Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Simple Question

Why in the hell are there Dranai Death Knights?

From a historic perspective, the Dranai arrived after the whole Arthas event and were not present during the turning of the Death Knights. Further support for my question is that when you do the questlines for the Death Knight, it is set in the past.

Sure for the gameplay standpoint, you want people to be able to create characters that they want to play but come on, some sort of explanation would be good. Did the space gypsies send scouts to Azeroth and they were turned because they gave up hope and became broken?

Well, that is all that I had in my mind today. Pretty random but I believe it does deserve some sort of answer.

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Raknot said...

the space goats are DKs because the whole in the past thing for DKs starting quests isnt that far in the past so there were space goats around when Arthas was at the Ebon Hold so a few could have died and raised later by him
btw this is pyles