Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tanks For The Memories!

Like the title says, tanks for the memories. Pretty much that is what the tanks in our guild are like, memories. At one time we had some pretty good tanks (I would say great, but I do not want to inflate their heads bigger than they are), but as of late it seems like I have only one tank left. So when I log on and I feel like running something, I think to myself, "man, wouldn't it be great if _________ was on, we could tear that shit up!" Yeah, see the delimna I have. All I am left to do now is hope that the lone tank is on or think back to the "good old days" when I had several tanks and could always rely on one of them to be on.

So, this has made me think about tanking. I have debated on leveling a tank. I will never switch my Paladin from holy to protection. I worked too long and hard to get him to where he is to start over from scratch at 80. I have a couple of low level options and have considered leveling one of those instead of my Rogue. So, having decided that at present I do not intend to level a tank and we have a shortage of tanks, I reached out and told Fish that we could use a tank. He has decided to level one of his characters in an effort to tank, but I realize he does not have a huge drive to do raiding or PVP. That probably does not bode well for him getting his characters leveled very quickly. There are a couple other friends and members who have characters who could tank and they have mentioned that they may level those toons, but once again this will be some time in the distant future. So what am I to do? I decided to PUG groups. I wanted to see what the tanking community of my server is like. It has been quite some time since I ran anything with a PUG, so I decided to try all sorts of different levels and types. So far it has not been encouraging.

This brings me back to thinking of those days when we had an abundance of good tanks. While none of our tanks have logged on and said "hey I am done with this game", it does not offer good hope, when they have not been on in a weeks time and rumors have gone around that they have "issues". While this is a game and your real life is important, it would be nice to just hear from them. First to let us know that they are alright, but also to let us know their status. One of our tanks holds an officer position and quite frankly it would be nice to know if the absense is going to be short term, or if we should look for someone else to take over those responsibilities. So once again, tanks for the memories!

I guess the silver lining in this is that as we look for new tanks and help develop those players that are working on their tanks we will get the opportunity to create new memories. So again I say, tanks for the memories!

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