Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Guild Guide: Managing The Bank

Alright, so today we want to examine another aspect of creating and managing a guild, the guild bank. This is probably the single biggest pain I have as a guild leader. Why? Glad you asked, it is simply because it takes time to keep the bank organized and it takes an even greater amount of time to monitor the bank to make sure members are not abusing the bank. So here are a couple things I have learned that may or may not assist you.

1. If you take from the bank, then give to the bank.

This is my biggest pet peave. I am probably more strict on this particular rule than anything else for my guild simply because I purchased all of the guild tabs using my funds, funded the guild bank originally with funds, and placed a ton of materials, equipment, and consumables in there. For a long time I took it as an insult when individuals would take from the bank and never return anything to the bank. So my recemendation here is to quickly confront the individual and ask them politely to return the items or replace them with something of equal value. Make sure to state equal value, otherwise you will be overloaded on linnen bandages.

2. Do not place your own inventory in the bank.

When you establish the bank, do not be the only person to contribute, otherwise just like I did, you will take everything personal. Make a guild effort. That is one mistake I wish I could go back and undo. I wish I would have made the creation of the guild bank the responsibility of the guild, but I was too eager and took it upon myself and placed a lot of higher priced items in there believing that members would not abuse the structure or rules of the bank. This will just help save you aggrevation.

3. Remember to set restrictions on your ranks ability to use the bank.

Under your guild management options, do not forget to go in and establish what ranks have access. One thing we use to do was restrict certain tabs from lower ranked members. As they stayed with the guild and became more reliable they would increase in rank and be able to access the other tabs. We have since changed this structure. All new members do not receive access. Now as the members progress in rank they simply earn the ability to withdraw an extra stack and a little more gold. This helps keep safe the contents of the bank and quickly allows you to spot someone who is just draining items and not replenishing anything.

4. Do not make exceptions for anyone, including yourself.

It is important to hold the rules of your bank no matter what. Do not expect to yell at someone for withdrawing items from the guild bank, if you are doing the same and also not replacing those items. It is important to lead by example (a lesson I am sure by now you have learned).

5. Limit the amount of repair bills the guild bank will recover.

The quickest way to drain a guild bank is by allowing members to repair on the tab of the guild bank. I quickly learned this one and adjusted the amount of gold that could be withdrawn/used to repair. If you have a raid that goes bad and have ten people take 20 gold for repairs, that is a little over the top. I have set the limit for the majority of our ranks at 5 gold. This allows them enough gold to repair for simple things such as questing or doing dailies.

6. Monitor the money and inventory logs.

It is important that when you have a guild bank you keep a close eye on the logs that are made available to you. These will let you see what activity is occurring and who may or may not be a repeat offender. The worst thing is to pay no attention and end up finding that member X has slowly been draining the guild bank and that you did not catch it because you are a self sufficient person.

Again, these are just some simple things to do to ensure that your guild continues to grow and become successful. If you are a smaller group of individuals, then you will have no worries. If you are a larger guild, then you may consider selecting an officer to assist with the management of the guild bank. There are multiple ways to handle the banks, but do make sure to monitor the bank because unfortunately people are not always honest and some may see no wrong in constantly taking, but never contributing.

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