Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not A Whole Lot Of Time

Hey all, I am sorry that I did not have a lot of time to prepare something special, but I thought I would share with you what I enjoy doing the most in some free time.
To the left is a screenshot of an Alterac Valley battleground I ran a while back. This one was taken after I turned 80 and was moderately geared.
I ended up leading all healers with over 800,000 heals. I may not have wanted to be a healer when I started playing the game, but it just proves that if you put your mind to something that you can accomplish it. I know that sounded really cheesy, almost like an afterschool special on drugs or something like that, but the fact remains that my heals were solid and are still solid.
Running Alterac Valley is probably my favorite thing to do when not needing to run a guild outing or what not. The majority of the AV battlegrounds lately have ended in misery, but it is one of the few battlegrounds where a healer can really shine because of the bosses. Well, I hope everyone has a good day!

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thedoctor said...


2 deaths, 85 hks.

your a beast =D