funny because a lot of the pictures we see of stuff like this is done by someone much higher than the mobs, this was just bad luck killing bonestripper vultures. In the end I killed them all and got a great picture.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Handle With Care

Alright, so what good is a hunter without his friends? Not much, but luckily Lrem has several friends depending on what the objective is.

My very first true pet is Widowmaker. I captured the rare spawn from Silverpine forest back when it was still an elite spider and many was the player who was and is still scared by Widow's presence.

My second pet was yet another elite pet, this one came from the Wailing Caverns. In a show of respect to a childhood favorite show, I named my turtle Leonardo. He serves as a great tanking pet. I wish I had more opportunities to get him out to play.

My third pet is Smiley. He has the biggest, toothiest grin that I ever saw and as soon as I had the ability I went out and captured him and the alliance has never been the same since. :)

My last pet is more of a trial run. I wanted to pick up a dog for the buff it provides to groups for raiding and instances. I never really had the opportunity to run him through and make a decision, but I named him Rocky after one of my own dogs. I would have captured a black dog, but my wife beat me to it.

Well, now you have seen the happy little band of friends Lrem runs with and yes there is room for one more. Lrem has just not decided who is going to get that spot, but when he does I will update the family album.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lrem: Click, Click, Boom

Here is my Hunter, Lrem. This was actually the second character I created, but unfortunately one of my closest friends in the game had a Hunter he was working on leveling so Lrem was placed on the sidelines for a long time.

I actually started leveling Lrem around a month before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I was going to level him to make a point to a couple of Hunters that I knew. He actually was probably one of my best geared characters. I had chosen to avoid as much PVP gear with him as possible. The only pieces of gear I took from the PVP scene was the shoulders and the weapons. The rest of his gear was either the epic crafter leatherworker set, raid gear, or epic world drops. I still have some gear I would like to make for him prior to taking him to Northrend. We will see if I have the energy to actually finish his gear prior to his leveling.

I used a beastmaster build with some survival talents mixed in. At the time some of my Hunter friends laughed at that choice; however, what I found was that this mix performed so much better in a raiding situation than the beastmaster and marksman build that they were utilizing. I have not changed too much of his build since the expansion came out and probably will not mess with it.

My favorite moment with Lrem was unleashing Widowmaker on a Rogue who thought he would just run around Tarren Mill messing around with the lowbies. I was not looking for a fight but happened to log on while he was going about his random ganking. It did not end so well for him. He went to run and was webbed (love the new toys they gave our pets). Before the rogue knew what happened I gunned him down. Good times. Tomorrow I will do a quick post and give the rundown of Lrem's pets.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stop the QQ

Alright, I know I am in the middle of a series introducing my characters, but this has caught my attention and I cannot ignore it. So lucky us, we get an extra blog today! I have actually been noticing that lately, both in WoW's chat channels and also the blogging community, all people seem to want to do is complain. I have tried my hardest to ignore it and go on about my own thoughts and ideas, but it has become a distraction. So, with that in mind, I am going to give my opinion on what I have seen and heard in no certain order:

1. It is unfair that duel spec is going to favor hybrid classes!

Can we please get this out of our systems. Sure the ability to switch between specs in a run is going to be completely helpful to some players. Although I am willing to bet that some "hybrid" classes, such as myself, will look at the ability in a different way. My plans for this is extremely simple. I am a PVPer by nature. I rolled on a PVP server and I roll over top of alliance players. Ask Fish if you do not believe me. If I want a town on lockdown, you might as well go and roll an alt or hope that you have a lot of friends. As of late, the guild has wanted to move in a PVE raiding direction, which I am fine with. So for me I rebuilt Ruhtra to have a Holy PVE build, utilizing every drop of critical rating available so that I could focus on other gear to improve certain stats. So when duel spec comes out, you better bet your sweet ......... sorry, we will keep it clean for the kids. At any rate, I am using a Holy/Holy duel spec. One version for my PVP (all the great abilities to shorten the rediculous amount of stuns in the game) and one for PVE content. Wow, there you go one example of one person who is not going to be taking a precious spot for the supreme DPS.

2. _______________ (Fill in your class) is completely unplayable because they made it challenging to be effective/compete against other classes!

How many blogs and forums have people complained about how easy the content is? Probably everyone of us. So now when things get a little different, we freak out scared that we will lose a spot in our raid group? Come on folks, don't you want a challenge? It's like the old saying, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Sure it is challenging to play some classes, but these same classes were able to roll other classes with a few button presses and then they would stand in capital cities complaining about how bored they were and that there was nothing to do, ect. Do not get me wrong, it stinks when the mechanics of how we play change, but that is part of the game, to adapt and move on. It also an aspect I am loving while I level my Affliction Warlock.

3. The raiding content is too simple! / The game is too simple!

Well, here is an idea for all those who feel this way, quit playing for a while. Hell, even Ghostcrawler stated this. Here is a better idea, try running the content at your level. I do not want to harp, but I leveled my Holy Paladin by going through BC content that I did not experience with him, instances with guildies (at the right level, no power leveling for me), and solo questing. Yeah, try questing as a Holy Paladin to get levels. Not fun, is it a challenge? Not at all. How did I make it challenging? I tried doing AEO type pulls that Fish loves to talk about. Expand past your comfort zone. If you know you can clear three mobs, try six mobs. If you can clear _______ instance with no troubles, try doing it with three people. There is always a way to make something challenging, but I think rather we would prefer to sit and QQ about it, rather than get out there and have some fun.

Okay, I am done with my own rant. Sorry, it had been held up in there for a while and I could not take any more of all the sad stories out there. Remember why you first liked the game and get back to that. If you enjoy having 20 alts, then have fun with them. If you like to PVP then get out there and destroy your oponent. If you like the PVE aspects, then PVE your little heart out, but please, let's get back to posting interesting stories, guides, or ideas and leave the QQ to the WoW forums where it belongs.

Thank you and have a great day!

Emprius: The Darkness Within

Emprius was the first character I took my time with leveling. When I leveled him, I actually was running him with my wife's character and so I was able to take my time and make sure to hit all the things I missed with Ruhtra and Walani.

I am really proud of Emprius as a character because it was such a different type of character to play compared to the Shaman and the Paladin classes.

As you can see from the picture, I did take Emprius into the arenas as well. I did have a moderate level of success with him, but with attempting to run three characters each week in arena on three different teams each week, managing a guild, being a father, and the rest of the daily events of life it became harder to keep Emprius in the matches and at the top of his game.

Soon after Emprius was beginning to come along fine in the arenas, the guild made a decision to switch to a more raid focussed guild. With the time it took to work on raiding and being one of the main healers, I ended up setting Emprius to the side and only taking him on rare occassions when we had our other healers available.

I did recently begin working on him, but with several other Warlocks in the guild though, I have graciously set Emprius to the side once more to focus on a class that we are weaker in. I do though work on leveling him about one night a week. I am taking my time one more time with him and enjoying the game, as well as learning the mechanics of my Warlock all over. I know many people have claimed that the class is broken, but at this point I have not noticed much difference in how he handles. Only time will tell how this will go.

My favorite moment with Emprius was being able to run with my wife and help her level her first character to level 70. She was extremely excited and it renewed some of my love of the game. She often refers to him sounding as if he is the world's most pissiest Warlock. For some reason she swears he sounds different than my other Blood Elf characters.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walani: Old School Shaman

Let me introduce you to Walani. He was the first toon that I had who reached level 70. I leveled him as a restoration Shaman for the sake of getting in groups. When he hit 70, I did not have a lot of options so I went off to do nothing but battlegrounds. I eventually formed an arena team and had some moderate success with him and was able to get some decent gear for him.

I wish I would have spent more time with him, but my love was with Ruhtra. As of late I have been spending some time with Walani, dusting off the old totems and focusing the spirits of nature in preparation of his run to 80. I have changed his spec to elemental. I really do not see the need to have a second healer and in the trial runs through UK, he has been topping the charts for DPS. Granted his gear is fairly decent and will not be replaced too easily. There are some really nice drops in the mid 70s range that will do nice, but until then I am just kicking back and raining down lightening on anything and everything that gets in his way.

When it comes to long term goals, I do want to give this old school Shaman the respect he deserves and get him geared up and running all the newest content. I do not know if I will have the time to do it, since he is on the account that my wife plays on. My goal is simple, when she logs onto her second account, I log on and work with Walani. I have him almost to 71 and am looking forward to seeing how he does as he progresses through the levels.

My all time favorite moment was hitting 70 with Walani. It was the first character to reach 70 and everything seemed so new and open for opportunity. Unfortunately, because I did not play Walani as much Ruhtra, most of the comedy occurred with Ruhtra. I guess Walani is more of a serious individual than his contemporary.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruhtra: The Alpha and Omega

Alright, so I figured I would start with Ruhtra. He was my first Horde toon on the Daggerspine server and has come a long way.

When I first started playing the game, yes I rolled a Dwarf Paladin and after all my friends got done laughing I finally deleted him and rerolled Ruhtra as a Blood Elf Paladin after the Burning Crusade came out.

Ruhtra was the first character I played straight through to 80. I took my time though with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion on route to 80 because I wanted to have some fun and take in the game. Little did I realize this would mean that I did not do any quests in Northrend until after I had reached level 77. It was kind of weird, I did some of the Burning Crusade content I had skipped and then my guild would summon me to instances and I would heal them through the instance. It was somewhat a different way for me to level, but I really enjoyed it and now when I want to earn some money I hop on my Netherdrake and head off to a zone and do a few quests. It was a much more smooth and fun run to the level cap with Ruhtra this time verses the Burning Crusade.

Pretty much Ruhtra started out as a retribution build, but I soon learned that once I reached the Outland content that I would have to choose either Protection or Holy. I tried Protection and absolutely dispised it. Tanking was just not that interesting to me. I figured I would give Holy a shot and have been there ever since. With Ruhtra I approach healing with a focus on mana regenration tempered with a decent amount of critical and a little haste. I rely more on my trinket to proc and allow that to boost my haste rating (which has worked thus far to perfection). When healing in normal groups I stick with the good old fashioned Flash of Light. No need to waste mana on the regular runs any longer. While leveling I mixed it up with Holy Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Shock. In heroics it is dependant on what is going on. A lot of times I find myself relying on Holy Shock and when my trinket procs, then casting Holy Light. With the addition of Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light it seems my healing abilities are much better and easier to deal with. I say easy, but it is not easy to heal a lot of the instances as a Holy Paladin because of constantly having to move. I could go on for quite some time on healing mechanics used now verses when I was leveling, but that will be something for the future. As far as raiding goes, I just follow the instructions provided by those leading the raids.

I have refocused on PVP since this is where I find the most enjoyment. Out of my first ten arena matches I lost all save the last. I wish I would have had a screen capture of it as I did not expect to win at all. There were several close matches, but one win was more than I could have asked for. Battlegrounds have not changed one bit for me. I charge in and Arcane Torrent the casters who do not move, stun the Retribution Paladin who thinks they will own a Holy Paladin, and then self heal while the alliance opponents drop from the rest of my group eliminating them through focused fire. A good thing to point out for anyone who tries to kill a Holy Paladin in a battleground......don't. Ignore us (the good ones will not go down) and focus on eliminating the DPS which will gut you. Again, not going to go in depth on this as I could spend a long amount of time talking about strategies and experiences.
I think my favorite moment with Ruhtra was the completion of the Blood Knight quest line when it really meant something. I put so much time in to gathering the items and earning the funds for it. It always cracked me up when people said it was a free epic mount. I guess if you exclude everything that led up to that last quest it was free. The funniest moment with Ruhtra was leading a train of allies (it was at least ten) through five different zones. Honestly, one minor little misunderstanding and the grab a rope and try to hang you from the nearest tree.
Well, that is all for Ruhtra. I do not want to give too much information away. Tricks of the trade and what not.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pardon the Interuption

Hey it has been a while since I was on here and I apologize but things have been somewhat busy and a small break was a great thing. It gave me time to relax and read a lot of the blogs. During this little break I really enjoyed a lot of the articles out there and wondered what happened with a few of the community who seem to deviate from their usual blogs.

At any rate, while I away I was playing many of my alts and I decided I should introduce them to everyone. So over the next few days I will be listing my toons that I play with on the Daggerspine server. I know there are several people on here who refer to having some sort of altitis or other references, but truth be told, I just get bored once I cap a character and so I move on to another.

It's good to be back and I will catch everyone later.